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What's Really Going On Behind The Scenes In America - Inside Scoop, The Great Awakening, Return To God, Election Fraud 2020 - The Truth.  Michelle received a calling from God in March of 2020 to put her very successful Rock Your Red Carpet, speaking, coaching & consulting company to the side and deliver the TRUTH to the American People.  After the Fraudulent Election in 2020, another layer of Truth was added to her show and her verified “sources” multiplied.  She’s been a leader in breaking scoop and delivering hope, inspiration and FACTS to the masses.  You can watch her Facebook show daily at 5pm PT https://www.facebook.com/michelle.winder.92

Pastor David Scarlett of His Glory and Prophet Amanda Grace of Ark Of Grace Ministries are our special guests to discuss The Great Awakening, their popular show “Grace & Glory”, return to religion, current events, prophecies & more!

Our nation has accepted the language of the left & as a result, America was afraid to talk about Freedom, afraid to talk about the issues that mattered to us culturally. They were then able to take a hold on our culture & begin to push out ideas that were contrary to our founding. If we're afraid to express our beliefs as Christians, then we are not Christians. We're not going to win the debate with the left using the old model of complaining & shutting down the dialogue by calling them stupid. Their book provides a new approach & framework for how use our voices in an effective way.

We're in jeopardy of losing the America we know and love...FOREVER!  You've heard the upcoming election is the "most important in our history" and this time, it really is.  Donald J. Trump is the only choice to prevent the Democrats and radical left from taking away your freedoms and bringing Socialism to your daily lives. Rick explains the pursuit of the American Dream, how to SAVE our amazing country and more importantly, WHY she's worth saving!

#126 - CLAY CLARK - The TRUTH About The Coronavirus

EVERYTHING you've been told about the Coronavirus is a LIE! Clay gives 8 quick important points in only 5 minutes to reveal the TRUTH.  The original models to determine the lockdowns were WRONG. Death counts are WRONG.  Tests were created to be WRONG.  There ARE treatments if you get sick.  Bottom line...It's all about implementing a Plan & Censorship.  Listen, Learn & Tell Your Friends!

#125:  Angel Families & Moms - The Forgotten Victims of When Illegal Aliens Kill with Mary Ann Mendoza

Since September 11th, 2001, over 63,000 Americans have been killed by illegal alien criminals in the US. The families of the victims of crime committed by these illegal aliens are called Angel Families. Mary Ann’s son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa, Arizona Police Department, was one of them.  She’s now become the voice for Angel Families in the political arena & provides needed support through the organization she founded.

#124:  Success Tips For Business And Life From Family Business Queen Mitzi Perdue - PART 2

Mitzi gets very personal and shares her struggles, faults, insecurities and even her stuttering disability. She describes her actions taken to overcome all of this to become the successful woman she is today. It's also a reminder that growing up in the shadow of a famous family isn't all that it's cracked up to be and how important it is to establish your own identity. Her experiences provide inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

#123:  Success Tips For Business And Life From Family Business Queen Mitzi Perdue - PART 1

Her father was President & Co-Founder of the Sheraton Hotel Chain, her husband was Frank Perdue of the infamous Perdue Chicken Farms & she founded CERES Farms in 1974-which is now one of the larger producers of wine grapes in CA. Her iconic dynasty connections provides unlimited personal stories, professional tips & an incredible perspective.

#122:  Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen - The Secret To Life Is . . . ASKing!

Two people who have inspired and transformed tens of millions of people with their messages, personalities, and passions.  They have combined their talents and co-wrote the book ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny.  Mark & Crystal explain how to practice the art and science of ASKing to change everything in your life. Transform your dreams into your destiny. Tune in to this episode to learn all about how you can start to move toward it!

#121:  Alec Stern - Small Business Advice - Staring Up, Surviving & Thriving

America's Start Up Success Expert and the Co-Founder of Constant Contact, provides numerous invaluable marketing strategies, including how to: Stay in front of your followers so you're always their first choice, Navigate through this current pandemic, Tools every business can't live without, How to begin a conversation with a prospect and much more.  His insights are so motivational and inspirational that you'll want to listen to this episode more than once.

#120:  The Misleading Media Says COVID Is Surging & To Stay Home - Here's The Truth

Dr. Jane Orient - Internist & Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Recent headlines about the new daily cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. are scary, with Arizona painted as one of the most dangerous states and worst hot spots in the country for COVID-19. However, first-hand information from a few people, the experts and The FACTS, doesn’t seem to match what we read in the headlines.

#119:  It's Time To Flatten The Fear & Re-Open America With The Job Creators Network

Elaine Parker - CCO of the Job Creators Network

Our nation is slowly opening up, but more than half of the country is paralyzed by fear of the virus, which the media created with lies, distortion & agendas.  “We can isolate the few & protect the many instead of isolating the many to protect the few. If we don’t, sadly we will have more victims of Covid-19 who never have the virus."   


Ken Estin is an Emmy Award Winning veteran comedy writer and was the showrunner of Cheers, Taxi and creator of The Tracy Ullman Show.  Paula Finn is the author of Sitcom Writers Talk Shop: Behind The Scenes With Carl Reiner, Norman Lear, James L. Brooks and Other Geniuses of TV Comedy. Her father, Herbert Finn, wrote such classics as The Honeymooners, The Flintstones and Gilligan's Island

#117:  Masks Are Bad But Living Emotionally Naked Is Good With Shemeka Michelle

As the world is being encouraged to wear masks physically, more people than ever before are also wearing them emotionally. That lifestyle lead her to severe depression & on the brink of suicide

#114:  Small Business Paycheck Program & How To Survive With Expert Gene Marks

Small Business, Grants, Loans, #PPP and how to navigate the next several months to keep your business alive on the "other side"

#1015:  MICHELE'S ONE MINUTE MONEY SHOT:  #WalkAway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka


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#113:  Founder Of The #WalkAway Campain - Brandon Straka

Discusses his social movement to encourage people to leave the Democratic party while bringing a new awareness to the reality of politics in America today.

#112:  Billionaire Philanthropist Foster Friess - An Inspirational Interview

An intimate interview with a Patriotic Billionaire about faith, business, politics & philanthropy

#1013:  MICHELE'S ONE MINUTE MONEY SHOT:  Superman Dean Cain Celebrates The REAL Superheroes

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#111:  Superman Dean Cain To The Rescue! An Entertaining Non-Corona Conversation

Uplifting, Inspirational & Funny Stories from a Class Act who's an Actor, Filmmaker, Patriot & of course...Superman

TRIBUTE - The Bob Massi Foundation

Bob Massi "The Property Man" & Fox News Legal Analyst

Just a few wise words of wisdom from a great man, our Expert Contributor & a dear friend.  Bob's engaging personality and vast amount of knowledge will be missed.  He passed in February of 2019.


#8:  Bob Massi "The Property Man" & Fox News Legal Analyst & Michele Swinick - Founder of Helping The People

WE'VE TAKEN OUR SHOW ON THE ROAD...to RADIO!  960am "The Patriot" KKNT Phoenix - "Arizona Real Estate Matters", Michele discusses Helping The People's "Support Our Veterans" program.  Bob Massi discusses what's going on nationwide and what you need to know when buying a home & hiring a Realtor.