125: Angel Families & Moms – The Forgotten Victims Of When Illegal Aliens Kill With Mary Ann Mendoza

EH 125 | Angel Families


Since September 11th, 2001, over 63,000 Americans have been killed by illegal alien criminals in the US. The families of the victims of crime committed by these illegal aliens are called Angel Families. Mary Ann Mendoza’s son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa, Arizona Police Department, was killed on May 12th, 2014 in a violent head-on collision on his way home from work. The killer was a repeat criminal illegal immigrant, drunk driving in the wrong lane. On today’s show, Mary Ann talks with Michele Swinick about the accident and how she’s become the voice for Angel Families in the political arena through the organization she founded.

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Angel Families & Moms – The Forgotten Victims Of When Illegal Aliens Kill With Mary Ann Mendoza

This is one of our more serious topics but a very important one. The interesting thing is you don’t hear a lot about it. They’re the forgotten victims in our country. My special guest is Mary Ann Mendoza, the Founder of Angel Families and Angel Moms. Our topic is Angel Families and Moms: The Forgotten Victims of When Illegal Aliens Kill. Mary Ann created Angel Families and Angel Moms after her son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa Arizona Police Department, was killed on May 12, 2014 in a violent head-on collision on his way home from work. The killer was a repeat criminal illegal alien. He had driven 35 miles the wrong way on four different freeways going 100 miles an hour. He was over three times the legal limit for drinking and very high on meth. Angel Families and Angel Moms is an organic group of actual victims and families of victims of illegal alien crime in our country.

They fight legislation together and are here to comfort each other in times of need. A little bit about Mary Ann, you’ve probably seen her on television over the years. She’s also an advisory board member of Women for Trump and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. She’s been a speaker at numerous Trump rallies, CNN and Fox Town Halls, and The Republican National Convention in 2016. She was a guest on Fox News and Fox Business. She participated in many discussions at the White House. She testified at Senator Thom Tillis’ senate hearing in December 2019. President Trump selected Mary Ann to be the voice of American Angel Families regarding immigration reform in the White House. The reason I wanted to give you all this information is because, as I mentioned at the beginning, we don’t hear about this topic a lot.

Mary Ann is trying to make a difference. She’s very active even in the legislation and the political side. I want to make her role clear so you can understand that she’s not just somebody with an idea who wants to do something. There’s a lot of action involved here. Mary Ann, I want to welcome you to the show and to our Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform. Everything that you’re doing is exactly what we stand for. I apologize for telling that story as I’m sure it’s something that you don’t necessarily want to relive, but it’s important for people to understand where all this came from. How are you?

I’m doing great. Thank you for having me on. I appreciate it.

I’ve seen you for years. I’d been wanting to have you on and with all the events that’s happening, the time is now. Tell us about your son, Brandon, and a few things about yourself and the organization, then we’ll talk about some specifics from there. There’s much to go over.

Brandon was an incredible son. He was the third of my four children. He knew from a very early age that he wanted to be a police officer. He never went to parties or did anything during high school that would possibly make it hard for him to become a police officer. He took a job during high school as a security guard at Target and was highly regarded in the western United States. He was the biggest guy who busted people in Target stealing things and what not. He went on to a police assistant job because he applied for the Police Academy after high school and they told him he was too young. He took a job as a police assistant and then went on to Animal Control because they told him, for the second time, that he was too young, and then they finally accepted him into the Academy.

He was the youngest candidate ever allowed into the Academy at that point. When he graduated from the Academy, it was a very special time in his life. He always wanted to make a difference in his community. He wanted to be a modern-day beat cop and a few years before his death, the police chief put him in charge of an area in South Mesa that had a park in the middle of the community and it had been overrun by drug dealers and homeless people. You never saw anybody down at the park enjoying themselves. Brandon took it upon himself to go door to door. He introduced himself to everybody in the neighborhood, cleaned up the park, and got the drug dealers out of there. He got homeless people to shelters and situated the families if he could.

He went over and above, and started working with the City of Mesa Code Enforcement. He had some of the apartment owners in there making habitable places for people more up to par.  He worked with the Mesa Parks & Recreation and they redid the whole park. They had all new playground equipment and security cameras put up. When he would get off duty, mothers would invite him in for dinner and he would buy gifts for children in the area whose parents couldn’t afford Christmas for them. He would go to the park on his days off and play kickball with the kids, and get them pizza or ice cream. He had an annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Boys & Girls Club because he knew the people down in the area couldn’t sometimes afford a nice Thanksgiving dinner. He did a lot for his community.

On May 11, 2014, it was Mother’s Day and we had spent the day together. He went on duty, came over here for dinner and then he left. He said he’ll come back for dessert. He called me and said, “I can’t come back. We’re pretty busy tonight.” At 1:00 in the morning when he was on his way home from work is when this repeat illegal criminal smashed head-on into him, going over 100 miles an hour. I got the call at about 3:00 in the morning from a fellow police officer who was also in the National Guard. He said, “Brandon has been in a bad accident.” I said, “I’ve got to go.” I kept trying to call his cell phone and he wasn’t answering. I was beside myself and then the dreaded door knock came and it was the Mesa Police Department. They took me down to the Maricopa County Hospital. He was in surgery and about 45 minutes after I arrived there, the surgeon came out to tell me that Brandon had succumbed to his injuries. It was the day that forever changed my life.

I was unaware of the magnitude of crimes that illegals commit in our country and the number of American citizens that are killed. Since 9/11, over 63,000 Americans have been killed by illegal criminals in our country. That is more than the Vietnam War and that is on our homeland. This is something that our politicians continually ignore. I was appalled when I found this all out. I wrote two letters to President Barack Obama with no response from him. I didn’t get a call from Senator Jeff Flake, who was our Senator at that time, nor did I get a call from Senator McCain. It was a blip on the radar and it made me realize that Americans are becoming collateral damage and our politicians could care less.

As time has gone on, the realization of the fight and the protection that our politicians, city officials and county officials provide for illegal criminals in our country has pissed me off because every single day, there is a new member of Angel Families. There are 5 to 10 new Americans killed every single day. There are hundreds of thousands of American victims every year of rape, assault, identity theft, hit and runs. The crime list and the number of people who are affected by this are astronomical. I realized the impact that my son had made not only with the loss of him in our family, but the loss of him to our community. The community reached out to me and I was getting messages from people of the things that my son had done for people.

I thought that I can never let my son’s memory be lost. He inspired me to do something about this. This is what you will hear from most Angel Families who speak up because there are many Angel Families who do not want to speak up and who don’t have it in them. Maybe it’s not in their personality or they don’t have the time because they have jobs and young families that they’re still raising. The ones who do speak out say, “Nothing will ever bring my son back, but hopefully something I say or do, will prevent another American mother from having experienced the pain of loss that I have.”

