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264 LIVE:  Fast Learning Tips, Passion To Profits, Entrepreneur To Empire, Best Selling Author Maker, Your Purpose, God's Ear & Faith, Freedom Fighter WITH Special Guests - RICK MONROE & KASH PATEL

Don Sevcik:   Fastest FREE Math Tutor

Victoria Wieck:   Million Dollar Hobbies Podcast

Dr. Travis Fox:   Ultimate Business Quest

Rob Kosberg:   Best Seller Publishing

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Items

Rick Monroe:   Country Music Man & God Lover

Kash Patel:   Fight With Kash Against Fake News

263 LIVE:  DR. LEE MERRITT | The MOST Important COVID19 Episode You'll Ever Listen To - Covid Slaves, Vaccine Facts & The Great Reset!



Dr. Lee Merritt "The Medical Rebel"

262 LIVE:  Caregiving Tips, Hollywood Insanity, Mo Money Honey, Energy Healing, Sex Slave Industry, Border Invasion, Covid Lies, Vaccine Facts & Your Health WITH Special Guests - MIKE MILLER & DR. ERIC NEPUTE

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

David Chudyk:   The Weekly Wealth Podcast

Julia Stubbe:   Energy Intuitive

Christie Hutcherson:   Women Fighting For America

Mike Miller:   Warriors For Ranchers

Dr. Eric Nepute:   Nepute Wellness Centers

261 LIVE:  Business Growth, Immune Systems, Sales Tips, Success Mindset, Collaboration Consortium, Children's Health Defense, Vaccine Facts, Covid Slaves & The Real Agenda WITH Special Guests - ANNA VAN HOEK & DR. LEE MERRITT

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Jackie Phillips:

Steve Sipress:   Small Business Help

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Items

Anna Van Hoek:   Children's Health Defense Arizona

Dr. Lee Merritt:   The Medical Rebel

260: DR. BRYAN ARDIS | Covid19 Plandemic, Hospital Concentration Camps, Vaccine Facts, Treatments, Prevention & Protocols, The Truth About Remdesivir ** MUST LISTEN TO **

Sign Up for his FREE Covid-19 Reports & Protocols - including his Preventative Cocktail.  On the website, Upper right corner, click the "Person" to Register for all of his FREE RESOURCES.  Attorney Written Exemptions, Patient Advocate Information, Facts, Life Saving Information & Much More!

The Dr. Ardis Show

259 LIVE:  Business Growth Tips, Automation & Saturation, Nutrition & Weight Loss, Save Your Freedoms, Abundance, Faith In America, Vaccine Mandates & Exemptions WITH Special Guests - DR. JOHN DIAMOND & ALAN PHILLIPS

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Brian Kelly:   Reach Your Peak LLC

Stephanie Shaw:   Nutrition-Body-Confidence

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Items

Oxana Lovich:   APEX Life Mastery

Dr. John Diamond:   Host of America Unhinged

Alan Phillips:

258 LIVE: Commercial Real Estate, God Is Good, Managing Anxiety, Pro-Life Resource Center, Caregiver Support, The Border Invasion & Human Trafficking, Deep State Update WITH Special Guest - MIKE MILLER & MARIA ZACK

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Real Estate

Dr. Mike Spaulding:   Host of The Transforming Word

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

GerVonne Jefferson:   Life More Abundantly

Traci Lamb:   Smart Caregiving

Mike Miller:   Warriors For Ranchers

Maria Zack:   Nations In Action

257 LIVE:  MARIA ZACK | EXPOSED! The Deep State's Corruption & Secrets Will Be Made Public - GAME OVER - The Great Reset Has Been Trumped! & Italy-Gate Election Fraud 2020 Recap

This interview is from the Dr. Alan Keyes show "Let's Talk America" on Brighteon.TV - September 30, 2021 - with Guest Host Michele Swinick

Maria Zack:   Nations In Action

256 LIVE: Revealing the Truth About The 2020 Election Fraud, Detox & Your Health, Arizona Schools Are Indoctrination Centers, The Deep State Shadow Government, Life After Domestic Abuse, Current Events in America WITH Special Guest - DR. ALAN KEYES

Maria Zack:   Nations In Action

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady

Shiry Sapir:   Candidate AZ School Superintendent

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Dr. Alan Keyes:   Let's Talk America & IamTV

255 LIVE:  Spirit Medium, Don't Tread On Liberty, Social Media For Connecting, Patriotism, Hashtags, Current Events & The Unredacted Truth, Faith, Chlorine Dioxide WITH Special Guests - MICHELLE WINDER & BOB SISSON

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Jason Davis:   Don't Tread On Liberty Podcast

Eric Leebow:   FreezeCrowd

George Lombardi:   Social Media Strategist

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Michelle Winder:   Live @ Five Unredacted Truth Podcast

Bob Sisson: & CLO2TV

254 LIVE:  From Queer To Christ, Arizona Schools & Mandates, Spiritual Leadership, Natural Pain Relief, Shame Guilt Healing, Covid, Vax, Facts, Your Health & The Great Reset WITH Special Guest - DR. BRYAN ARDIS

George Carneal:   From Queer To Christ

Kim Miller:   Arizona Women of Action

Dr. Rick Chromey:   MANNA! Educational Services Int'l

Amy Novotny:   PABR Institute

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Healing

Dr. Bryan Ardis:   Ardis Labs & The Dr. Ardis Show

253 LIVE: Save America, Politics From The Heartland, Fastest Math Tutor, Entrepreneur To Empire, Success Mindset, Connecting With Nature, Covid, Vax, Facts & Your Health, Take Action Resources 

John Whitmer:   The John Whitmer Show

Don Sevcik:

Dr. Travis Fox:   The Ultimate Business Quest

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

JoAnne Sullam:   Evolution of a Wild Heart

Michele Swinick:  Take Action Items

252 LIVE: Passion To Profits, Business Pivot, Detox & Supplements, Success Mindset, Alzheimer's Awareness, Business Purpose & Vision Statement with ZANZIBAR VERMIGLIO

Victoria Wieck:   Million Dollar Hobbies

Katie Dufort:   Puzzle Rides

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady & Detox Expert

Oliver Siegel:

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Zanzibar Vermiglio:   Zanzibar Enterprises

