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#152 LIVE:  Fastest Math Tutor, Video Marketing, Coronavirus Truths, Resolutions, Mental Performance

Don Sevcik:  Math Celebrity

Taylor Wellman:  Financial Potion

Clay Clark:  Thrive Time Show

Else Johnson:  Else Johnson Coaching

Richard Oelberger:  Richard Listens

#151 LIVE:  Social Media Tips, Take A Time-In & Let Go, Your Next Level, Outsourcing

Benjamin Kepner:  Global Social Media Marketing

JP Kim:  The World of JP Kim

Preston Weeks:  OperationsX

#150 LIVE:  Intuition, Masterminds, Patriots Win & Recalling, Small Biz Marketing

Sunil Godse:   Intuitionology

Randy Kirk:

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Steve Sipress:  The WOW! Strategy

#149 LIVE:  Shift Happens, Podcasting Social Network, Patriots Unite, YouTube Tricks

Karin Weiri:  Insights Counseling Center

Daniela Garcia:  PodBooking

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Jim Bordeau:  The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast

#148 LIVE:  Rediscovery, The Point Of Life, Wake Up, Your Mission Your Purpose

Aubrey Johnson:  The Road To Rediscovery

Michael Levy:  What Is The Point Of Life

Patti Katter:  Wake Up With Patti Katter

Tippy Felzenstein:  Tippy Talk Show

#147 LIVE:  Commercial Real Estate, Spiritual Healing, Patriots Take Action, Business Tips, Career Coaching

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Properties

Sharon Gulley:  Beautiful Expectations of Faith

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Nyn Riffat:  Nyn's Dreams

Cindy Fassler:  Cindy Fassler Career Coaching

#146 LIVE:  Branding, Financial Tips, Wealth Building, Patriots Taking Action

Marina Byezhanova:   Brand of A Leader

Gary Stringer:   BridgeLight Capital

Paul Vann:   Wealth Building Academy

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Recent Episodes -No Click

#145 LIVE:  Kick-Ass Biz Tips, Porn Is Bad, Masterminds, Live Your Potential, HR

Steve Dailey:   Entrepreneur Excellence

Bill Ranshaw:   Nopmo Purpose Over Porn

Randy Kirk:

Virginia Prodan:   Virginia Prodan Coaching

Jason Cavness:   CavnessHR

#144 LIVE:  A Better Life, Cancer Help, Video Marketing, Real Hollywood, Biz Tips

Randy Miller:   WHEN Enterprises  (20% OFF: WHEN20)

Leah Salmorin:   Paddle For The Cure NYC

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion Video Marketing

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

#143 LIVE:  Life Advice, Your Home, Digital Marketing, Business & Entrepreneur Tips, Mental Performance

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Molly Faulkner:   Faulkner Int'l Real Estate

Debbie Saviano:   Women's Leadership Live

Brian Elam:   Dream Business Coaching

Richard Oelberger:   Richard Listens

#142 LIVE:  Sponsors, Giving Back, Math Made Easy, Get Back On Track, Meditation

Linda Hollander:   Sponsor Concierge

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity

Else Johnson:   More Than Just Fine

Adam Weinberg:   Relax With Adam

#141 LIVE:  Wealth Building, Selling Thru Relationships, Stress-Buster Tips, Children With ADHD & Therapy for Veterans

Paul Vann:   Wealth Building Academy

Katrina Madewell:   Selling Through Relationships

Pete Alexander:   Stress Relief Specialist

Genevieve Gagnon:   Two Clear Minds

Josh Grzywa:   Deep Sea Valkyries

#140 LIVE:  Cause Marketing, Purpose-Driven Everything, Making A Difference, Podcasting Tips

Kay McDonald:   Charity Charms

Jenny Ynnej:   The World of JP Kim

Jared Lavergne:   Ambiguous Podcast Solutions

#139 LIVE:  Social Media Tips, Become Your Best, Giving Back, Charity Marketplace, Sales & Leadership

Benjamin Kepner:  Global Social Media Marketing

Julio Muhorro:  Sharing Knowledge Int'l

Jason Bressler:  Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Michele Swinick:  Socially Conscious Marketplace

Judy Hoberman:  Selling In A Skirt

#138 LIVE:  Fractional CFO, Human Resources for Small Biz, Creative Clothing, Estate Sales & A Podcast Network

