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FRIDAY 6/18 @ 12pm PT - 225 LIVE: More Customers, Life Coach, Branding, Racism Today, Hashtags, Border Crisis + SPECIAL GUEST – SHERIFF MARK DANNELS - Cochise County, AZ

Dan Perkins:   Host of Black & White - Racism Today

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Hashtag Expert - Profitable Shenanigans

Sheriff Mark Dannels:   Cochise County, AZ

Everything Home Podcast This Month's Episodes LinkedIn

WEDNESDAY 6/16 @ 12pm PT - 224 LIVE: Your Well-Being, Cause Marketing, Increase Profits, Healthcare, High Vibration  + SPECIAL GUEST – RANDY MILLER

Randy Miller:   Find Your When

Kay McDonald:   Charity Charms

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Tessa Stowe:   Live In High Vibration

223 LIVE:  Websites, Nutrition, Spirit Medium, Your Best Hair, Purpose, Covid Facts & The Plandemic + SPECIAL GUEST – DR. BRYAN ARDIS

Dominique Jones:   Domo Jones Brand Consultant

Jackie Phillips:   Wellness Expert

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Lynn Power:   Masami Premium Haircare

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Purpose Strategist & Spiritual Leader

Dr. Bryan Ardis:   Ardis Labs

222 LIVE:  Connection, Your Body, Potential, Business Leads, Nonprofits, Exposing The Vatican & The Great Reset, Illegal Alien Hotels in Phoenix, Arizona + SPECIAL GUESTS – LEO ZAGAMI & PATTY CASTILLO PORTER

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Russ Yeager:  Body Transformation University

Jeff Steinberg:   Motivational Speaker - The Tiny Giant

Kevin Padillo:   Leadz On Demand

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Leo Zagami:   Host of The Leo Zagami Show

Patty Castillo Porter:   Arizona Grassroots Group

221 LIVE: Self Care, Racism, Get Involved, Take Action, Fitness, Passion & Purpose, Domestic Abuse + Special Guests – JOSHUA BERGLAN & ORSIKA JULIA

Maxine Willocks:   Natural Self Care

Darrell Neely:   Co-Host of "Black & White"

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB - Everything Home

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Joshua Berglan:   Live Mana Worldwide

Orsika Julia:   Out of the Quicksand

220 LIVE:  Digital Marketing, Angel Families & Moms, Mindset, Faith, Branding, Liberty  + Special Guests – JASON DAVIS - RECALL Arizona House Speaker Rino Rusty Bowers

Debbie Saviano:  Women's Leadership LIVE

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Craig Siegel:   Mindset & Personal Development Coach

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Jason Davis:   Don't Tread On Liberty Podcast

219 LIVE:  Business Growth, Pro-Life, Be Victorious, Passion, Domestic Abuse, Arizona Take Action & Updates + Special Guests – JENNY JACKSON & AZ REP JOSEPH CHAPLIK

Steve Sipress:   WOW! Strategy - Small Business Expert

Elouise Nathaniel:   LifeMore Abundantly

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Joshua Berglan:   Live Mana Worldwide Foundation

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Jenny Jackson:   Arizona Stands United

Joseph Chaplik:   Arizona State Representative (LD 23)

218 LIVE: Shame Healing, Travel, Outsourcing, Family Coach, Business ReBoot, Arizona Women of Action, GOP Red Roots Arizona + Special Guests – KIM MILLER & SHELLEY KAIS

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Healing

Andrea Overend:   Dream Vacations - Personalized Travel

Sophie Zollmann:   SophieZo Virtually

Dr. Cam Caswell:   Psychologist & Family Success Coach