251 LIVE: Save America, Prophetic, Turning Thoughts Into Things, Divine Healing, Pot Belly Pig Rescue, Creating A Brand WITH Special Guest ALEX SANFILIPPO - Founder of

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab - Save America

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Cyber Shepard - Prophetic Counsel

Gunther Mueller:   Magnetic Mind Method

Rev. Caspar McCloud:  The Upper Room Fellowship

Danielle Betterman:   Better Piggies Rescue

Alex SanFilippo:   Creating A Brand &

250 LIVE: Spirit Medium, Victorious Mindset, Simple Side Hustle Business, HomeSchooling, Biblical Integrative Medicine, Vaccines, Masks & Kids WITH Special Guest -ANNA VAN HOEK - Arizona Chapter of Children's Health Defense

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Brian Winch:  Cleanlots - America's Simplest Business

Jeremy Newman:   Texas Home School Coalition

Dr. Jennifer Rivera:   Accelerated Performance Institute

Anna Van Hoek:   Arizona Children's Health Defense

249: Worship Warrior Wednesday - Covid19, The Great Reset, Corruption & God With Pastor Greg Young

Host of Chosen Generation Radio

Recent Episodes -No Click

248 LIVE: Prophetic Counseling, Increasing Sales, From Queer To Christ, Finding Remote Workers, Natural Pain Relief, Arizona Schools Update WITH Special Guest - MERISSA HAMILTON of

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Road To Hope Show

Dr. Travis Fox:   Ultimate Business Quest

George Carneal:   From Queer to Christ

Laura Couvillon:   Integrate Up

Amy Novotny:   PABR Institute

Merissa Hamilton:

247 LIVE: International Real Estate, Forced Vaccines At Arizona's Brophy College Prep, Abundance, Faith & God, Connect With Nature, Arizona Schools Rule of Tyranny, Arizona Women of Action WITH Special Guest - KIM MILLER

Molly Faulkner:   International Real Estate

Brophy Concerned Parents:   Twitter Support Group

Oxana Lovich:   APEX Life Mastery

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

JoAnne Helfert Sullam:   Nature Artist & Author

Kim Miller:   Arizona Women of Action

246 LIVE: Stress Relief & Healthy Anger, No BS Media News App, Selling Made Easy, Startups & Small Business Tips, Wake Up America - We're Living in the Twilight Zone, Covid19 Facts, God, Faith & The Ultimate Spiritual Battle WITH Special Guest - BISHOP LEON BENJAMIN

Marty Wolner:   Healthy Anger Toolbox

Shannon Almeida:   Volv Media

Judy Hoberman:   Selling In A Skirt

Devin Miller:   Miller IP Law

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB

Bishop Leon Benjamin:   Benjamin For Congress

245 LIVE:  DIY Public Relations, Success Mindset, Save America, Business Tips, Current State of America, Afghanistan, Benghazi, Shadow Warriors Project & Arizona School Update from Moms For Liberty WITH Special Guests - MARK "OZ" GEIST & NICOLE EIDSON

Keetria Garner Chambers:   Style of Business Coaching

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union

Karmen Booker:  Compu Perfect Professional Services

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB

Mark "Oz" Geist:   Shadow Warriors Project

Nicole Eidson:   Moms For Liberty, Maricopa County, AZ

244 LIVE:  Repeat Clients, Success Mindset, Ultimate Potential, Spirit Medium, Your Purpose, Arizona School Superintendent Candidate, Common Sense Summit WITH Special Guests - SHIRY SAPIR & CLYDE CLEVELAND

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Jeff Steinberg:  The Tiny Giant

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Your Trusted Voice of Transformation

Shiry Sapir:   AZ Candidate for Superintendent of Schools

Clyde Cleveland:   Common Sense Summit

243 LIVE:  Community & Nonprofits, Take Action & Save America, Domestic Abuse, Religious Freedom, Vaccine Mandates & Exemption, COVID Lies, The Great Reset WITH Special Guests - DR. SHANNON KRONER & DR. PAUL COTTRELL

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Dr. Shannon Kroner:   FOR-US - Freedom of Religion

Dr. Paul Cottrell:   The Studio - Reykjavik

242 LIVE: Border Invasion, Your Immune System, Shame Guilt Healing, Scalar Energy, Take Action We The People, Covid Truth Bombs, Your Rights Against Masks, Tests, Vaccines & Tyranny, Sheriffs Have the Power to Save America WITH Special Guests - PEGGY HALL & SHERIFF RICHARD MACK

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady & Detox Queen

Lois Hollis:   SoulSpeaks Healing

Tom Paladino:   Scalar Light

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab

Peggy Hall:

Sheriff Mack:   C.S.P.O.A.

241 LIVE: Commercial Real Estate, Cause Marketing, Mental Tips, Grow Hair & Great Skin, Increase Cash Flow, Take Action America, Covid Truth Bombs + SPECIAL GUESTS - RAJ DORAISAMY & DR. PAM POPPER

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Properties

Michele Swinick:   Covid Facts Tab

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity FREE Tutor

Melanie Elaine:   UluRx Compounding Pharmacy

Joshua Heilman:   Financial Consultant & Broker

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union FREE CHALLENGE

Dr. Pam Popper:   Make Americans Free Again

240 LIVE:  Your Best Life, Antichrist, Business Reboot, The Border Invasion, Motivation Monday, New Covid Facts & Prevention, Words For Warriors To Defeat Marxism + SPECIAL GUESTS - CHERIE CALBOM & SAM SORBO

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach & Author

Dr. Joye Pugh:   Author & Researcher

Drew Stevens:   Stevens Performance Group

Mike Miller:   Warriors For Ranchers

Eli Marcus:   The Motivation Show

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady - Detox & Nutrition

Sam Sorbo:   Actress, Author & Freedom Fighter

239 LIVE:  Connecting, Patriotism, America Now, Video Marketing, Arizona Schools Rules & Nonprofits + Special Guests - JASON BRESSLER of Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation & 5 of his Nonprofit Partners - ARIZONA NONPROFIT SHOWCASE:  Hope Kids, Military Assistance Mission, Horses Help, Arizona Law Enforcement Outreach & Support, Youth For Troops

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

The Patriot Sisters:   Unleashed with The Patriot Sisters

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab - Everything Home

Taylor Wellman:   Video Marketing & Production

Kim Miller:   Arizona Women of Action

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Kimberly Trichel:   Hope Kids