The American Sheriff’s Association says there are 25 Americans killed every day by illegals in our country. The pro-illegal groups fight that tooth and nail because they don’t want those statistics to get out there. Most of the liberal politicians in this country will not recognize an Angel Mom or an Angel Dad when we go to DC to try and talk to them. The only person that’s met with me was Congressman Kennedy from Massachusetts. He met with me but it couldn’t be on the record. I couldn’t have any pictures taken with him. He argued with me that illegals deserve these jobs. There are agricultural and high-tech jobs in Massachusetts that Americans can’t fill. We had a pretty robust argument about that.

EH 125 | Angel Families

I said, “We’re giving free college tuition to illegals in our country. What would happen if you gave that free college education to Americans to be able to fill those jobs?” These politicians want to give free everything to illegals and they overlook American citizens. I have a fellow Angel Mom who is a member of the Black Voices for Trump Coalition. She’s told me that they know that they’ve lost Black America as a voting base and they are going after illegals. This is why they are fighting so hard for illegals in this country because they know they will be voting for liberals because of all the promises of the free stuff. They’ve been promising the Black communities the same stuff for decades and nothing has ever come of it. It’s a pretty sad situation we’ve got in our country.

I find it interesting that the only political official that decided to meet with you wanted to argue and not solve a problem. It sounds like he wanted to hear himself talking and let you know that he’s in charge, and your message and your passion for Americans mean nothing as opposed to wanting to at least get some information or maybe try to do something. That says a lot.

When I first met with him, I showed him a picture of Grant Ronnebeck who was killed here in Mesa also. He was shot point-blank in the face by a repeat illegal criminal. I showed it to him and said, “I want to share with you a few photos. This is Grant Ronnebeck who was assassinated in Mesa, Arizona by illegal criminals,” because I thought those words would resonate with Kennedy. I showed him a picture of my son and a few other Angel Families. It’s amazing how they smoothed right over them. They don’t even want to discuss these innocent lives, the dreams of American youth that have been stolen from them, yet they stand on a platform and talk about the dreams of the illegals who are pouring into our country. This is so backward. This is insane that the American Dreams mean nothing to these American elected officials.

Unless it’s politically-motivated because they’re thinking if they give them all these things for free, when they can get them legal, maybe they can get them to vote their way. Who knows? Until they become citizens, they don’t have a vote. They figured, “If we start grooming them now, in 10 or 20 years when that does happen, then now we have a voter base.” That’s the logic there. They’re grooming. It’s like farming. You plant the seed and you have to wait for it to grow.

There are many states who have given them driver’s licenses including California, Virginia and North Carolina. When they are given a driver’s license, they’re registered to vote. Don’t think that these illegals are not voting in our elections.

It’s interesting and without going off on a tangent for that, having an identification requirement is beyond taboo.  They’ll talk about this and say, “You need it to get into any government building. You need it to get on a plane. You need it to cash a check. You need it in order to even get your food stamps and welfare, but you don’t need it to vote.” I never understood how you could have that argument where it doesn’t make sense.

When we were down in Sunland Park, New Mexico right outside of El Paso, as we build the first wall, as we were going home at the airport in El Paso, we’re standing in line to go through the X-ray machines and having our bags go through an X-ray machine. We are being searched and you can’t have a bottle of water. We were witnessing a separate line. A woman lawyer with the Catholic Diocese in El Paso was ushering a group through the separate line and it was all illegals. They had their 8×11 Manila folders that say “We don’t speak English” on them. They were being ushered through a line with open bottles of Coca-Cola and water. They didn’t have to throw them away. Their bags did not go through an x-ray machine. They did not go through scanning machines. The TSA agents looked at them and let them pass right through.

We were appalled that this was happening because of what we had to go through to get through the TSA line. One of the ladies who was with us was an airline employee. She went over and talked to the TSA agent and he said, “90% of the time, the name on their boarding pass doesn’t even match the name of the paperwork in their envelope, but they have to turn their back and let them all go through.” I brought that to Andy Biggs’s attention (congressman from Arizona), which he had a bunch of congressmen sign on and they had an explanation from TSA. It has since stopped in El Paso. They don’t have that separate line for illegals anymore. It was happening in McAllen, Texas also. We’ve brought that to Andy Biggs’ attention. He’s jumped right on it. We have a photo and all kinds of stuff that we were able to give to him. Think about that, an illegal in our country doesn’t have to go through the same scanning or anything through TSA to get on an airplane and fly in our country.

A lot of this stuff is mind-blowing once you start paying attention, listening and finding this out like yourself. The experiences that you’ve had, once you started opening up this Pandora’s box and seeing what is going on, and all of these different aspects from the illegal aliens to when you’re talking about the border. We haven’t even gotten into the other topics we’re going to talk about. You’re almost like an Almanac at this point, with real stories and experiences that would cause complete silence if you were delivering the information in a room full of people, because they would say, “Get out of here. This is not happening in 2020.” and you’d say, “I’m not making this up”…People would be shocked.

When I do the research for the show, what I do normally is I go through details. I get some statistics and there are usually a lot of websites. I feel well-versed about the topics and especially the guests and things like that. For your show, I started to try to figure out how many Americans were killed by illegal aliens each year. There were maybe 3 or 4 Google searches that came up that gave some sort of article, but nothing was specific. I couldn’t get a number. The dates were older. There was hardly anything. As I started to try to figure out these different categories and all the information, I said, “I’m not going to do it this time. I’m going to come into this conversation with the little information that I do have because I can’t find any.” You don’t hear about this topic on TV and on the news. They don’t have the special groups in these big organizations that have committees and fellowships and all these other groups that these big platforms have when they decide on something they want to stand behind. It’s not there. It’s like crickets. I’m going into this as an average Joe and it is mind-blowing listening to your story so far. I had no idea.

Here’s the biggest problem with getting the true statistics. The Cato Institute will put it out there all the time. They always have a narrative and agenda for the statistics that they want to put out there because God forbid, mainstream America finds out what’s happening. Now, when these illegals are arrested and they are booked, 8 out of 10 times when you look at their booking information, they’re clearly Hispanic, they’re illegal, and they’re many things, but their race will say White. The crime statistics are skewed because these pro-illegal groups were crying, “This is racial profiling.” With the census, they don’t want immigration status put on there. They will never ask them their immigration status as they’re booking them. We have no clue about the true crimes that they commit and what their immigration status is because it’s racial profiling. It’s is not allowed anymore. In the State of Oregon, there’s a man up there who does a report that he sends me every month. He said he can’t get this information with any other state in the country.

