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252 LIVE: Passion To Profits, Business Pivot, Detox & Supplements, Success Mindset, Alzheimer’s Awareness, Business Purpose & Vision Statement with ZANZIBAR VERMIGLIO

Victoria Wieck:   Million Dollar Hobbies

Katie Dufort:   Puzzle Rides

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady & Detox Expert

Oliver Siegel:

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Zanzibar Vermiglio:   Zanzibar Enterprises

251 LIVE: Save America, Prophetic, Turning Thoughts Into Things, Divine Healing, Pot Belly Pig Rescue, Creating A Brand WITH Special Guest ALEX SANFILIPPO - Founder of

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab - Save America

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Cyber Shepard - Prophetic Counsel

Gunther Mueller:   Magnetic Mind Method

Rev. Caspar McCloud:  The Upper Room Fellowship

Danielle Betterman:   Better Piggies Rescue

Alex SanFilippo:   Creating A Brand &

250 LIVE: Spirit Medium, Victorious Mindset, Simple Side Hustle Business, HomeSchooling, Biblical Integrative Medicine, Vaccines, Masks & Kids WITH Special Guest -ANNA VAN HOEK - Arizona Chapter of Children’s Health Defense

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Brian Winch:  Cleanlots - America's Simplest Business

Jeremy Newman:   Texas Home School Coalition

Dr. Jennifer Rivera:   Accelerated Performance Institute

Anna Van Hoek:   Arizona Children's Health Defense

249: Worship Warrior Wednesday – Covid19, The Great Reset, Corruption & God With Pastor Greg Young

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248 LIVE: Prophetic Counseling, Increasing Sales, From Queer To Christ, Finding Remote Workers, Natural Pain Relief, Arizona Schools Update WITH Special Guest – MERISSA HAMILTON of

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Road To Hope Show

Dr. Travis Fox:   Ultimate Business Quest

George Carneal:   From Queer to Christ

Laura Couvillon:   Integrate Up

Amy Novotny:   PABR Institute

Merissa Hamilton:

247 LIVE: International Real Estate, Forced Vaccines At Arizona’s Brophy College Prep, Abundance, Faith & God, Connect With Nature, Arizona Schools Rule of Tyranny, Arizona Women of Action WITH Special Guest – KIM MILLER

Molly Faulkner:   International Real Estate

Brophy Concerned Parents:   Twitter Support Group

Oxana Lovich:   APEX Life Mastery

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

JoAnne Helfert Sullam:   Nature Artist & Author

Kim Miller:   Arizona Women of Action

246 LIVE: Stress Relief & Healthy Anger, No BS Media News App, Selling Made Easy, Startups & Small Business Tips, Wake Up America – We’re Living in the Twilight Zone, Covid19 Facts, God, Faith & The Ultimate Spiritual Battle WITH Special Guest – BISHOP LEON BENJAMIN

Marty Wolner:   Healthy Anger Toolbox

Shannon Almeida:   Volv Media

Judy Hoberman:   Selling In A Skirt

Devin Miller:   Miller IP Law

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB

Bishop Leon Benjamin:   Benjamin For Congress

245 LIVE:  DIY Public Relations, Success Mindset, Save America, Business Tips, Current State of America, Afghanistan, Benghazi, Shadow Warriors Project & Arizona School Update from Moms For Liberty WITH Special Guests – MARK "OZ" GEIST & NICOLE EIDSON

Keetria Garner Chambers:   Style of Business Coaching

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union

Karmen Booker:  Compu Perfect Professional Services

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB

Mark "Oz" Geist:   Shadow Warriors Project

Nicole Eidson:   Moms For Liberty, Maricopa County, AZ

244 LIVE:  Repeat Clients, Success Mindset, Ultimate Potential, Spirit Medium, Your Purpose, Arizona School Superintendent Candidate, Common Sense Summit WITH Special Guests – SHIRY SAPIR & CLYDE CLEVELAND

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Jeff Steinberg:  The Tiny Giant

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

243 LIVE:  Community & Nonprofits, Take Action & Save America, Domestic Abuse, Religious Freedom, Vaccine Mandates & Exemption, COVID Lies, The Great Reset WITH Special Guests – DR. SHANNON KRONER & DR. PAUL COTTRELL

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Dr. Shannon Kroner:   FOR-US - Freedom of Religion

Dr. Paul Cottrell:   The Studio - Reykjavik

242 LIVE: Border Invasion, Your Immune System, Shame Guilt Healing, Scalar Energy, Take Action We The People, Covid Truth Bombs, Your Rights Against Masks, Tests, Vaccines & Tyranny, Sheriffs Have the Power to Save America WITH Special Guests – PEGGY HALL & SHERIFF RICHARD MACK

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady & Detox Queen

Lois Hollis:   SoulSpeaks Healing

Tom Paladino:   Scalar Light

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab

Peggy Hall:

Sheriff Mack:   C.S.P.O.A.