Christina Erlandson:   Military Assistance Mission

Gregg Goodman:   Horses Help

Jim Hill:   AZLEOS - Law Enforcement Outreach

Hannah Piatt:   Youth For Troops

238 LIVE:  Community, Your Money, Nutrition, Increased Profits, Covid Detox, Take Action To Change Your Life Now, Arizona Candidate for Governor + Special Guests ELI MARCUS - Host of The Motivation Show & BRYAN MASCHE - Conservative Candidate For Arizona Governor

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Dennis Williams:   Cash Map Consulting

Jackie Phillips:   Phillips Wellness Enterprises

Anne Gannon:   The Largo Group Accounting

Cherie Calbom:  Detox Expert & The Juice Lady

Eli Marcus:   Host of The Motivation Show

Bryan Masche:   Arizona Candidate For Governor

237 LIVE:  Human Trafficking, Fastest Math Tutor, Connect With Wildlife, Increase Your Profits, Strategic Hashtags, Faith & God Today, Patriotism in America + Special Guests DR. JOHN DIAMOND - Host of America Unhinged & GEORGE LOMBARDI - International Social Media Strategist & Patriotic Advocate

Mitzi Perdue:   Win This Fight Nonprofit

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity FREE Tutor

JoAnne Sullam:   DayDreams Studio

Steve Sipress:   Small Business Help

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Dr. John Diamond:   Host of America Unhinged

George Lombardi:   International Social Media Strategist

236 LIVE:  Business Growth, Free Cash App, Point of Life, Your Purpose, Positive Hollywood Movies, America Today, Common Sense Summit + Special Guests DR. ALAN KEYES - Host of Let's Talk America & CLYDE CLEVELAND - FREE Virtual Common Sense Summit

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Jeff Bermant:   Profit From Your Data App

Michael Levy:   What Is The Point Of Life

Randy Miller:   Find Your When

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Dr. Alan Keyes:   Let's Talk America

Clyde Cleveland:   FREE Common Sense Summit

235 LIVE: Mindset Event, The Best Hair, Breathing Exercises, Your Ultimate Life, Motivation, Illegal Alien Network of Sleeper Cells, Going Back To God Summit + Special Guests - CHRISTIE HUTCHERSON of Women Fighting For America & DR. MIKE SPAULDING of the Go Therefore Conference

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ Personal Growth

Lynn Power:   Masami Haircare

Himanish Goel:   Meditation Techniques

Virginia Prodan:   Personal Victory Coach

Eli Marcus:   Host of The Motivation Show

Christie Hutcherson:   Women Fighting For America

Dr. Mike Spaulding:   Pastor & Talk Radio Show Host

234 LIVE:  Hypnosis, Selling Tech, Money Tips, Scalar Energy, Surprise Medical Bills, Save America, Religious Persecution + Special Guests Darlene Swaffar - America First Candidate For Congress in Florida's District 22 & Pastor Artur Pawlowski - The Canadian Faith & Freedom Fighter of Street Church Ministries

Michael Mezmer:   Hypnotherapist

Joseph Fung:   Uvaro

Damari Gold:   Damari Gold Consulting

Tom Paladino:   Scalar Light

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Darlene Swaffar:   Candidate For Congress - Florida #22

Pastor Artur Pawlowski:   Street Church Ministries

233 LIVE:  Virtual Assistants, The Border Crisis, Community Support, Take Action Items, America Today, Patriotic Gear, Precinct Committeemen + SPECIAL GUEST -  STEPHEN STERN of The Flag Shirt Apparel Company

Sophie Zollmann:   SophieZo Virtually

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Items - BLC

Michaela Cox:   My Heartfelt Meditations

Stephen Stern:   The Flag Shirt

232 LIVE:  After Domestic Abuse, Health & Wellness, Client Avatars, Spirit Medium, Success Mindset, Arizona Border Crisis  + SPECIAL GUEST - TIM FOLEY of Arizona Border Recon

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium Daniel

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Tim Foley:   Arizona Border Recon

231 LIVE:  ShameGuilt Healing, Monetizing Podcasts, America Today, Celebrity Charity Event, Identity Shift, Arizona Civic Action & Political Updates + SPECIAL GUESTS - MERISSA HAMILTON of & Arizona State Representative JOSEPH CHAPLIK - LD23

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Method Of Healing

Josh Tapp:   The Lucky Titan Podcast & Podcast Multiplier

Dr. John Diamond:   America Unhinged Radio

AC Caswell:   Million Dollar Mingle Celebrity Fundraiser

Anthony Trucks:   The Shift Method - Your Full Potential

Merissa Hamilton: - Civic Action Make Easy

Joseph Chaplik:   Arizona State Representative LD23

230 LIVE:  Prophetic Counsel, Sales Tips Made Easy, Covid19 Facts, The Vaccine & Your Health + SPECIAL GUEST - DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP - Truth Teller & Freedom Fighter!

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Road To Hope

Judy Hoberman:   Selling In A Skirt

Dr. Christiane Northrup:

229 LIVE:  Business Reboot, Save America, Social Media VA's, Motivation, Detox From Covid Tests, Border Crisis Help + SPECIAL GUEST - MIKE MILLER - Warriors For Ranchers

Drew Stevens:   Stevens Performance Group

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union

Nichole Howson:   AIM Social Media Marketing

Eli Marcus:   The Motivation Show

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady

Mike Miller:   Warriors For Ranchers

228 LIVE:  Motivation, Fastest Math Tutor, Video Making Tips, Connecting With Nature, Faith & God, Moms For America, FEC United + SPECIAL GUEST - CINDY CHAFIAN

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion - Video Marketing

JoAnne Sullam:   DayDreams Studio

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Cindy Chafian:   Moms For America & FEC United

227 LIVE: Stopping The Arizona Border Crisis, Mindset, Relationships, Veterans, Civic Action Made Easy + SPECIAL GUESTS - PATTY CASTILLO PORTER & MERISSA HAMILTON

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ & Operations X

Dino Watt:   The Relationship Expert & Our Ripple Effect

Josh Grzywa:  Deep Sea Valkyries Nonprofit

Patty Porter:   Stop The Border Crisis - SIGN THE NOTICE

Melissa Hamilton:

226 LIVE: Community & Nonprofits, Business Growth, Overcoming Anxiety, Fighting For Our Rights + SPECIAL GUESTS - ATTORNEY THOMAS RENZ "America's Attorney"

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Thomas Renz:   Renz Law

225 LIVE: Branding, Life Coach, Abuse In Schools, Community, Border Crisis, Business & Your Growth + SPECIAL GUESTS - SHERIFF MARK DANNELS - Cochise County, AZ & DEBORAH PETERS

Terry Begue:   Attract & Keep Customers For Life

Garry O'Neal Jr:   Life Coach - Seeing/Planning/Doing

Christine Mayo:   Greater Graphics - Branding

Dan Perkins:   Host of Black & White - Abuse In Schools

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Hashtag Expert - Profitable Shenanigans

Sheriff Mark Dannels:   Cochise County, AZ

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

224 LIVE: Your Well-Being, Cause Marketing, Increase Profits, Healthcare, High Vibration  + SPECIAL GUEST - RANDY MILLER

Randy Miller:   Find Your When

Kay McDonald:   Charity Charms

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Tessa Stowe:   Live In High Vibration

223 LIVE:  Websites, Nutrition, Spirit Medium, Your Best Hair, Purpose, Covid Facts & The Plandemic + SPECIAL GUEST - DR. BRYAN ARDIS

Dominique Jones:   Domo Jones Brand Consultant

Jackie Phillips:   Wellness Expert

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Lynn Power:   Masami Premium Haircare

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Purpose Strategist & Spiritual Leader

Dr. Bryan Ardis:   Ardis Labs

222 LIVE:  Connection, Your Body, Potential, Business Leads, Nonprofits, Exposing The Vatican & The Great Reset, Illegal Alien Hotels in Phoenix, Arizona + SPECIAL GUESTS - LEO ZAGAMI & PATTY CASTILLO PORTER

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Russ Yeager:  Body Transformation University

Jeff Steinberg:   Motivational Speaker - The Tiny Giant

Kevin Padillo:   Leadz On Demand

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Leo Zagami:   Host of The Leo Zagami Show

Patty Castillo Porter:   Arizona Grassroots Group

221 LIVE: Self Care, Racism, Get Involved, Take Action, Fitness, Passion & Purpose, Domestic Abuse + Special Guests - JOSHUA BERGLAN & ORSIKA JULIA

Maxine Willocks:   Natural Self Care

Darrell Neely:   Co-Host of "Black & White"

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB - Everything Home

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Joshua Berglan:   Live Mana Worldwide

Orsika Julia:   Out of the Quicksand

220 LIVE:  Digital Marketing, Angel Families & Moms, Mindset, Faith, Branding, Liberty  + Special Guests - JASON DAVIS - RECALL Arizona House Speaker Rino Rusty Bowers

Debbie Saviano:  Women's Leadership LIVE

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Craig Siegel:   Mindset & Personal Development Coach

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Jason Davis:   Don't Tread On Liberty Podcast

219 LIVE:  Business Growth, Pro-Life, Be Victorious, Passion, Domestic Abuse, Arizona Take Action & Updates + Special Guests - JENNY JACKSON & AZ REP JOSEPH CHAPLIK

Steve Sipress:   WOW! Strategy - Small Business Expert

Elouise Nathaniel:   LifeMore Abundantly

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Joshua Berglan:   Live Mana Worldwide Foundation

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Jenny Jackson:   Arizona Stands United

Joseph Chaplik:   Arizona State Representative (LD 23)

218 LIVE: Shame Healing, Travel, Outsourcing, Family Coach, Business ReBoot, Arizona Women of Action, GOP Red Roots Arizona + Special Guests - KIM MILLER & SHELLEY KAIS

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Healing

Andrea Overend:   Dream Vacations - Personalized Travel

Sophie Zollmann:   SophieZo Virtually

Dr. Cam Caswell:   Psychologist & Family Success Coach

Deborah Peters:   Business Accelerator & Mind-Set Expert

Kim Miller:   Arizona Women of Action

Shelley Kais:   Pima County GOP Chairman & Red Roots AZ

217 LIVE: Math Tutor, Masterminds, Video Marketing, Hashtags, Wildlife, Addiction & Recovery + Special Guest - MELISSA HURAY - Lindell Recovery Network

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity

Randy Kirk:

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion Video Marketing

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

JoAnne Sullam:   Evolution of a Wild Heart

Melissa Huray:   Lindell Recovery Network

216 LIVE: Hypnosis, After Domestic Abuse, Business Growth, Hollywood Movies, Women Power, Border + Special Guest - CHRISTIE HUTCHERSON - Women Fighting For America

Michael Mezmer:   Hypnotherapy Expert

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Christie Hutcherson:   Women Fighting For America


215 LIVE: Sheriffs, Military Women, Cause Marketing, Divorce, Online Growth + Special Guest - DR. CORDIE WILLIAMS - 1776 Forever Free

Sheriff Mark Lamb:   Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ

Amanda Huffman:   Women of the Military Podcast

Kay McDonald:   CEO of Charity Charms

Karen McMahon:   Journey Beyond Divorce

Harrison Baron:   Growth Generators

Dr. Cordie Williams:   1776 Forever Free

214 LIVE: Commercial Real Estate, Automate Your Business, Multifamily Syndication, Racism, Covid Facts + Special Guest - DR. PAM POPPER - Make Americans Free Again

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Properties

Brendan McCauley:   HL Mastery

Joshua Ferrari:   Ferrari Capital

Dan Perkins:  Host of Black & White

Dr. Pam Popper:   Make Americans Free Again

Wellness Forum Health

213 LIVE: Hate For Jews, Take Action, Fitness + Special Guests - Congresswoman MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE - America First & DR. LARRY PALEVSKY - Covid Propaganda & The Truth

Betsy Wurzel:   Host of Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - COVID FACTS

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International


Dr. Larry Palevsky:  Covid Propaganda & The Truth

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION

212 LIVE: Entrepreneurs, Motivation, Covid19 & The Great Reset Summit Recap, Lose Weight + Special Guest - TOMI COLLINS - America Restored