Paul Whitley:  C-Suite Support

Jason Cavness:  CavnessHR

Natosha Zanders:  CourageousCreationsOnline

Deborah Davis:  The AZ Auctionista

Peter Clough:  The Independent Podcast Alliance

#137 LIVE: Home & Happiness, Rediscovery, Spirit & Hope, Human Trafficking, Business Marketing

Barbara Kaplan:  Barbara's Picks

Aubrey Johnson:  The Road to Rediscovery Podcast

JoAnn Sullam:  Author of "Evolution of a Wild Heart"

Mitzi Perdue:  Win This Fight Nonprofit  Text WTF "51555"

Jaris Tucker:  Founder of Real One On One Consulting

#136 LIVE: Become An Author, Innovative Home Buying & Selling, Personal Growth, Purpose-Driven Products, Giving Back & Nonprofits

Kim Thompson-Pinder:  RTI Publishing House

Renee Tulliani Stringer:  Dealty Realty

Randy Miller:  Find Your When  20% OFF "Michele"

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki:  LuxePak Smart Storage

Mitzi Perdue:  Win This Fight Nonprofit  Text WTF "51555"

#135 LIVE:  Small Biz Networking & Social Media, Side Gigs, Diversity, Podcasting, Interior Design

Debbie Saviano - Women's Leadership Live

Rhonda Moret - Elevate For Her

Lisa Williams -

Daniela Garcia - Podbooking

Barbara Kaplan - Barbaraspicks

#134 LIVE: Porn Recovery, Heart-Centered Coaching, World Wide Real Estate, Mood Health, Smart Storage & Entrepreneurs

Bill Ranshaw - Billwilderment: Purpose Kills Porn

Else Johnson - Else Johnson Coaching

Molly Faulkner - Faulkner Int'l Real Estate

Matt Zinman - Insights To Live By Podcast

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki - LuxePak Smart Storage

#132 LIVE: Outsourcing, Biz Growth, Vets, Small Biz Exit Strategies & Innovative Real Estate

Preston Weekes - OperationsX

Josh Grzywa - Deep Sea Valkyries Veteran Nonprofit

Austin Peterson - CFP of Backbone Financial & Host of "Tycoons of SmallBiz" Radio Show

Renee Tulliani Stringer - Dealty Innovative Home Buying & Selling

#130 LIVE: Video Marketing, Business Coaching, Skincare, Financial Tips & A New Lifestyle Show

Taylor Wellman - Video Marketing Expert

Julio Maria Muhorro - Business Coach

Lauren Rosenberg - Host of Lifestyles With Lauren

Laura Babcock - Rodan & Fields Skincare

Austin Peterson - CFP at Backbone Financial & Host of "Tycoons of SmallBiz" Radio Show

EVERYTHING you've been told about the Coronavirus is a LIE! Clay gives 8 quick important points in only 5 minutes to reveal the TRUTH.  The original models to determine the lockdowns were WRONG. Death counts are WRONG.  Tests were created to be WRONG.  There ARE treatments if you get sick.  Bottom line...It's all about implementing a Plan & CensorshipListen, Learn & Tell Your Friends!

Recent headlines about the new daily cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. are scary, with Arizona painted as one of the most dangerous states and worst hot spots in the country for COVID-19. However, first-hand information from a few people, the experts and The FACTS, doesn’t seem to match what we read in the headlines.

Our nation is slowly opening up, but more than half of the country is paralyzed by fear of the virus, which the media created with lies, distortion & agendas. “We can isolate the few & protect the many instead of isolating the many to protect the few. If we don’t, sadly we will have more victims of Covid-19 who never have the virus."

Promos For A Purpose . . . "Everything-Done-For-You" Purpose-Driven Business Partnership & Marketing Experience

Branding  🌟  Strategy  🌟  Plan  🌟  Materials

Membership  🌟  Promotion  🌟  Public Relations  🌟  Community

Networking  🌟  Referrals  🌟  Collaboration  🌟  Support

Promos For A Purpose provides small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, and corporations with ways to support charitable causes and promote their brands at the same time through our innovative, "Everything-Done-For-You", Purpose-Driven Business Partnership & Marketing Experience.  The journey begins by sharing their stories through our strategic signature 7-minute conversation style interview, featured on the “Everything Home” Talk Radio Show, Podcast & Patriotic Purpose-Driven Resource Platform . . . Hosted by, Michele Swinick, "The Queen of Quality Content."

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