241 LIVE: Commercial Real Estate, Cause Marketing, Mental Tips, Grow Hair & Great Skin, Increase Cash Flow, Take Action America, Covid Truth Bombs + SPECIAL GUESTS – RAJ DORAISAMY & DR. PAM POPPER

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Properties

Michele Swinick:   Covid Facts Tab

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity FREE Tutor

Melanie Elaine:   UluRx Compounding Pharmacy

Joshua Heilman:   Financial Consultant & Broker

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union FREE CHALLENGE

Dr. Pam Popper:   Make Americans Free Again

240 LIVE:  Your Best Life, Antichrist, Business Reboot, The Border Invasion, Motivation Monday, New Covid Facts & Prevention, Words For Warriors To Defeat Marxism + SPECIAL GUESTS – CHERIE CALBOM & SAM SORBO

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach & Author

Dr. Joye Pugh:   Author & Researcher

Drew Stevens:   Stevens Performance Group

Mike Miller:   Warriors For Ranchers

239 LIVE:  Connecting, Patriotism, America Now, Video Marketing, Arizona Schools Rules & Nonprofits + Special Guests – JASON BRESSLER of Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation & 5 of his Nonprofit Partners – ARIZONA NONPROFIT SHOWCASE:  Hope Kids, Military Assistance Mission, Horses Help, Arizona Law Enforcement Outreach & Support, Youth For Troops

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

The Patriot Sisters:   Unleashed with The Patriot Sisters

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Tab - Everything Home

Taylor Wellman:   Video Marketing & Production

Kim Miller:   Arizona Women of Action

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Kimberly Trichel:   Hope Kids

Christina Erlandson:   Military Assistance Mission

Gregg Goodman:   Horses Help

Jim Hill:   AZLEOS - Law Enforcement Outreach

Hannah Piatt:   Youth For Troops

238 LIVE:  Community, Your Money, Nutrition, Increased Profits, Covid Detox, Take Action To Change Your Life Now, Arizona Candidate for Governor + Special Guests ELI MARCUS - Host of The Motivation Show & BRYAN MASCHE - Conservative Candidate For Arizona Governor

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Dennis Williams:   Cash Map Consulting

Jackie Phillips:   Phillips Wellness Enterprises

Anne Gannon:   The Largo Group Accounting

237 LIVE:  Human Trafficking, Fastest Math Tutor, Connect With Wildlife, Increase Your Profits, Strategic Hashtags, Faith & God Today, Patriotism in America + Special Guests DR. JOHN DIAMOND - Host of America Unhinged & GEORGE LOMBARDI - International Social Media Strategist & Patriotic Advocate

Mitzi Perdue:   Win This Fight Nonprofit

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity FREE Tutor

JoAnne Sullam:   DayDreams Studio

Steve Sipress:   Small Business Help

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Dr. John Diamond:   Host of America Unhinged

George Lombardi:   International Social Media Strategist

236 LIVE:  Business Growth, Free Cash App, Point of Life, Your Purpose, Positive Hollywood Movies, America Today, Common Sense Summit + Special Guests DR. ALAN KEYES - Host of Let's Talk America & CLYDE CLEVELAND - FREE Virtual Common Sense Summit

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Jeff Bermant:   Profit From Your Data App

Michael Levy:   What Is The Point Of Life

Randy Miller:   Find Your When

Alexia Melocchi:   Little Studio Films

Dr. Alan Keyes:   Let's Talk America

Clyde Cleveland:   FREE Common Sense Summit

235 LIVE: Mindset Event, The Best Hair, Breathing Exercises, Your Ultimate Life, Motivation, Illegal Alien Network of Sleeper Cells, Going Back To God Summit + Special Guests – CHRISTIE HUTCHERSON of Women Fighting For America & DR. MIKE SPAULDING of the Go Therefore Conference