Don Long:   Entrepreneur Peak Performance Consultant

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - COVID FACTS

Philip Anthony Mangan:   The Wellness Wingman


Tomi Collins:   America Restored

211 LIVE: Life Coach, Increase Profits, Best Life, Travel Tips, Business Growth + Special Guests - DAN PERKINS & DARRELL NEELY - Black & White

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Steve Sipress:   Small Business Help

Virginia Prodan:  Personal Victory Coach

April Bielefeldt:   Your Photo Travel Guide

Brian Elam:  Dream Biz Coaching

Dan Perkins & Darrell Neely:  Hosts of Black & White

210 LIVE: The Border, Be An Expert, Self Promotion, Faith, Biblical Healing & Special Guest - ANN VANDERSTEEL - Steel Truth

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Richard Matthews:   The Hero Maker

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Take Action Tab

Sharon Gulley:   Beautiful Expectations of Faith

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Road To Hope

Ann Vandersteel:   The Steel Truth

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209 LIVE: Business Growth, Local Politics, MAGA, Public Relations, Branding Tips + SCOTT MCKAY - Patriot StreetFighter

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Michal Joyner:   Palo Verde Republican Women

Timothy Shea:   MAGA Institute

Jennifer Charlton:   Charlton Communications

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Scott McKay:   Patriot StreetFighter

208 LIVE: Being Connected, Cannabis, Author In You + MARIA ZACK - Exposing Italy Gate In The 2020 Election Fraud!

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Dan Perkins:   Host of America's Cannabis Conversation

Jeremy Sutton:  Book Boss Publishing

Maria Zack:   Founder of Nations In Action

Host of the FREE "DEFEND THE VOTE" Online Summit

May 2 at 6pm to 9pm ET


207 LIVE: World Wide Real Estate, Fitness & Inspiration, Take Action Patriots, Defend America & Motivation

Molly Faulkner:   Real Estate Expert

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Take Action Tab

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union

Eli Marcus:   Host of The Motivation Show

206 LIVE: Domestic Abuse, Save America, Healing, Pregnancy, CloutHub CEO

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Take Action Tab

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Method of Healing

Elouise Nathaniel:  LifeMore Abundantly

Jeff Brain:  CloutHub Social Media Platform

205 LIVE: Positive Movies, Parenting Teens, Math Tutor, Wellness, Iconic Women

Alexia Melocchi:  Little Studio Films

Dr. Cam Caswell:  Adolescent Psychologist & Family Coach

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity Tutor

Michele Bolona:   Art of Wellth Podcast

Dawn Bostick:   Iconic Women Podcast

204 LIVE: Hypnotherapy, Hashtags, Hire Gen Z, Your Finances, Truthful Current Events *SPECIAL GUEST - RAJ DORAISAMY - DEFEND OUR VOTE ONLINE SUMMIT 5/2*

Michael Mezmer:   CovidNosis Hypnotherapy

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Hannah Williams:   Gen Z Expert

Debra Ohstrom:   14 Day Financial Fitness Challenge

Michelle Winder:   LIVE @ FIVE Unredacted Truth

FREE Defend The Vote Online Summit


Host of the FREE "TRUTH OVER FEAR" Covid19 & The Great Reset Online Summit

3 Day Event:  May 7 To May 9


203 LIVE: Online Business, Entrepreneurs, Neuro Science, Video Marketing, American Dream *SPECIAL GUEST - PATRICK COFFIN - TRUTH OVER FEAR COVID19 & THE GREAT RESET ONLINE SUMMIT 5/7-5/9*

Shane Sams:   Flipped Lifestyle

Don Long:  Peak Performance Entrepreneur Coach

Deborah Peters:  Neuro Engineering Institute

Taylor Wellman:  Video Marketing Expert

Mike Patel:  Successful Hotel Owner - La Quinta

FREE Truth Over Fear COVID19 & The Great Reset Summit


202 LIVE: Motivation, Holistic Interiors, Wildlife, Faith, Human Trafficking

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Barbara Kaplan:   Design Dimensions

JoAnn Sullam:   Evolution of a Wild Heart

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Mitzi Perdue:  Win This Fight Nonprofit

201 LIVE: Caregivers, Spirituality, Transformation, Take Action, Mom Connections

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Michaela Cox:   My Heartfelt Meditations

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB!

Amelia Mora Mars:  #1 Community For Moms

200 LIVE: Your Purpose, Clay Clark's Health & Freedom Event - Take Action To Save America & Yourself, Family Life Coach

Michael Levy:   Point of Life Talk Show

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB!

Sara Bradford:   The SJ Childs Show

199 LIVE: Social Media, World Wide Real Estate, Business Growth Tips, Veteran Therapy, Take Action To Save America & Yourself

Katie Brinkley:   Next Step Social Communication 

Molly Faulkner:  International Real Estate

Steve Sims:   Business Coach & Speaker

Josh Grzywa:  Deep Sea Valkyries

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION!

198 LIVE: Grow Your Business, Support Your Community, The Border, Coronavirus FACTS!

Don Long:   Peak Performance Consultant

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Covid FACTS!

197 LIVE: Faith, Being Connected, Life/Work Balance, Branding, Helping Sick Kids

Sharon Gulley:   Beautiful Expectations of Faith

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Susan Stutzel:   Female Entrepreneur Leadership Coach

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Jan Rogers:   Dreammakers For Life

196 LIVE: Personal Growth, Your Potential, Fitness, Biz Growth, Take Action

Randy Miller:   WHEN Enterprises

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Joe Pardo:   Profit Growth Strategist

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home

195 LIVE: MasterMinds, The Border, Transformation, Local Politics, Neuroscience

Randy Kirk:

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Purpose Strategist

Dan Schultz:   Precinct Committeemen Project's Blog

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

194 LIVE: Breakthroughs, Become A Mom, Abuse Recovery, Cannabis, Author In You

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Emma Burton:   The Soul Baby Program

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Dan Perkins:   Host of America's Cannabis Conversation

Jeremy Sutton:   Book Boss Publishing

193 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Personal & Business Coaching - ALL STAR TEAM

Brian Elam:   Dream Biz Coaching

Super Joe Pardo:   Profit Growth Strategist for Small Biz

Randy Miller:  WHEN - Personal Growth & Wellness

192 LIVE: Smart Storage, Stand Out Now, Motivation, Cause Marketing, Facts & TAKE ACTION Items To Save America & YOU!

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki:   LuxePak

Dolores Hirschmann:   Advance Your Reach

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Kay McDonald:  Charity Charms