There are many people working on this, but he gets the true statistics of who’s in the prison system, what country they’re from, what crime they’ve committed, and the percentage of illegals in their prison systems in Oregon. I find it pretty ironic because Oregon is a sanctuary state that they would even allow that information to get out. When you take one state like that and you look at what’s happening up there, and you can take even 50% average of that and spread it across the United States, it’s mind-boggling.

The other thing that happened and Governor Ducey in Arizona, he did change this, but in most States, and it was happening in Arizona; if an illegal was sentenced for the same crime that you committed, they would only have to serve 50% of their sentence. You would have to serve at least 85% of your sentence. That’s happening many times across this country. In the case of Steve Ronnebeck, when he was going to the court, he would have to provide transportation for himself, pay the parking garage, and pay to eat in the cafeteria. He would show up at court hearings and the state would have provided transportation for the illegal family who killed his son. They would give the families vouchers to go down to the cafeteria and eat.

EH 125 | Angel Families

The state flew seven family members from Mexico to testify at his intellectual hearing, and 5 of those 7 people disappeared into the interior in the United States. They weren’t able to fly them back to Mexico to where they live. Now, we’ve got five more people who don’t belong here who are sucking off the American taxpayers, but every bit of that money, the transportation to and from the court, money to eat in the cafeteria, that’s all taxpayer provided for the illegal criminal and their family.

It’s insane that you’re telling me these stories and they’re current. It’s almost as bad as what’s going on TV. I’m watching people destroying statues, spray painting and taking them down. I said, “If I almost put the stamp on an envelope wrong, somehow I would get a ticket for that.” All of a sudden, these people are committing legitimate crimes and it’s on TV so you can see who it is and nothing happened. God forbid, if I am 5 miles over the speed limit and the next thing you know, I got lights or whatever the case may be.

What do we do as regular people? We can’t keep letting this happen, but then again even a lot of Angel Families don’t want to speak out because they have their lives. They’ve got jobs and they’re busy. They’ve got other things going on. A lot of times people don’t have time to be active but if we’re not, turn on the TV. That’s what happens. That’s where we’re headed because they’ve been doing it and we’re not doing our part to not let that happen and say, “That’s ridiculous.” I would say the word BS.

This message that you can go ahead and do whatever you want because you feel like it is ridiculous. I get a letter from my HOA because the grass is too high and then the next thing you know, they throw a $50 fine at me, but that guy, he can do that. Don’t forget who paid for that statue. You’re using my tax dollars. What can the little people like us do besides support you in that? From a direct action, who do we say something to? Does anyone care? If the politicians aren’t doing anything, none of them even want to talk to you and you’ve got an organization. You’ve got a personal story where this happened to your son, and you couldn’t even get your own senators to have a conversation with you. What do we do?

I always tell people, “If you listen to a podcast like this and there are 1 or 2 things that resonate with you, tell ten people and let them know because it’s word of mouth in this situation that gets around.” As we talked about before, I want to encourage people to be very aware of the people that you’re voting for in your local elections, city, county, and state level. Federal elections are very important but do not discount the fact that you need to get out there and voting for your local elections. A mayor and a city council, they’re the people who make a decision if a police department is going to act in a sanctuary way. If they’re going to protect the illegals, if they’re going to be calling the ICE agents to come to pick these people up to be deported. They are the ones who decide if a police department is going to be defunded.

You look at Minneapolis, it’s a 12-0 vote by the twelve council members of the Minneapolis’ City Council. They decided to defund the police department without voter approval. The mayor is against it, but we don’t know which way he’s going to turn, if he’s going to veto it or go along with it because of public pressure. If so, that’s thirteen people out of the whole city of Minneapolis who’s made that decision to defund the police department without voter approval. The same thing happens with sanctuary policies in the city, states, and counties. It’s the sheriff who’s elected and who decides to come in with a personal agenda and make the county a sanctuary county. It’s a mayor and a city council who make that decision. You’ve got to be very careful who you’re voting for on a local level. This is where the destruction of our country is coming in. It’s on a local level, city by city, by county, by state, it’s happening. Those are the people that we need to concentrate on. That’s where your voice and your vote can make a difference in this country.

That’s a great point that you brought up. Until you mentioned that, it never registered in my own little brain how important they were. If people want to have more of a reminder, who do you think says you have to wear a mask now? Who do you think deemed your business essential or not essential? Who determines that you couldn’t go to a church of all things? You can go ahead and riot. That’s cool. You can go and tear down the statutes. You can protest, it’s not a problem, but you’re not allowed to go to church. You can go to Walmart, no problem. You could take your shirt off and run around town. It’s not a big deal. You can go to any of the big stores, but you can’t go get something to eat at a local restaurant and you can’t go to a retail store, a small one, because that’s not an essential business.

You can’t get stage-4 cancer treatment that you normally were going to be going for because that’s an elective surgery and we’re not having any of those. You’re going to have to wait three months to go get your cancer treatment. Hopefully, you don’t die before then. Those people that you’re talking about made all those decisions, and they’re the same people that make the decisions on whether or not you’re “reimagining” the police forces, supporting sanctuary cities and all of that. It’s important that people pay attention now and start to do something. Tell ten people and say, “Follow our show and look at Mary Ann’s website.” Start paying attention and start doing something.

I’m on Twitter, @MAMendoza480. I post a lot of illegal crime on there that you don’t see in the mainstream media. Another good website for people to go to is IllegalAlienCrimeReport.com. Dave Gibson is a very good friend of mine. He is a retired police officer, private investigator and he does incredible reporting. He has contact with police departments across the United States. He can call and ask them, “Is this an illegal?” They’ll tell him yes or no, but the police department can’t release that information to the public. He gets in-depth information about these crimes. There are many websites like that. I have a military wife who I’ve never met. She does research for me every single day. I get between 30 to 70 articles a day from her on illegal crime being committed across this country because she resources all these obscure publications and gets them to me.

I try and post as many of those as I can in a day’s time. It’s insane. Most of the articles will say, “A Philadelphia woman,” then I called Dave and he’s like, “She’s an illegal from wherever.” “A Phoenix man.” The media loves to do that. You see the picture of the person, you see their name and you know they’ve got to be illegal. Unfortunately, that’s where my mind goes with what I’ve been through in this world, but I always do my research and I always make sure that the information I put out is correct. I will never say they’re illegal unless I know for sure, 100% that they are. It’s astonishing how many crimes are committed by illegals in this country. It’s crazy.

