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Monday 3/1 @ 12pm MT - 170 LIVE:ย  Business Success, Wellness, No Bias News, Mental Illness, Podcasting

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#161 LIVE: Pastor David Scarlett and Prophet Amanda Grace - The Great Awakening

Pastor David Scarlett of His Glory and Prophet Amanda Grace of Ark Of Grace Ministries will be our special guests to discuss The Great Awakening, their popular show โ€œGrace & Gloryโ€, return to religion, current events, prophecies & more!

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The Man In The Arena
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165: Michelle Winder - Host of LIVE @ FIVE Unredacted Truth - The Inside Scoop

What's Really Going On Behind The Scenes In America, The Great Awakening, Return To God, Election Fraud 2020 - The Truth!

You can watch her show daily on Facebook at 5pm PT


169 LIVE:ย  Commercial Real Estate, Cause Marketing, Video Marketing, AZ Recalls, Your Power Within

Pam Goodwin:ย  ย Building Wealth Thru Real Estate

Kay McDonald:ย  ย Charity Charms

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Jaris Tucker:ย  ย Real One On One Consulting

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EVERYTHING you've been told about the Coronavirus is a LIE! Clay gives 8 quick important points in only 5 minutes to reveal the TRUTH.ย  The original models to determine the lockdowns were WRONG. Death counts are WRONG.ย  Tests were created to be WRONG.ย  There ARE treatments if you get sick.ย  Bottom line...It's all about implementing a Plan & Censorship.ย  Listen, Learn & Tell Your Friends!

Recent headlines about the new daily cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. are scary, with Arizona painted as one of the most dangerous states and worst hot spots in the country for COVID-19. However, first-hand information from a few people, the experts and The FACTS, doesnโ€™t seem to match what we read in the headlines.

Our nation is slowly opening up, but more than half of the country is paralyzed by fear of the virus, which the media created with lies, distortion & agendas.ย โ€œWe can isolate the few & protect the many instead of isolating the many to protect the few. If we donโ€™t, sadly we will have more victims of Covid-19 who never have the virus."