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ Personal Growth

Lynn Power:   Masami Haircare

Himanish Goel:   Meditation Techniques

Virginia Prodan:   Personal Victory Coach

Eli Marcus:   Host of The Motivation Show

Christie Hutcherson:   Women Fighting For America

Dr. Mike Spaulding:   Pastor & Talk Radio Show Host

234 LIVE:  Hypnosis, Selling Tech, Money Tips, Scalar Energy, Surprise Medical Bills, Save America, Religious Persecution + Special Guests Darlene Swaffar - America First Candidate For Congress in Florida’s District 22 & Pastor Artur Pawlowski – The Canadian Faith & Freedom Fighter of Street Church Ministries

Michael Mezmer:   Hypnotherapist

Joseph Fung:   Uvaro

Damari Gold:   Damari Gold Consulting

Tom Paladino:   Scalar Light

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Darlene Swaffar:   Candidate For Congress - Florida #22

Pastor Artur Pawlowski:   Street Church Ministries

233 LIVE:  Virtual Assistants, The Border Crisis, Community Support, Take Action Items, America Today, Patriotic Gear, Precinct Committeemen + SPECIAL GUEST –  STEPHEN STERN of The Flag Shirt Apparel Company

Sophie Zollmann:   SophieZo Virtually

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Michele Swinick:   Take Action Items - BLC

Michaela Cox:   My Heartfelt Meditations

Stephen Stern:   The Flag Shirt

232 LIVE:  After Domestic Abuse, Health & Wellness, Client Avatars, Spirit Medium, Success Mindset, Arizona Border Crisis  + SPECIAL GUEST – TIM FOLEY of Arizona Border Recon

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium Daniel

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Tim Foley:   Arizona Border Recon

231 LIVE:  ShameGuilt Healing, Monetizing Podcasts, America Today, Celebrity Charity Event, Identity Shift, Arizona Civic Action & Political Updates + SPECIAL GUESTS – MERISSA HAMILTON of & Arizona State Representative JOSEPH CHAPLIK - LD23

230 LIVE:  Prophetic Counsel, Sales Tips Made Easy, Covid19 Facts, The Vaccine & Your Health + SPECIAL GUEST – DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP - Truth Teller & Freedom Fighter!

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Road To Hope

Judy Hoberman:   Selling In A Skirt

Dr. Christiane Northrup:

229 LIVE:  Business Reboot, Save America, Social Media VA’s, Motivation, Detox From Covid Tests, Border Crisis Help + SPECIAL GUEST – MIKE MILLER - Warriors For Ranchers

Drew Stevens:   Stevens Performance Group

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union

Nichole Howson:   AIM Social Media Marketing

Eli Marcus:   The Motivation Show

Cherie Calbom:   The Juice Lady

Mike Miller:   Warriors For Ranchers

228 LIVE:  Motivation, Fastest Math Tutor, Video Making Tips, Connecting With Nature, Faith & God, Moms For America, FEC United + SPECIAL GUEST – CINDY CHAFIAN

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion - Video Marketing

JoAnne Sullam:   DayDreams Studio

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Cindy Chafian:   Moms For America & FEC United

227 LIVE: Stopping The Arizona Border Crisis, Mindset, Relationships, Veterans, Civic Action Made Easy + SPECIAL GUESTS – PATTY CASTILLO PORTER & MERISSA HAMILTON

226 LIVE: Community & Nonprofits, Business Growth, Overcoming Anxiety, Fighting For Our Rights + SPECIAL GUESTS – ATTORNEY THOMAS RENZ "America's Attorney"

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Thomas Renz:   Renz Law

225 LIVE: Branding, Life Coach, Abuse In Schools, Community, Border Crisis, Business & Your Growth + SPECIAL GUESTS – SHERIFF MARK DANNELS - Cochise County, AZ & DEBORAH PETERS

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Hashtag Expert - Profitable Shenanigans

Sheriff Mark Dannels:   Cochise County, AZ

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

224 LIVE: Your Well-Being, Cause Marketing, Increase Profits, Healthcare, High Vibration  + SPECIAL GUEST – RANDY MILLER

Randy Miller:   Find Your When

Kay McDonald:   Charity Charms

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Tessa Stowe:   Live In High Vibration

223 LIVE:  Websites, Nutrition, Spirit Medium, Your Best Hair, Purpose, Covid Facts & The Plandemic + SPECIAL GUEST – DR. BRYAN ARDIS

Dominique Jones:   Domo Jones Brand Consultant

Jackie Phillips:   Wellness Expert

Daniel Jackson:   Spirit Medium

Lynn Power:   Masami Premium Haircare

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Purpose Strategist & Spiritual Leader