People need to keep in mind, you live with this every day and you’ve submerged yourself in it since 2014. For you to make an assessment or to see a pattern or to know exactly how it’s going to pan out, it’s like anybody else who is an expert in their field or their profession where they know how it’s going to go. They know exactly how it’s going to play out because it’s the same over and over. You see this and that and you know exactly the story. Even now, you’re so in it where you know exactly who the politicians are or you’re even talking to border patrol. You know where the problems are and you know how they’re getting through. With the TSA, you know where the holes are and it’s all about money and power. Unfortunately, you’re an expert in this area.

Even when I see a city mentioned in a report, I’ll be like, “They’re not going to call ICE to come to get them. They’re going to be released without bail.” I know what’s going to happen in every situation in most of these cities that are mentioned in these articles. It’s like clockwork of what’s going to happen. That’s the saddest thing. When you look at New York and even what was happening during the COVID thing and all the people that they were releasing from prison, and how many of them committed crimes within hours of being released. What did they think is going to happen? It’s the same thing with these illegals. When they’re released and they’re given a court date to show back up in court, the percentage is so big that they don’t show up back at their court appearance. They can assume another identity and go on living their life. This emboldens them because they know they’re not going to get punished.

They know when they live in a sanctuary city, county or state, those law enforcement officials are going to protect them. They’re not going to call ICE to come to get them and how the argument that a sanctuary policy keeps our community safer because even if they’re illegal, they’ll come forward to tell us about a crime that’s been committed. No, they won’t because they don’t believe that they’re not going to be deported and everybody shuts up and protects themselves because they’re afraid of what’s going to happen to their family if they do squeal on the person who committed the crime. Whether there’s a sanctuary policy in place or not, what these elected officials need to understand is those sanctuary policies in place are putting American lives at risk because of protecting the illegal criminals. That is all that it is doing.

You’ve got to be very careful who you're voting for on a local level because it is where the destruction of our country is coming in. @mamendoza480 Click To Tweet

The keyword here is criminal. You have the people that are arguing, “They’re illegal, but they’re not criminals.” I don’t even want to go down that road and comment.  Let’s go with the people that we’re talking about here. You’re talking about people that are committing violent crimes. They’re not just going and stealing a can of soda from the store. You’re talking about rape, assault, murder and a very extreme type of crime that these people have committed. It’s not the guy that’s working here at the restaurant under the table. That’s the part that blows my mind because take the illegal part out, still the severity of the crime is not even being acknowledged because if it was me or you that did it, there is a totally opposite reaction. That’s the part that people need to pay attention and realize it’s that bad because we’re not even talking about the serious crime.

Identity theft is a huge thing. I had a military guy who was in touch with me. While he was deployed to Iraq, his identity had been stolen and twelve people were using it. What infuriates me is we have an IRS system that will find you if you owe $0.10. We have an IRS system that has a Social Security Number that’s being used by not only twelve illegals, but the actual American who owns that Social Security Number and returns are being filed. There are no red flags raised at the IRS. Nothing’s being done through the Social Security administration. This man came back. His life was ruined. He was getting in touch with all of his local politicians. Nobody would help. Everybody was poo-poo-ing him off. The IRS and Social Security wouldn’t help him.

The IRS keeps sending him things that he owed tens of thousands of dollars in tax money that he wasn’t for jobs that he had. He has proof that he was deployed to Iraq at the time. He wasn’t even working at the meatpacking plant in Kentucky, and they do nothing for Americans. Your life is absolutely ruined. You can’t get insurance. This military vet cannot get a job. He could not get an apartment. He could not get a car loan. He was chosen for an internship in DC. Once they pulled his credit report up, they denied him the internship. His life is ruined and there’s nobody helping him. This is what happens to American citizens when their identity is stolen.

Anyone that’s lived through any portion of that knows how difficult it is to even get something resolved or even get the card canceled. Even if it’s not complete identity theft, you’re just trying to fix 1 or 2 issues, how frustrating it is.

Governor DeSantis works with Angel Families in Florida. I had an Angel Family, Kiyan and Bobby Michael, their son Brandon was killed in 2007 in Florida by an illegal. They’ve been working with Governor DeSantis. He was side by side with them testifying at the state hearings. He passed the Anti-Sanctuary Bill, and he’d signed into law in Florida, the E-Verify Bill. This is what needs to be done across the United States, but you’ve got the big corporations and the Chamber of Commerce across the United States who will fight tooth and nail. They’ve got the money to do it, go to their politicians, who knows what kind of money they’re being paid to be on their side. They will stop the E-Verify from happening, which would halt identity theft in its tracks and protect American citizens, but our politicians don’t want that.

Besides the Governor DeSantis in Florida, is there anyone else that’s done anything or tried? I don’t want to say try because they don’t have to try. It’s either you’re going to do it or you don’t do it. Either you want to make it happen or you don’t. I am tired of them saying, “In politics, it’s like making a sausage,” or whatever phrase they use and then they’ll say, “The long arm of justice takes a long time.” No, it doesn’t. It literally can happen very quickly if somebody wants it to because I’ve watched a lot of stuff happened quickly that normally takes years. All of a sudden, “Originally, when you want a vaccine, it’s 5 to 10 years.” Now, all of a sudden we’re on fast-track. It’s going to be here in a couple of months.

Everything that everyone’s told you over the years is all BS. If somebody wants to get something done, they can. If they want to move something quickly, regardless of what category is, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s political or business or law. It can be done quickly. They’ve proven it. Anything that they told you for years, they threw out the truth because they’re trying to solve yet some of the other problems, but they showed their true cards. They were like, “We shouldn’t have said that because now all the other things that we’ve been telling them, they might figure out that it is not true.”

In North Carolina, the previous government had made North Carolina Anti-Sanctuary State, but they voted in four Democratic sheriffs. Sheriff McFadden is one of them in North Carolina. Immediately, when he was sworn into office, he made that county a sanctuary county. It’s against the state law, but nobody’s doing anything about it. All four of those counties that those sheriffs made sanctuary counties don’t do anything about it.

This is what is frustrating is because we fight and we get things like this passed in certain states, and yet they thumb their noses at you and do it. I’m sick of hearing Democrat say, “No one’s above the law.” Every one of them is above the law because they can just get into office and do whatever they want and it’s frustrating. The illegals are above the law. We are becoming second-class citizens in our own country. We don’t have representation that listens to us and we’ve got mayors and city councilors who make decisions without voter approval on anything. It’s a frightening state of affairs of what’s happening. This is what my eyes have been opened up to.