Michele Swinick:  Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB

191 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Personal & Business Coaching - ALL STARS

Clay Clark:   Host of the ThriveTime Show

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Judy Hoberman:   Selling In A Skirt

190 LIVE: Branding, Relationships, Video Marketing, Business Mentor, TAKE ACTION Tips To Save America & YOU!

Jaris Tucker:  Real One On One Consulting

Dr. Chloe Carmichael:

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion

Toni McLelland:  1st Life Consultancy Group

Michele Swinick:  Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB

189 LIVE: Math Tutor, Animal Spirit, Children's Books, Mom Connections, Faith & God

Don Sevick:   Math Celebrity Tutor Program

JoAnne Sullam:   Artist - Evolution Of A Wild Heart

Gloria Hass:   Picture Story Books For Children

Amelia Mora Mars:   #1 Community For Moms

Pastor Greg Young:   Host Of Chosen Generation Radio

188 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Business & Marketing Success - ALL STAR TEAM

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Debbie Saviano:   Women's Leadership Live

Steve Sipress:   Small Biz Help

187 LIVE: End Abuse, Personal Growth, AZ Recalls, Your Best You, Wealth Building

Sherry Savage:   Unbroken Cycle of Abuse

Randy Miller:   WHEN Enterprises

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Pete Lonton:   Fire In The Belly

Paul Vann:  Wealth Building Academy & Podcast

186 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Business & Marketing Success - ALL STAR TEAM

Matt Yahes:   Extend Your Team

Randy Kirk:

Don Long:  Transformation For Entrepreneurs

185 LIVE: Coronavirus FACTS, Business Tips, Angel Families, Spirituality, Finance Coach

Michael Levy:  Host of the Point of Life Talk Show

Steve Sipress:   The WOW! Strategy for Biz Owners

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

Michaela Cox:   My Heartfelt Meditations

Hersh Chopra:   Finance & Life Coach

184 LIVE:  Hire Gen Z, Connection, Community Action, Hashtags, Level Up Now

Hannah Williams:   Gen Z Talent Expert

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Elliott Vang:   High Performance Coach

183 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Community Awareness, Action & Faith - ALL STAR TEAM

Pastor Greg Young:   Host of Chosen Generation Radio

Shelby Busch:   We The People AZ Alliance

Prophet Amanda Grace:  Ark of Grace Ministries

182 LIVE:  Your Transformation, Meaningful Life, Arizona Recalls, Caregivers

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Andrew Calderella:   Do You Know The Way

Eric Wnuck:   We The People AZ Alliance

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

181 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Community Awareness, Action & Faith - ALL STAR TEAM

Dan Schultz:   The Precinct Project Blog

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

Mitzi Perdue:   Win This Fight Nonprofit

180 LIVE:  International Real Estate, Buying A Business, Biz Growth, Current Events - The Inside Scoop

Molly Faulkner:   Faulkner International

Domenic Rinaldi:   Sun Acquisition

Michelle Winder:   LIVE & FIVE Unredacted Truth

179 LIVE:  Hollywood Films, Family Coach, Covid Prevention

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Dr. Cam Caswell:  Adolescent Psychologist & Coach

Dan Perkins:  Host of American's Cannabis Conversation

178 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Health, Wellness & Fitness - ALL STAR TEAM

Fitz Koehler:

Emma Burton:  Yoga At Home

Wendi Michelle:  Precision Wellness Warrior

177 LIVE:  Business Masterminds, Spiritual Living, Performance Coach

Randy Kirk:

Sharon Gulley:   Beautiful Expectations Of Life

Brian Bogert:  Business Strategist

176 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Health, Wellness & Fitness - ALL STAR TEAM

Marc Zimmermann:  RIPPED 30

Wendi Michelle:  Precision Wellness Warrior

175 LIVE: Empowerment, Grow Your Business, Community Support, Iconic Women, Your Potential

Jacob Lethbridge:   Mind & Body Coach

Don Long:   Entrepreneur Transformation

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Dawn Bostick:   Host of the Iconic Women Podcast

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

174 LIVE:  Human Trafficking, Take Action, Hashtags, Domestic Abuse, Hypnotherapy

Mitzi Perdue:   Win This Fight (TEXT: WTF 51555)

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION Tab

Tamara Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Michael Mezmer:  Hypnotherapy Solves It All

173 LIVE:  MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Personal Improvement & Growth - All Star Team

Karin Weiri:   Breakthrough Life Coach

Paul Vann:   Wealth Building Academy

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Purpose Strategist & Transformation Coach

172 LIVE: Your Passion, Overcome Anything, Fitness Is Fun, Arizona Recalls, Mental Thief Hypnotist

Natalie Brimble:   Life Performance Coach

Jeff Steinberg:   Masterpiece In Progress

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Shelby Busch:   We The People AZ Alliance

Paul Newton:  Mental Theft

170 LIVE:  Business Success, Wellness, No Bias News, Mental Illness, Podcasting

Else Johnson:   The Heart-Centered Coach

Wendi Michelle:   Precision Wellness Warrior & Nutritionist

Priyanka Vazirani:   Volv - The Millenial News App

Bradley Davis:   Host of A Grown Man's Diary

Daniela Garcia:   Podbooking

169 LIVE:  Commercial Real Estate, Cause Marketing, Video Marketing, AZ Recalls, Your Power Within

Pam Goodwin:   Building Wealth Thru Real Estate

Kay McDonald:   Charity Charms

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion

Shelby Busch:   We The People AZ Alliance

Joe Evangelisti:

168 LIVE:  Marketing, Hollywood Films, Motivation, Caregivers, Human Resources

Preston Weekes:   OperationsX

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Jason Cavness:   CavnessHR

167 LIVE:  Hashtags, K9 Experts, Covid Facts, Entrepreneur Tips, Wealth Building

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Jaime & John Caponetta:   Pawsome University

Clay Clark:   ThriveTime Show

Brian Elam:   Dream Biz Coaching

Paul Vann:   Wealth Building Academy

166 LIVE:  Transformation, Rediscovery, Animal Spirit, AZ Recalls, Your Mission

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Voice Of Transformation & Purpose

Aubrey Johnson:   Road 2 Rediscovery Podcast

JoAnne Helfert Sullam:   Daydreams Studio

Shelby Busch:   We The People AZ Alliance

Tippy Felzenstein:   Tippy Talk Show

165: Michelle Winder - Host of LIVE @ FIVE Unredacted Truth - The Inside Scoop

What's Really Going On Behind The Scenes In America, The Great Awakening, Return To God, Election Fraud 2020 - The Truth!