Dr. Bryan Ardis:   Ardis Labs

222 LIVE:  Connection, Your Body, Potential, Business Leads, Nonprofits, Exposing The Vatican & The Great Reset, Illegal Alien Hotels in Phoenix, Arizona + SPECIAL GUESTS – LEO ZAGAMI & PATTY CASTILLO PORTER

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Russ Yeager:  Body Transformation University

Jeff Steinberg:   Motivational Speaker - The Tiny Giant

Kevin Padillo:   Leadz On Demand

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Leo Zagami:   Host of The Leo Zagami Show

Patty Castillo Porter:   Arizona Grassroots Group

221 LIVE: Self Care, Racism, Get Involved, Take Action, Fitness, Passion & Purpose, Domestic Abuse + Special Guests – JOSHUA BERGLAN & ORSIKA JULIA

Maxine Willocks:   Natural Self Care

Darrell Neely:   Co-Host of "Black & White"

Michele Swinick:   TAKE ACTION TAB - Everything Home

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Joshua Berglan:   Live Mana Worldwide

Orsika Julia:   Out of the Quicksand

220 LIVE:  Digital Marketing, Angel Families & Moms, Mindset, Faith, Branding, Liberty  + Special Guests – JASON DAVIS - RECALL Arizona House Speaker Rino Rusty Bowers

Debbie Saviano:  Women's Leadership LIVE

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Craig Siegel:   Mindset & Personal Development Coach

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Jason Davis:   Don't Tread On Liberty Podcast

219 LIVE:  Business Growth, Pro-Life, Be Victorious, Passion, Domestic Abuse, Arizona Take Action & Updates + Special Guests – JENNY JACKSON & AZ REP JOSEPH CHAPLIK

Steve Sipress:   WOW! Strategy - Small Business Expert

Elouise Nathaniel:   LifeMore Abundantly

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Joshua Berglan:   Live Mana Worldwide Foundation

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Jenny Jackson:   Arizona Stands United

Joseph Chaplik:   Arizona State Representative (LD 23)

218 LIVE: Shame Healing, Travel, Outsourcing, Family Coach, Business ReBoot, Arizona Women of Action, GOP Red Roots Arizona + Special Guests – KIM MILLER & SHELLEY KAIS

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Healing

Andrea Overend:   Dream Vacations - Personalized Travel

Sophie Zollmann:   SophieZo Virtually

Dr. Cam Caswell:   Psychologist & Family Success Coach

217 LIVE: Math Tutor, Masterminds, Video Marketing, Hashtags, Wildlife, Addiction & Recovery + Special Guest - MELISSA HURAY - Lindell Recovery Network

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity

Randy Kirk:

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion Video Marketing

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

JoAnne Sullam:   Evolution of a Wild Heart

Melissa Huray:   Lindell Recovery Network

216 LIVE: Hypnosis, After Domestic Abuse, Business Growth, Hollywood Movies, Women Power, Border + Special Guest - CHRISTIE HUTCHERSON - Women Fighting For America

Michael Mezmer:   Hypnotherapy Expert

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

215 LIVE: Sheriffs, Military Women, Cause Marketing, Divorce, Online Growth + Special Guest - DR. CORDIE WILLIAMS - 1776 Forever Free

Sheriff Mark Lamb:   Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ

Amanda Huffman:   Women of the Military Podcast

Kay McDonald:   CEO of Charity Charms

Karen McMahon:   Journey Beyond Divorce

Harrison Baron:   Growth Generators

Dr. Cordie Williams:   1776 Forever Free

214 LIVE: Commercial Real Estate, Automate Your Business, Multifamily Syndication, Racism, Covid Facts + Special Guest - DR. PAM POPPER - Make Americans Free Again

Pam Goodwin:   Goodwin Commercial Properties

Brendan McCauley:   HL Mastery

Joshua Ferrari:   Ferrari Capital

213 LIVE: Hate For Jews, Take Action, Fitness + Special Guests - Congresswoman MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE - America First & DR. LARRY PALEVSKY - Covid Propaganda & The Truth

212 LIVE: Entrepreneurs, Motivation, Covid19 & The Great Reset Summit Recap, Lose Weight + Special Guest - TOMI COLLINS - America Restored

211 LIVE: Life Coach, Increase Profits, Best Life, Travel Tips, Business Growth + Special Guests - DAN PERKINS & DARRELL NEELY - Black & White