You’ve been woke, which I haven’t quite gotten a true definition of what they mean when they say that, but in your case, it’s been in the correct way where you’re seeing things. You’re trying to get people to pay attention and to listen to what’s going on. You’ve got North Carolina and Florida, but then again you would think it’s a non-sanctuary state or an anti-sanctuary state. Someone could come in and carve out whatever they felt like. The sheriff is another important role that people can vote for.

You need to put that on your list with mayors, city councils, and governors. We’ve proven that. The only person that I’ve heard on a political pro point is when I saw you at the White House Rose Garden when Trump had that event. I don’t remember the name of it but you can share the story. When they do things like that, and I know there are all these obstacles. Is there a movement that happens after that or does it come to a standstill because you’ve got all of these moving parts where the politicians don’t want to do anything in the cities and states? You’ve shared enough stories where nothing happens. Can you share that story when you went there and anything positive came of it so people at least know that there’s somebody on the side of the Americans and especially the Angel Families?

Our president and a lot of the people who work within the White House. You’ve got Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs. You’ve got many members of Congress and Republican Congressional members who are on our side and who fight for us. When I testified at Senator Thom Tillis’ senate hearing. It was a very emotional day and it was very hard for me to sit through and listen to some of these Democratic politicians speak, defending illegal criminals to me, to my face after my son who was a law enforcement officer was killed. I’m bringing up many stories and reading to them about innocent Americans who were killed, and to have them sit there and argue with me infuriated me.

What is sad is the hearing was about allowing American citizens to sue the politicians or the elected officials who have put sanctuary policies in place if their loved one has been killed as a result of that sanctuary policy being put in place, and nothing’s happened with that bill. I heard through the grapevine that he did that in the State of the Union address. President Donald Trump brought Thom Tillis up and it was all about him getting re-elected. I’ve contacted his office many times and said, “This is what I’ve heard through the grapevine and if I testified at that thing, strictly for him to get re-elected, you have lost the support of Angel Families and I will get the word out about Senator Thom Tillis and what he’s about.”

They’ve reassured me, “No, this is moving forward.” I’ve been keeping an eye on the bill and it’s gone nowhere. Those are the types of bills, even Kate’s Law, the Anti-Sanctuary Bill, all of those things were passed in Congress when it was Republican-controlled and then it was sidelined. It wasn’t ever brought to the floor in the Senate and we kept pounding Mitch McConnell’s office. I went and met with him and he said, “You need to bring it to the floor and get it passed.” We had control of the House and the Senate and they’d let that window of opportunity pass us up. Where’s the money that’s padding the pockets of these people who refuse to do anything to protect their American citizens? The people who voted them into office?

Did you get any feedback as to why it never moved anywhere in the Senate, especially if the Republicans were in charge of all three branches?

No. I was at the CNN Town Hall. It was before Donald Trump won. Paul Ryan was there. He was such a pandering fool acting like he was sorry about my situation. They then had a DACA recipient get up after me, and then he’s swarming all over her with praises about how they’re so happy to have her here in this country as a dreamer. It made me sick to watch what they do. It’s like grow a set and stand up for something. You can’t ride the fence, not in this political arena in the United States, not with all of these issues that we have at hand that are important. People cannot forget about border security and the importance of immigration reform.

Those are important things that are always overshadowed because the Democrats don’t want to talk about that because all they do is talk about issues when it benefits them, but they never solve any issues ever. They have never solved any issue. They’ve created more problems in our country than solving issues. I’ve gotten ahold of many congressional leaders in their offices. I have talked to their staff. There’s YouTube out there. Some of the Angel Moms go in and create a big scene, screaming and yelling. That’s not the kind of person I am. Just like how I got in with Kennedy. I told them, “We may have a thread of things that we agree on, but I want to make it into a piece of yarn. I want to sit down and talk to him face to face, and let’s find some ground of commonality that we can have in this immigration reform that needs to happen in this country.”

That has been in the hands of Congress for many years or decades. They have done nothing about immigration reform. The DACA program, the Congress wouldn’t handle it. President Barack Obama signed an executive order into place. That was unlawful, he did not have the authority to change immigration law, and yet he did it and Congress let him. Look at what Trump’s up against trying to cancel that program. Look what he’s up against. The court won’t recognize that President Barack Obama didn’t have the authority to change immigration law. Congress won’t stand up and say, “He didn’t have the authority to do that.” Yet, they let them do it.

The thing that’s sad and especially you see it more and I’m glad that you brought it up. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right. I want people to put a common-sense hat on for once. They bring up these issues or they allow things to go through because they think it makes them look good. All of a sudden, they get the picture that they wanted or for the five minutes that it’s in the hot topic that makes them look good. It’s going to help them with their career. Hopefully, they’re trying to get re-elected. If not, they literally don’t care. Everything is for a photo op. Everything is for what’s going to benefit them in regards to their political agenda.

The American people need to understand that. There’s a handful of politicians that seemed like they do care and and have some respect for Americans, the law and the way things should be. You mentioned Biggs and Jordan, but for the most part, no. The Democrats are huge at that. I’m not bagging on them because they’re Democrats. I’m looking at the facts. They’ll ride the train of a message as you said, Paul Ryan who was there swarming all over this girl because that might get them the votes. It might get them the actual donor check from the corporation or whomever it may be. I’m tired of seeing them jump on a movement or a message or something for a short period of time where all of a sudden, they’re “Pro this.”

Literally, when a new cycle goes to the next one, it’s never talked about again. You say, “If he really cared about it, but he didn’t care about it two months ago or yesterday.” This day is the biggest thing on planet earth and three months from now, you’re going to even forget about it when I asked you. You’re going to look at me like I talk about Corona. When you say to a Democrat on November 4, 2020, “What’s going on with Corona?” and they reply, “Do you mean the beer?” “No, The Corona that we just had. It doesn’t seem like we’re going to have lock downs anymore.” They’re like, “The only Corona that I know is the beer and other than that, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It’s going to be like it never happened.

On November 4th, 2020, it will be cured.

The cure was something that they declared on the main stream media, or God did it on its own, or perhaps it was something that was released into the atmosphere that magically changed on the planet. It’s going to be that ridiculous, or an alien dropped off of this magical vacuum. You must be frustrated. That’s the problem with knowing too much, and the problem with being so passionate about things, and being purpose-driven, and then knowing how things work. You run into it and you know what can be done and then you run into these obstacles. You try to stay calm even though you don’t want to.