You can watch her show daily on Facebook at 5pm PT

164 LIVE:  Connection, Get In Local Politics, Business Mentor, Angel Families & Moms, Business Marketing

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Dan Schultz:   The Precinct Project's Blog

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Steve Sipress:

163 LIVE:  Point Of Life, Giving Back, Mergers & Acquisitions, Psychology, Childhood Trauma

Michael Levy:   What Is The Point Of Life

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Domenic Rinaldi:   Sun Acquisitions

Dr. Chloe Carmichael:   Dr.

Dr. Radisha Brown:   Dr.

#162 LIVE: Breakthroughs, Beautiful You, Chosen Generation Radio, Your Best Life, AZ Recalls

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Laura Babcock:   Rodan and Fields Skin care

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Jeff Holst:   Last Life Ever Podcast

Rachel Meier:   We The People AZ Alliance

#161 LIVE: Pastor David Scarlett and Prophet Amanda Grace - The Great Awakening

Pastor David Scarlett of His Glory and Prophet Amanda Grace of Ark Of Grace Ministries will be our special guests to discuss The Great Awakening, their popular show "Grace & Glory", return to religion, current events, prophecies & more!

#160 LIVE: Faith Healing, Masterminds, End Abuse, Lady Boss Coach, Stress Relief

Sharon Gulley:   Beautiful Expectations Of Faith

Randy Kirk:

Susan Stutzel:   S Stutzel Coaching

S.G. Savage:   Lydia's League Of Angels

Professor Pete Alexander:   Stress Relief Specialist

#159 LIVE: Wake Up, Empowerment, Gut Health, Talented Musicians, Audio Production

Patti Katter:  Wake Up With Patti Katter Podcast

Janna Macik:  Advancing Globally

Laura Martin:  Healing To Happy

Norm Susser:  The New Norm In Music

Dave Swillum:  Crawlspace Audio

#158 LIVE:  Real Estate, Life Coach, Limited Government, Yoga At Home, Wellness

Molly Faulkner:  Faulkner Int'l Real Estate

Virginia Prodan:  Virginia Prodan Victory Coach

Rick Manning:  Americans For Limited Government

Emma Burton:  Yoga At Home With Emma

Wendi Michelle:  Precision Wellness Specialist

#157 LIVE:  Passion Fitness, Country Living, Biz Growth, No Mo Gym, We The People

Fitz Koehler:

Rob Scribner:  Ranger Rob Country Living

Super Joe Pardo:

Marc Zimmermann:

Rachel Meier:  We the People AZ Alliance

#156 LIVE:  Disabilities No Mo, Estate Sales, Outsourcing Pro, Success Tips For Business

Win Charles:  Ask Win

Deborah Davis:  The AZ Auctionista

Matthew Yahes:  Extend Your Team

Sean Douglas:  The Success Corps

#155 LIVE: Spirit & Hope, Hollywood Producers, Motivation For Networking, Mentors & Connection, Your Home

JoAnne Sullam:  Evolution of a Wild Heart

Alexia Melocchi & Maeve Quinlan:  Little Studio Films

Brian Elam:  Dream Biz Coaching

Judy Hoberman:  Selling In A Skirt

Barbara Kaplan:  Design Dimensions

#154 LIVE:  Connection, Biz Mentor, Legal Solutions, Caregivers, Stress-Busting

Bill Ranshaw:  The Connected Being

Toni McLelland:  1st Life Consultancy Group

Christie Arkovich:  Christie D. Arkovich Law Firm

Betsy Wurzel:  Host of the Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Professor Pete Alexander:  Stress Relief Specialist

#153 LIVE:  Marketing, Inspiration, Children's Books, Outsourcing Pro, Best Skincare

Jaris Tucker:  Real One On One Consulting

Jeffrey Holst:  Host of the Last Life Ever Podcast

Judy Laufer:  Little Egg Publishing

Matthew Yahes:  Extend Your Team

Laura Babcock:  Rodan & Fields Skincare

#152 LIVE:  Fastest Math Tutor, Video Marketing, Coronavirus Truths, Resolutions, Mental Performance

Don Sevcik:  Math Celebrity

Taylor Wellman:  Financial Potion

Clay Clark:  Thrive Time Show

Else Johnson:  Else Johnson Coaching

Richard Oelberger:  Richard Listens

#151 LIVE:  Social Media Tips, Take A Time-In & Let Go, Your Next Level, Outsourcing

Benjamin Kepner:  Global Social Media Marketing

JP Kim:  The World of JP Kim

Preston Weeks:  OperationsX

#150 LIVE:  Intuition, Masterminds, Patriots Win & Recalling, Small Biz Marketing

Sunil Godse:   Intuitionology

Randy Kirk:

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Steve Sipress:  The WOW! Strategy

#149 LIVE:  Shift Happens, Podcasting Social Network, Patriots Unite, YouTube Tricks

Karin Weiri:  Insights Counseling Center

Daniela Garcia:  PodBooking

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Jim Bordeau:  The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast

#148 LIVE:  Rediscovery, The Point Of Life, Wake Up, Your Mission Your Purpose

Aubrey Johnson:  The Road To Rediscovery

Michael Levy:  What Is The Point Of Life

Patti Katter:  Wake Up With Patti Katter

Tippy Felzenstein:  Tippy Talk Show

#147 LIVE:  Commercial Real Estate, Spiritual Healing, Patriots Take Action, Business Tips, Career Coaching

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Properties

Sharon Gulley:  Beautiful Expectations of Faith

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Nyn Riffat:  Nyn's Dreams

Cindy Fassler:  Cindy Fassler Career Coaching

#146 LIVE:  Branding, Financial Tips, Wealth Building, Patriots Taking Action

Marina Byezhanova:   Brand of A Leader

Gary Stringer:   BridgeLight Capital

Paul Vann:   Wealth Building Academy

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

#145 LIVE:  Kick-Ass Biz Tips, Porn Is Bad, Masterminds, Live Your Potential, HR

Steve Dailey:   Entrepreneur Excellence

Bill Ranshaw:   Nopmo Purpose Over Porn

Randy Kirk:

Virginia Prodan:   Virginia Prodan Coaching

Jason Cavness:   CavnessHR

#144 LIVE:  A Better Life, Cancer Help, Video Marketing, Real Hollywood, Biz Tips

Randy Miller:   WHEN Enterprises  (20% OFF: WHEN20)

Leah Salmorin:   Paddle For The Cure NYC

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion Video Marketing

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

#143 LIVE:  Life Advice, Your Home, Digital Marketing, Business & Entrepreneur Tips, Mental Performance

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Molly Faulkner:   Faulkner Int'l Real Estate

Debbie Saviano:   Women's Leadership Live

Brian Elam:   Dream Business Coaching

Richard Oelberger:   Richard Listens

#142 LIVE:  Sponsors, Giving Back, Math Made Easy, Get Back On Track, Meditation

Linda Hollander:   Sponsor Concierge

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity

Else Johnson:   More Than Just Fine

Adam Weinberg:   Relax With Adam

#141 LIVE:  Wealth Building, Selling Thru Relationships, Stress-Buster Tips, Children With ADHD & Therapy for Veterans

Paul Vann:   Wealth Building Academy

Katrina Madewell:   Selling Through Relationships

Pete Alexander:   Stress Relief Specialist

Genevieve Gagnon:   Two Clear Minds

Josh Grzywa:   Deep Sea Valkyries

#140 LIVE:  Cause Marketing, Purpose-Driven Everything, Making A Difference, Podcasting Tips

Kay McDonald:   Charity Charms

Jenny Ynnej:   The World of JP Kim

Jared Lavergne:   Ambiguous Podcast Solutions

#139 LIVE:  Social Media Tips, Become Your Best, Giving Back, Charity Marketplace, Sales & Leadership

Benjamin Kepner:  Global Social Media Marketing

Julio Muhorro:  Sharing Knowledge Int'l

Jason Bressler:  Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Michele Swinick:  Socially Conscious Marketplace

Judy Hoberman:  Selling In A Skirt

#138 LIVE:  Fractional CFO, Human Resources for Small Biz, Creative Clothing, Estate Sales & A Podcast Network

Paul Whitley:  C-Suite Support

Jason Cavness:  CavnessHR

Natosha Zanders:  CourageousCreationsOnline

Deborah Davis:  The AZ Auctionista

Peter Clough:  The Independent Podcast Alliance

#137 LIVE: Home & Happiness, Rediscovery, Spirit & Hope, Human Trafficking, Business Marketing

Barbara Kaplan:  Barbara's Picks

Aubrey Johnson:  The Road to Rediscovery Podcast

JoAnn Sullam:  Author of "Evolution of a Wild Heart"

Mitzi Perdue:  Win This Fight Nonprofit  Text WTF "51555"

Jaris Tucker:  Founder of Real One On One Consulting

#136 LIVE: Become An Author, Innovative Home Buying & Selling, Personal Growth, Purpose-Driven Products, Giving Back & Nonprofits

Kim Thompson-Pinder:  RTI Publishing House

Renee Tulliani Stringer:  Dealty Realty

Randy Miller:  Find Your When  20% OFF "Michele"

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki:  LuxePak Smart Storage

Mitzi Perdue:  Win This Fight Nonprofit  Text WTF "51555"

#135 LIVE:  Small Biz Networking & Social Media, Side Gigs, Diversity, Podcasting, Interior Design

Debbie Saviano - Women's Leadership Live

Rhonda Moret - Elevate For Her

Lisa Williams -

Daniela Garcia - Podbooking

Barbara Kaplan - Barbaraspicks

#134 LIVE: Porn Recovery, Heart-Centered Coaching, World Wide Real Estate, Mood Health, Smart Storage & Entrepreneurs

Bill Ranshaw - Billwilderment: Purpose Kills Porn

Else Johnson - Else Johnson Coaching

Molly Faulkner - Faulkner Int'l Real Estate

Matt Zinman - Insights To Live By Podcast

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki - LuxePak Smart Storage

#133 LIVE: The Fastest Math Tutor, Addiction & Recovery, Cancer, Performance & Business Coaches

Don Sevcik - Math Celebrity

Dr. Robb Kelly - Robb Kelly Recovery Group

Nyn Riffat - Nyn's Dreams Business Consulting

Chuck Keels - Living Hope Cancer Foundation

Loree Bischoff - Performance Coach & Host of the "We're Talking Shift" Podcast

#132 LIVE: Outsourcing, Biz Growth, Vets, Small Biz Exit Strategies & Innovative Real Estate

Preston Weekes - OperationsX

Josh Grzywa - Deep Sea Valkyries Veteran Nonprofit

Austin Peterson - CFP of Backbone Financial & Host of "Tycoons of SmallBiz" Radio Show

Renee Tulliani Stringer - Dealty Innovative Home Buying & Selling

#131 LIVE: Giving Back, Insights To Live By, Great Podcasts, Heroes & Entrepreneur Tips

Jason Bressler - Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Matt Zinman - Author & Host of the Insights To Live By Podcast

Peter Clough - The Independent Podcast Alliance

Bob Calvert - Host of Talking With Heroes Talk Show

Brian Elam - Entrepreneurship Coach

#130 LIVE: Video Marketing, Business Coaching, Skincare, Financial Tips & A New Lifestyle Show

Taylor Wellman - Video Marketing Expert

Julio Maria Muhorro - Business Coach

Lauren Rosenberg - Host of Lifestyles With Lauren

Laura Babcock - Rodan & Fields Skincare

Austin Peterson - CFP at Backbone Financial & Host of "Tycoons of SmallBiz" Radio Show

#128 LIVE: YouTube Tricks, Entrepreneurs, Business Coaching, Porn Addiction, Stress Tips

Jim Bordeau - The Entrepreneurial Truth Podcast

Bill Ranshaw - "Quit" Porn Coach - Nopmo Purpose over Porn

Professor Pete Alexander - Stress Relief Expert & Winning At Business And Life Podcast

Nyn Nageen - Business Consultant at Nyn's Dreams & #IAmYou

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