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Steve Sipress:   Small Business Help

Virginia Prodan:  Personal Victory Coach

April Bielefeldt:   Your Photo Travel Guide

Brian Elam:  Dream Biz Coaching

Dan Perkins & Darrell Neely:  Hosts of Black & White

210 LIVE: The Border, Be An Expert, Self Promotion, Faith, Biblical Healing & Special Guest - ANN VANDERSTEEL - Steel Truth

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Richard Matthews:   The Hero Maker

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Take Action Tab

Sharon Gulley:   Beautiful Expectations of Faith

Rev. Ed Brodrick:   The Road To Hope

Ann Vandersteel:   The Steel Truth

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209 LIVE: Business Growth, Local Politics, MAGA, Public Relations, Branding Tips + SCOTT MCKAY - Patriot StreetFighter

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Michal Joyner:   Palo Verde Republican Women

Timothy Shea:   MAGA Institute

Jennifer Charlton:   Charlton Communications

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Scott McKay:   Patriot StreetFighter

208 LIVE: Being Connected, Cannabis, Author In You + MARIA ZACK - Exposing Italy Gate In The 2020 Election Fraud!

Host of the FREE "DEFEND THE VOTE" Online Summit

May 2 at 6pm to 9pm ET


207 LIVE: World Wide Real Estate, Fitness & Inspiration, Take Action Patriots, Defend America & Motivation

Molly Faulkner:   Real Estate Expert

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Take Action Tab

Raj Doraisamy:   Defend Our Union

Eli Marcus:   Host of The Motivation Show

206 LIVE: Domestic Abuse, Save America, Healing, Pregnancy, CloutHub CEO

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Take Action Tab

Lois Hollis:   Soulspeaks Method of Healing

Elouise Nathaniel:  LifeMore Abundantly

Jeff Brain:  CloutHub Social Media Platform

205 LIVE: Positive Movies, Parenting Teens, Math Tutor, Wellness, Iconic Women

Alexia Melocchi:  Little Studio Films

Dr. Cam Caswell:  Adolescent Psychologist & Family Coach

Don Sevcik:   Math Celebrity Tutor

Michele Bolona:   Art of Wellth Podcast

Dawn Bostick:   Iconic Women Podcast

204 LIVE: Hypnotherapy, Hashtags, Hire Gen Z, Your Finances, Truthful Current Events *SPECIAL GUEST - RAJ DORAISAMY - DEFEND OUR VOTE ONLINE SUMMIT 5/2*

Michael Mezmer:   CovidNosis Hypnotherapy

Tami-Girl Linnan:   Profitable Shenanigans

Hannah Williams:   Gen Z Expert

Debra Ohstrom:   14 Day Financial Fitness Challenge

Michelle Winder:   LIVE @ FIVE Unredacted Truth

Host of the FREE "TRUTH OVER FEAR" Covid19 & The Great Reset Online Summit

3 Day Event:  May 7 To May 9


203 LIVE: Online Business, Entrepreneurs, Neuro Science, Video Marketing, American Dream *SPECIAL GUEST - PATRICK COFFIN - TRUTH OVER FEAR COVID19 & THE GREAT RESET ONLINE SUMMIT 5/7-5/9*

Shane Sams:   Flipped Lifestyle

Don Long:  Peak Performance Entrepreneur Coach

Deborah Peters:  Neuro Engineering Institute

Taylor Wellman:  Video Marketing Expert

Mike Patel:  Successful Hotel Owner - La Quinta

202 LIVE: Motivation, Holistic Interiors, Wildlife, Faith, Human Trafficking

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Barbara Kaplan:   Design Dimensions

JoAnn Sullam:   Evolution of a Wild Heart

Pastor Greg Young:   Chosen Generation Radio

Mitzi Perdue:  Win This Fight Nonprofit

201 LIVE: Caregivers, Spirituality, Transformation, Take Action, Mom Connections

Betsy Wurzel:   Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Michaela Cox:   My Heartfelt Meditations

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB!

Amelia Mora Mars:  #1 Community For Moms

200 LIVE: Your Purpose, Clay Clark's Health & Freedom Event - Take Action To Save America & Yourself, Family Life Coach

Michael Levy:   Point of Life Talk Show

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB!