Let me talk about DACA because I don’t think a lot of people know it too much. When Obama put this into place, it was, “Let’s get it done quick,” and they were rubber-stamping every application that happened. These people weren’t vetted. There’s about 33% of the DACA participants who are criminals. They even had criminal records before they were even brought onto the DACA. They weren’t vetted. We didn’t know about their past. Within the DACA program, you can commit up to three misdemeanors and still be kept in the DACA program. There are many cases where a DACA recipient has committed a felony and the defense attorneys go in front of the judges. They plea it down to a misdemeanor, “We need to get this down to a misdemeanor because they’re in the DACA program. They can have a misdemeanor to stay in the program. If it’s a felony, they’ll be kicked out.” I’ve never seen anybody kicked out.

This is happening on a widespread basis. The pro-DACA people always talk about them being contributing members of society. If you’re contributing members of society, then why are you on welfare food stamps or reduced housing. There’s got to be DACA reform of some sort. It would get rid of 50% of the 800,000 DACA recipients. Four hundred thousand of them would be out of here because they’re on taxpayer benefit programs or because they’ve committed crimes. I don’t think they should be able to commit even one misdemeanor. Since the Supreme Court decision of where DHS has to rewrite the whole thing and get it resubmitted to the Supreme Court, that opened the doors to all these new people to start applying. They’ve been applying in droves for the DACA program now and being accepted into it. The numbers are growing.

I have always been at a stance. There are tens of millions of illegals living in our country. When you’ve got a large portion of them who are contributing members of society, they’ve never committed a crime. They’ve worked all their lives for everything they have. Those are not the people that I’m talking about that we need to get rid of out of our country. This is where immigration reform needs to come in and to help these people find a path to citizenship. I’m talking about the illegal alien criminal aspect in our country. I even talked to some people who were involved in the immigration reform with the White House. I said to them, “Are the 900,000-plus illegal alien convicted felons that are walking our streets waiting for deportation, are those people on the top of the list of immigration reform?”

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We’ve never even discussed that. That hasn’t even been part of our discussion. This is why I told President Trump, “Angel Families need to have a seat at the table because we have all of these questions and we know how it’s affected Angel Families.” We need to have input on this. I don’t need somebody in DC who’s never been affected by illegal alien crime to tell me how illegal immigration reform needs to happen when you haven’t even asked us, “How did this happen to you? What do we need to do to change it? What would have prevented your son from being killed?”

That’s why it’s important to have people that have the experience, that are experts and have lived through it to provide and give the options for solutions. They don’t care about this issue. That’s why it’s not moved forward. The fact that they don’t want to meet with you proves that even further. I want them in charge of figuring out how to solve the problem when you don’t care about it and you don’t know anything about it because you’ve never lived through it? It’s almost to the point that you want all of them out of the picture and bring in qualified people to have that discussion to figure out what to do. I do have a question about the DACA based on my minimal knowledge. I thought that was only for people under the age of eighteen. Is it for an older group?

When they signed up.

Once they’re in, they have that umbrella of protection around them regardless of the crimes? When you’ve mentioned 33% of them have that criminal history, I’m like, “How bad of a kid are you?”

If they were brought here before they were eighteen, they could sign up for it.

I’m glad that you clarified that and people don’t know. I don’t know these things because you don’t hear about it. There’s no push for it on a level where they’re trying to make a difference. It was something that your son wanted you to do and this all came from. You’ve got so much passion about it. It’s your purpose and you want to keep his legacy alive. You want to celebrate him for all the amazing things he did, and the type of person he was. For anyone who doesn’t know, every time I see his picture, I’m like, “Damn, he’s a good looking man.”

His nickname was Hollywood down in his beat. When the young girls found out he was on duty, they would all run in and get their hair fixed, their makeup on and everything. It was funny the stories that some of the mothers were telling me.

I’m sure the mothers got ready too. Saying he’s good looking isn’t doing him justice. This guy was hot and he’s built too. He’s not some like little guy that you put in your pocket. He’s like a full-on man.

He’s as beautiful inside as he was outside. He was an amazing man.

Every time that I see you on TV, especially when we started communicating, my heart goes out to you. I understand what loss is about, not at the level where it was a child of mine, but I say a prayer every time that I see you or something that reminds me of that. You’re doing great work and you’re what this is all about. You are what America stands for. You’re showing people that you can believe in something and you can fight for it. You could do it in a way where you’re not knocking down statues, but you could make some progress. You can stand behind something and believe in it.

I wish there was more that can be done and maybe that’s what this chapter is now going to be focusing on. It’s time to get some bodies on board that can do something. Let’s talk about that. What are you guys doing? What can people do moving forward? Let’s pretend that life’s back to normal. Corona’s gone. Everything’s normal and people can do things that they care about as opposed to trying to figure out on how to not go to the wrong store or something, or God forbid, they don’t have a mask on the right way because it showed my nose and I get a ticket. What are you guys going to be focusing on and what can people do so that we can get something done that we could say, “Things have changed.”

We always need help with our travel to DC. A lot of times, we’re given 1 or 2 days’ notice. I may get calls from Jim Jordan’s office or Andy Biggs’ that they need me there for a hearing that’s going to be happening, even if I’m just in the audience. Andy Biggs is always very kind to bring up my son’s story if there’s some hearing about it. We’re trying to push to have a hearing about illegal alien victims because they’ve had illegal aliens in there many times talking about what’s happened because they were separated from their child for fifteen days and how they’re psychologically damaged the rest of their lives. We want a hearing about illegal alien American victims, and we’re pushing for that pretty hard.

Anytime that I’m called to testify, it’s short notice. We need money to be able to get there, a hotel to stay overnight. We also need counseling for a lot of these newest members of Angel Families. Some of them, when their child has been killed, it was six years in May 2020 that Brandon was killed. There are down days that I have. I stay in the fight and I keep myself focused on other things, but there are some mothers and fathers who are still dealing with the grief. The sad thing is we had a California judge ruled that the federal government needed to pay for counseling for these illegals who had been separated from their children for the psychological damage. We need money for counseling for our Angel Families.

EH 125 | Angel Families
SGT. BRANDON MENDOZA: Angel Families need to have a seat at the table because we have all of these questions.

We need to provide grief counseling for them to get in and get past this because oftentimes we’re left holding the bill for a funeral, an unexpected funeral, and a preventable funeral. Many times, couples get divorced over this because one spouse may want to fight, the other one may not want to. We’ve got to have the counseling available for families to keep them together and get through this tragedy and our everyday operations. This is what I do 24/7. We’ve got mailings that we send out. We’ve got websites that we’ve got to upkeep. We’ve got social media accounts that we’ve got to get the information out on. We try and get out into our communities.

