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Good People doing Good Business and Good Things

#127: Americans For Limited Government - You Couldn't Be More Opposite Than Biden

We're in jeopardy of losing the America we know and love...FOREVER!Β  You've heard the upcoming election is the "most important in our history" and this time, it really is.Β  Donald J. Trump is the only choice to prevent the Democrats and radical left from taking away your freedoms and bringing Socialism to your daily lives. Rick explains the pursuit of the American Dream, how to SAVE our amazing country and more importantly, WHY she's worth saving!

#126:Β  The Truth About The Coronavirus CON With Clay Clark - Author Of Fear Unmasked

EVERYTHING you've been told about the Coronavirus is a LIE! Clay gives 8 quick important points in only 5 minutes to reveal the TRUTH.Β  The original models to determine the lockdowns were WRONG. Death counts are WRONG.Β  Tests were created to be WRONG.Β  There ARE treatments if you get sick.Β  Bottom line...It's all about implementing a Plan & Censorship.Β Β Listen, Learn & Tell Your Friends!

#119:Β  It's Time To Flatten The Fear & Re-Open America With The Job Creators Network

Elaine Parker - CCO of the Job Creators Network

Our nation is slowly opening up, but more than half of the country is paralyzed by fear of the virus, which the media created with lies, distortion & agendas.Β  β€œWe can isolate the few & protect the many instead of isolating the many to protect the few. If we don’t, sadly we will have more victims of Covid-19 who never have the virus."Β  Β 

#117:Β  Masks Are Bad But Living Emotionally Naked Is Good With Shemeka Michelle

As the world is being encouraged to wear masks physically, more people than ever before are also wearing them emotionally. That lifestyle lead her to severe depression & on the brink of suicide

#116:Β  Life After Coronavirus - Liabilities, Litigation, Lifestyle & Lysol - The Massi Memo

"The current state of affairs" and why every American needs to be concerned about their civil liberties and rights.

#114:Β  Small Business Paycheck Program & How To Survive With Expert Gene Marks

Small Business, Grants, Loans, #PPP and how to navigate the next several months to keep your business alive on the "other side"

#113:Β  Founder Of The #WalkAway Campaign - Brandon Straka

Discusses his social movement to encourage people to leave the Democratic party while bringing a new awareness to the reality of politics in America today.

#112:Β  Billionaire Philanthropist Foster Friess - An Inspirational Interview

An intimate interview with a Patriotic Billionaire about faith, business, politics & philanthropy

#111:Β  Superman Dean Cain To The Rescue! An Entertaining Non-Corona Conversation

Uplifting, Inspirational & Funny Stories from a Class Act who's an Actor, Filmmaker, Patriot & of course...Superman

#97:Β  Can Your Past Stop You From Living A Prosperous, Fulfilled Life? #HerRhythm

Nyn discusses her new book about overcoming the hardest challenges many of us face.Β  And, YES - You ARE more than your survival story!