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Hosted by Michele Swinick . . . "The Queen of Quality Content"

Welcome to our world.ย ย Be preparedโ€ฆGREAT things are about to happen!

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We believe in Partnerships - Promotion & Relationships.ย 

To make an even greater impact, weโ€™ve created a Patriotic, Purpose Driven Resource Platform, with trustworthy and useful resources so you can โ€œDo Somethingโ€ to enhance the quality of your life, the lives of others, listen to helpful information, learn from respected experts, grow your business, discover vetted nonprofits, and be confident that the professionals, companies, organizations and individuals (our Members) are reliable, deliver quality content, provide exceptional products and services, and support the values that make America GREAT!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.ย  Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."ย  -ย  Lao Tzu

Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network & Marketplace

This platform showcases and promotes businesses, nonprofits, corporations, organizations, and individuals who are purpose driven, believe in the American Dream, are pro-capitalism, have products that are "Made in America," celebrate success, support nonprofit organizations, give back to the community, and promote trustworthy nonprofit and charitable organizations through our Promos For A Purpose Program. We also include those who list their products and services on our Marketplace. And did you know that our Marketplace donates 2% - 20% of your total purchase to our charitable movement, which financially helps (and is called)The Marketplace concept takes community-powered philanthropy to the next level by letting people like you donate to worthy causes. You will make donations just by being conscious of your choices and buying decisions.

Our Referral Network Partners and their support of our Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform also helps us in expanding our outreach while ensuring that our listeners will continue to experience quality content to enhance the quality of their lives, give them more professional, personal and financial freedom, and our favorite โ€“ Promote Patriotism!

So please listen to their episodes, visit their websites or follow them on social media, and learn more about Who they are, What they do, and WHYย they do it!

We're proud to promote and support the Members ofย the Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network & Marketplace,ย and we hope you will, too.

Please remember our Partners and our Resource Platform whenever you need quality content, products, services, or you just want to meet and support some...

Good People ๐Ÿ˜‡ doing Good Business ๐Ÿ’ธ & Good Things ๐Ÿ‘

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โœ”ย  Designation as aย Partner/Patriotย with branded certification seal

โœ”ย  Listing on ourย ReOpen America Resource Centerย website (potential for multiple locations)

โœ”ย  Your product/service listed on ourย Marketplaceย website (donation campaign partners only)

โœ”ย  Introduction to our Partners & Patriots through an email and social media campaign and Personal Intro to any of your choosing

โœ”ย  Inclusion in our Partners & Patriots monthly networking newsletter

โœ”ย  Participation in our exclusive Partners & Patriots networking events

โœ”ย  Your current campaigns/promotions/events listed on ourย Platform & promoted (Live Events & Virtual Events pages) - as you provide them

โœ”ย  Opportunity for frequent collaboration and unlimited joint promotion campaigns

โœ”ย  Open lines of communication for marketing, promotion and networking support

โœ”ย  Ongoing referrals through our multiple networking efforts and campaigns

โœ”ย  Nonprofits to be enrolled in our Virtual Volunteer Program & will be recipients of our Donation campaign through our Marketplace (must serve Veterans, Animals, Children or Freedom "Vets-Pets-Kids & Freedom!"

โœ”ย  Personal introduction to our strategic partners hosting podcasts and talk radio shows

โœ”ย  Reoccurring appearances on ourย Talk Radio Show & Podcast -ย Everything Home

โœ”ย  We continually promote you through social media, print and online publications, our podcast, guest podcast/radio appearances, newsletters, all members, referrals & more

โœ”ย  PRESS RELEASE:ย  Your name & company included in our monthly press release to announce your membership in our platform

โœ”ย  A 7 minute LIVE Talk Radio Show Segment

  • PARTNERS = Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Organizations, Nonprofits, Corporations
  • PATRIOTS = Individuals
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To become a Partner or Patriot, we ask you please do the following:

โœ”ย  ย LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE our posts on social media

โœ”ย  ย Promote Our Marketplace - on social media, in your newsletters, on your website, by word of mouth, at your events, etc.

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โœ”ย  ย Remember to visit the Everything Home Socially Conscious Marketplace when wanting to BUY products & services so 2% to 20% of your Total Purchase is DONATED to our Nonprofit Partners supporting "Vets-Pets-Kids & Freedom!"

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