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JUNE 2 - Episode #118

Paula Finn & Ken Estin - Author & Emmy Winning Sitcom Writer

Share their stories of growing up as the daughter of Honeymooner's writer Herbert Finn, Interviewing the Geniuses of TV Comedy who wrote some of the most classic shows and the life of a the head writer of Taxi & Cheers...The behind the scenes scoop will be brilliant!

Sitcom Writers Talk Show:  Behind The Scenes With Carl Reiner, Norman Lear and Other Geniuses of TV Comedy   https://amzn.to/2z0rktJ

JUNE 16 - Episode #120

Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen

Discuss their new book - "Ask! The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny" & Why You Need To Learn To ASK

BOOK - CLICK THIS LINK & 2% Of Your Total Purchase Is Donated to VETS-PETS & KIDS  https://amzn.to/2ygeF5h


MAY 26 - Episode #117

Masks Are Bad But Living Emotionally Naked Is Good With Shemeka Michelle

As the world is being encouraged to wear masks physically, more people than ever before are also wearing them emotionally. That lifestyle lead her to severe depression & on the brink of suicide


MAY 19 - Episode #116

Robert Massi - Massi & Massi Attorneys At Law

Life After Corona - Liabilities, Litigation, Lifestyle & Lysol


MAY 12 - Episode #115

Michelle Walker - Purposeful Design

How Purpose, Faith & A Little Help From Joy Villa Can Change Your Business Overnight


MAY 5 - Episode #114

Gene Marks - The Marks Group

Small Business, Grants, Loans, #PPP and how to navigate the next several months to keep your business alive on the "other side"


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APRIL 28 - Episode #113

Brandon Straka - #WalkAway Campaign

The founder of #WalkAwayCampaign discusses his social movement to encourage people to leave the Democratic party while bringing a new awareness to the reality of politics in America today.


APRIL 21 - Episode #112

Billionaire Philanthropist Foster Friess - An Inspirational Interview

An intimate interview with a Patriotic Billionaire about faith, business, politics & philanthropy


APRIL 14 - Episode #111

Superman Dean Cain To The Rescue! An Entertaining Non-Corona Conversation

Uplifting, Inspirational & Funny Stories from a Class Act who's an Actor, Filmmaker, Patriot & of course...Superman

Twitter:  @RealDeanCain

APRIL 10 - Episode #110

Tips & Solutions To Financially Survive The Coronavirus - Biz & Personal

Specific and clear information for all of the economic relief programs and protections created by the CARES Act.  Apply for your FREE money today!


APRIL 7 - Episode #2011

SATISFACTION FOR YOUR SOUL:  The Small Biz Loan & Paycheck Program - 7 Minute Summary By CPA Gene Marks

Specific and clear information on the two government programs available to help Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Faith Based Organizations, Independent Contractors, Sole Proprietors, Self-Employed and Individuals running a 1 person operation.


APRIL 5 - Episode #2010

SATISFACTION FOR YOUR SOUL:  Messages Of Hope From Pastors Max Lucado, Tony Perkins And Paula White-Cain

7 Minutes of Hope & Inspiration

www.MaxLucado.com                 www.FRC.org                www.PaulaWhite.org  

APRIL 2 - Episode #109

The Big Picture About The Coronavirus That No One Is Talking About

This is a special episode to help Americans navigate through our unprecedented epidemic that's disrupting everyone's lives


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