Sara Bradford:   The SJ Childs Show

199 LIVE: Social Media, World Wide Real Estate, Business Growth Tips, Veteran Therapy, Take Action To Save America & Yourself

Katie Brinkley:   Next Step Social Communication 

Molly Faulkner:  International Real Estate

Steve Sims:   Business Coach & Speaker

Josh Grzywa:  Deep Sea Valkyries

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - TAKE ACTION!

198 LIVE: Grow Your Business, Support Your Community, The Border, Coronavirus FACTS!

Don Long:   Peak Performance Consultant

Jason Bressler:   Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Moms

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home - Covid FACTS!

197 LIVE: Faith, Being Connected, Life/Work Balance, Branding, Helping Sick Kids

Sharon Gulley:   Beautiful Expectations of Faith

Bill Ranshaw:   The Connected Being

Susan Stutzel:   Female Entrepreneur Leadership Coach

Jaris Tucker:   Real One On One Consulting

Jan Rogers:   Dreammakers For Life

196 LIVE: Personal Growth, Your Potential, Fitness, Biz Growth, Take Action

Randy Miller:   WHEN Enterprises

Virginia Prodan:   Victory Coach

Fitz Koehler:   Fitzness International

Joe Pardo:   Profit Growth Strategist

Michele Swinick:   Everything Home

195 LIVE: MasterMinds, The Border, Transformation, Local Politics, Neuroscience

Randy Kirk:

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

Clifton Pettyjohn:   Purpose Strategist

Dan Schultz:   Precinct Committeemen Project's Blog

Deborah Peters:   Neuro Engineering Institute

194 LIVE: Breakthroughs, Become A Mom, Abuse Recovery, Cannabis, Author In You

Karin Weiri:   Insights Counseling Center

Emma Burton:   The Soul Baby Program

Orsika Julia:   Out Of The Quicksand

Dan Perkins:   Host of America's Cannabis Conversation

Jeremy Sutton:   Book Boss Publishing

193 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Personal & Business Coaching - ALL STAR TEAM

Brian Elam:   Dream Biz Coaching

Super Joe Pardo:   Profit Growth Strategist for Small Biz

Randy Miller:  WHEN - Personal Growth & Wellness

192 LIVE: Smart Storage, Stand Out Now, Motivation, Cause Marketing, Facts & TAKE ACTION Items To Save America & YOU!

Dee Dee Niedzwiecki:   LuxePak

Dolores Hirschmann:   Advance Your Reach

Terry Tucker:   Motivational Check

Kay McDonald:  Charity Charms

Michele Swinick:  Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB

191 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Personal & Business Coaching - ALL STARS

Clay Clark:   Host of the ThriveTime Show

Toni McLelland:   1st Life Consultancy Group

Judy Hoberman:   Selling In A Skirt

190 LIVE: Branding, Relationships, Video Marketing, Business Mentor, TAKE ACTION Tips To Save America & YOU!

Jaris Tucker:  Real One On One Consulting

Dr. Chloe Carmichael:

Taylor Wellman:   Financial Potion

Toni McLelland:  1st Life Consultancy Group

Michele Swinick:  Everything Home - TAKE ACTION TAB

189 LIVE: Math Tutor, Animal Spirit, Children's Books, Mom Connections, Faith & God

Don Sevick:   Math Celebrity Tutor Program

JoAnne Sullam:   Artist - Evolution Of A Wild Heart

Gloria Hass:   Picture Story Books For Children

Amelia Mora Mars:   #1 Community For Moms

Pastor Greg Young:   Host Of Chosen Generation Radio

188 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Business & Marketing Success - ALL STAR TEAM

Preston Weekes:   Formula EQ

Debbie Saviano:   Women's Leadership Live

Steve Sipress:   Small Biz Help

187 LIVE: End Abuse, Personal Growth, AZ Recalls, Your Best You, Wealth Building

Sherry Savage:   Unbroken Cycle of Abuse

Randy Miller:   WHEN Enterprises

Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance

Pete Lonton:   Fire In The Belly

Paul Vann:  Wealth Building Academy & Podcast

186 LIVE: MARCH MASKLESS MADNESS - Business & Marketing Success - ALL STAR TEAM

Matt Yahes:   Extend Your Team

Randy Kirk:

Don Long:  Transformation For Entrepreneurs

185 LIVE: Coronavirus FACTS, Business Tips, Angel Families, Spirituality, Finance Coach

Michael Levy:  Host of the Point of Life Talk Show

Steve Sipress:   The WOW! Strategy for Biz Owners

Mary Ann Mendoza:   Angel Families & Angel Moms

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