I did a seven-city Make America Safe Again tour last September 2019. We pulled our RV, Frank, my husband, and I went and we were joined by Steve Ronnebeck. We stopped at seven cities across the United States on our way to DC and had little town halls there with the people in those cities. They were pretty well-attended. We had a very good reception from people. Some of the things I’ve talked about here, people don’t know these things. It was eye-opening. We want to do more of those. We want to have Angel Family Town Halls. We want to be able to get out there in the public and educate our fellow Americans because this could be any one of your readers. They could be sitting in my seat.

It is scary and especially if you’re looking at simple math. If that population is growing and a certain percentage commit a crime and now you have more of them, you have the potential for more crime. That’s regardless of whether you’re talking about people or cars. Statistics are statistics. If you’re growing in numbers because of the policies that are in place are being neglected like the immigration, the border, DACA and others. The likelihood of it happening to you or coming into your neighborhood is very high. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of almost when. Here’s a perfect example. The brain surgeon mayor from Seattle. She’s like, “Let them do what they need to do.” All of a sudden, they started coming to her house and now, “This is it. We’re going to have security. This thing’s going to end. They’re always allowed, but not in my backyard.” Nothing is off-limits at this point. It’s been proven literally over the past couple of months that nothing is off-limits. It’s time for some action. What’s the website? Can they make donations on the website?

It’s AngelFamilies.org. It’s our website address. Angel Moms is our 501(c)(3). If you need a tax deduction, you can send a check to our address. Angel Families is an LLC so that we’re able to be completely politically involved in things because with the 501(c)(3) you can’t be. We have two separate entities so that we’re able to fully engage in our fight.

I’m glad that you did it that way because if you don’t have a voice in the political arena, this would not get anywhere. Could you imagine if you were saying, “Please do something,” as opposed to having a position where you can create some awareness or at least movement on that side?

We are lucky to have Andy Biggs representing us here in Arizona. He brings congressional members many times a year down to the border to take them down there, to talk to Sheriff Lamb in Pinal County, to talk to Sheriff Daniels down in Cochise County. We have been able to engage. He usually invites me to dinner one of the nights so we have them all. I’ve been able to engage with some of the congressional members across the United States. One of them was from North Carolina. I was talking to him and saying, “You’ve got a child rape epidemic in North Carolina going on by illegals.” He goes, “What are you talking about?” I said, “There’s a website, NCFIRE.info. If people go to that, all it does is show you the statistics and how many children are raped by illegals in that state every single month. If you go back throughout the years, it’s a child rape epidemic going on in North Carolina.”

He was unaware of it and that gave me the opportunity to engage with him and make him more aware. “You’re a Congressman and you don’t even know these types of statistics?” That’s another scary thought that they’re in the office and they’re not even aware of what’s happening in their own states. That was a good contact for me to make and to stay in touch with this staff member and make sure that they got fully engaged in that issue there in North Carolina. This is happening all across our country. We’ve got congressional members and senatorial members who aren’t engaged, don’t know what’s going on in their states. We need to change that and we need to become vocal. Our voices do matter but our vote matters even more than our voices.

They don’t care. We have to make them accountable. That’s our job. That’s the only thing that we can do like you pointed it out. The guy had no clue. That’s another thing that you go, “Seriously?” I’m happy to hear that Andy Biggs is a supporter and he gets it and he defended Arizona. Neil Cavuto went after him with all of these Fear Statistics that the media is pushing out there about the Corona and all of our cases. It’s like the whole State of Arizona is imploding and burning down. If you look at the numbers, we’re in a much better situation. The headline in the Arizona Republic was, “Are COVID cases down?” They must have said, “We’ve got to somehow counteract that.”

I don’t want to jump on a whole other tangent, but the cases are down. If anyone has looked at the patterns, it’s been consistent in all states, in the entire country. It goes up for 2 or 3 days, then it goes down for 1 or 2 days. It’s just to get to the election. Like anything else, there’s an agenda similar to why they’re not doing anything to help all the problems with the illegals. The only reason I brought that up was because Andy Biggs pulled out the real statistics and I was clapping. I said, “Finally, somebody is sticking up for the truth in Arizona.” I’m happy that he’s on Team Mendoza to do something about the Angel Families.

I know several people who work at two different hospitals in the Valley and both of them have cleared out a whole floor for COVID patients and not one of those floors has any COVID patient’s in them.

I heard the same story with a friend of mine. He’s an X-ray tech in one of the hospitals and has one patient. We’re having layoffs now because we don’t have the volume of necessary elective surgeries. I don’t know if they cut off the elective surgeries in Arizona. I didn’t look it up yet, but even if they didn’t, people are scared to come in which is why the ICU and the beds have increased so much because people were home for three months. They didn’t go into the hospitals like the lady I mentioned who couldn’t get her stage-4 cancer treatment. When they do come in, and this is directly from an emergency room nurse who works at Banner Health – Virginia G. Piper wing.

They have a hybrid department that is for cancer patients, but yet when they have an emergency situation. She was in a blend of both. She said the people coming into the hospitals are in such bad shape because they needed attention three months ago. They needed emergency room or ICU attention or surgery three months ago. You know how bad it was then. Now, three months later, she said, “Every morning on our floor, we have teams and we have the team leaders. The head comes in and she says, ‘I’ve looked at the cases and I’m going to let you know that of the 10 cases, 7 people are bad. I need you to be prepared.”

These are nurses for emergencies. They’re used to seeing bad stuff, “Be prepared. There are seven now.”  When the nurse first heard that she was said, “I can handle it.” She realized what poor health they were in because of the shutdown and not being able to be treated earlier. She said, “It’s tough for me to see this. I’m trying to be upbeat and I’m trying to encourage them, but most of them are not going to make it. They could have had a very good chance to be okay a couple of months ago.” Having all of this fear, the media is causing so much more damage. That’s not even the employment issues. I’m talking about the health side of things. We’re not even discussing the opioids, the overdoses, the suicides, the child abuse or the alcohol drinking. I’m talking about regular health problems.

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I find it funny that none of the media will talk about the coincidence of the spike in cases with protests. Nobody will even touch that with a 10-foot pole.

I’m glad you mentioned that because I’ve been keeping track and I was writing it down. The first person that I heard in a political position that mentioned that was the governor of Colorado. He is the first person that’s said anything. Everyone else blamed it on Memorial Day weekend because people had gatherings and Trump rallies. They’re already telling you that everybody at the Donald Trump rally are going to get it before they even walked in the door. They already had the headlines are printed the day before. It was the Memorial Day Weekend and then you go to bars and restaurants and they throw in something with a pool or something stupid like that.

