Top 3 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Guest On A Podcast

A Podcast is a very Powerful marketing tool.  It's much more effective and influential than words on a website, print on a page or a post.  It allows your story to be HEARD.  Here's the Top 3 reasons why you need to be a guest on a Podcast.

  • Gives you credibility
  • Promote yourself and your products and services
  • People can get to know YOU

With all these benefits, why isn’t everyone trying to be a guest on a podcast?  Well, it’s not that easy to get booked and who has time to try to figure out how?

What if I offered you the opportunity to:

  1.  Stand out from your competition
  2.  Showcase yourself and your products and services
  3.  Receive a fully produced Custom Podcast Episode to share with everyone

Why just be a guest on a podcast when you can BE THE EXPERT!  You already know you're the Expert and now you can BE THE EXPERT with our Custom Podcast Episode - all about YOU & your products and services.  Such a Powerful way to SHARE your story & message.  A great marketing tool in the form of an interview style commercial to make you STAND OUT from your competition and it enables your personality and talents to be showcased.  You have the ability to make a great first impression and tell your potential clients, why you're the best!

You’ll also be permanently listed on:


Your podcast episode can be utilized in so many capacities.  Take portions of it for Facebook Live / videos, blogs, shorter commercials, social media posts, website, text messages, etc.  On every show I’ve done, there are always moments that are priceless and thankfully, they’re permanently captured.

Our BE THE EXPERT Podcast Packages all come with membership in our Small Business Platform and Referral Network, including personal introductions to maximize cross-promotion and build relationships.  We even added a Press Release and national distribution on multiple platforms.  The Premium Package contains multiple Podcast Episodes, 30 Soundbites produced into individual segments with links for promotion and personalized One-On-One Brainstorming and Coaching sessions.

There are three packages:  $197, $497 & $997.  Each contains so much value & has a long list of benefits.

I promise, it will change your business and be the BEST money you’ll ever spend.


I look forward to you becoming a part of the Everything Home Podcast Community and Small Business Platform!

We’re making great things happen so don’t be surprised if you get more out of it than just a bigger checking account

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