Dr. Fauci is saying, “This Mount Rushmore Celebration in the 4th of July is a terrible idea,” and when the cameras are off, he takes his mask off and stands in the Senate hearing room with his hands on his hips. He is like, “You morons.”

He’s like a little elf and you put him in your pocket. You take him out when you need him to talk and then you put them back in there.

He was on vacation during the protest.

Protests and mass gatherings got a hall pass because they wanted them to happen.  Everybody in the MSM and even the politicians were in favor of it and they said it was okay. A lot of them went down there for the photo op. I said, “Game over. People stop being SHEEP. Pull your heads out of your own asses because they played their card. They weighed the pros and cons of “Gather is Good” or “Covid is really serious” and it was more politically important to side with “Gather is Good.”  What they really told you was, “We are revealing the truth that it’s all BS.’”

They basically said, “We’ve got to look good over here. Hopefully, they will forget and maybe we’ll throw the second wave at them.” Without going into another tangent, but I’m glad that you mentioned that. The spikes that we’re having here, the huge amounts, are down at the border. They are not telling where they are. “In Maricopa, County, we’re not going out of control. If you look at the numbers, it’s an Indian nation up North.” That’s a huge problem. “It’s not happening in Scottsdale. C’mon, people (C’mon man!)” It matters where the bodies are. It matters where the population is.

I drove to the Navajo Nation on our way home from Colorado. It’s completely shut down. You stop at a gas station, you can’t even go to the bathroom. None of the convenience stores are open. Everything is drive through to get whatever you need. They even had signs on the side of the road, “Turn around and go home.” It was pretty eerie driving through that whole area. They’re at a bigger health risk. They talked about that for many weeks. It’s sad to see what’s happening to so many communities.

A lot of it is unnecessary.

If you’re sick or if you’re at a health risk, wear a mask. I’m healthy. I just got tested before I met with Trump. I’m negative. I’ve taken care of myself. I don’t want my immune system compromised by wearing a mask and I will not wear a mask.

I’m with you on that because if you look at the real information and if people are starting to talk about it a little more, the mask doesn’t do anything. There’s a clinical study. It makes it worse because you’re breathing in your own bad air of carbon dioxide.  That doesn’t make any sense to anybody so why would I do that?

There isn’t one person that I’ve watched wearing a mask who doesn’t constantly readjust their mask, touching it with their hands. What good is it? Everyone you’re touching, you’ve touched your mask, you’re basically breathing on them and what are you doing to your body by intaking that bad air?

I’ve been keeping track of the patterns that people are having when it comes to how they’re talking about masks and people are starting to change the message. I’ll give you a perfect example. Somebody went on and was said, “I’m wearing masks because I don’t want to get infected.” A doctor came on and at the beginning of his segment, he said one thing and later on, he said something else. Some of them are starting to slip up in saying the truth. What he said was, “The whole purpose of a mask is to reduce the respiratory droplets. It’s supposed to protect the people around you. It does very little to protect the wearer.”

I was like, “Whoa.” That was the first time I heard that. He probably won’t be on the show for a couple of weeks. They’ve got to pull him back and give him a little talking too. It doesn’t protect the wearer. If masks don’t protect me and I’m not sick and asymptomatic people can’t pass it to anyone…You have to have symptoms in order to pass it, then why do I have to wear it? They are getting to the point where they get sloppy and this is what happens. People get sloppy because they’ve become arrogant.  They’re not being consistent and it’s starting to happen more so with different people. Keep an eye on that message in general because you’re noticing it. They’re tripping on themselves. They’re starting to.

I want the statistics of how many people are testing positive who are avid mask wearers.

Cavuto & Andy Biggs were talking about that in California and that’s what Biggs brought up. It’s funny that you mentioned that. It’s like the two of you talk on the phone. Mary Ann, it’s been a pleasure to get to know you. I am happy to have you come back to the show. You’re going to be a huge part of our platform. Your nonprofit organization is going to be showcased as one of our partners on the Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network. We’re going to be able to do a lot of great things together to get the message out. We’re putting a plan together on what can be done because this is bigger than what you’re fighting for. You’ve said it throughout the whole show, this is more than just getting some laws changed or politics. This is about people getting involved because things in this country are drastically changing and not for the better. If we can motivate people to start to help or do something or pay attention, then I’m all on board. Is there anything else that you want to share with the readers? We’re definitely having you back soon.

Anything that you can donate would be appreciated. The sad thing is that the pro-open border, the pro-illegal alien immigration into our country gets millions and millions of dollars donated. We’re lucky to get $5,000 in a year. It’s pretty tough to operate on those funds. To get us back and forth to DC, we need more of us to be able to go in a group when we do go to testify and be at hearings because it does make more of an impact. Any help that your readers can give us would be truly appreciated. We’re doing this for our fellow Americans. Nothing we are doing will bring our loved ones back, but we are hoping to prevent this tragedy from happening to any other American family.

Even if people wanted to volunteer you, you could use the manpower. The money would be great, but they can help out with social media or help out with the mailers or help out with whatever kinds of coordinating or somebody has some free time that they want to do that.

They can get to hearings in their state.

You can start showing up. It’s another thing for anybody that is an Angel Family member. Get ahold of Mary Ann, call her, email her, do something. Anybody that’s in Arizona that has gone through this, please reach out. If you know of anybody that this has happened too, get them on board. They don’t have to be active. They sometimes need to have that conversation and know that there are other people and be able to get some words of support. There are times of the year or month that it hits you. If somebody else is going through that, they can maybe get a text or know that there’s somebody that they can call and talk to for five minutes or be having access to a counsel, it can make all the difference.

We have conference calls. We have Angel Families across the nation on the conference calls. I try and pair up newcomers to somebody whose situation is the same with another situation so that they fully understand and can discuss that amongst them. I try and pair up people who are still having cases that are being heard. Thank God that I was spared that. The illegal was killed in the car accident with Brandon. I didn’t have to deal with him being let out on bail or to have a trial or whatnot.

There are some Angel Families that are still waiting for a trial to happen. I try and pair those people up so that they know what they each are going through. It’s very important to have an organic organization as we do of victims and victim’s families because we’ve got victims of rape who are part of our group, and assault and identity theft. We need to bring it more to the public’s attention to what’s happening. If anybody needs to reach out to me, my email is MaryAnn@AngelFamilies.com. Please reach out.

We’re going to put as much information out on our website & on social media on a regular basis about the organization. Mary Ann, you’re an amazing woman. I admire your strength, passion and purpose-driven mission. Keep up the great work. We’re going to turn a chapter here. It’s time for some change. You’re going to get some people on board that are reading this. Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to having you back on soon.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

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