122: Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen – The Secret To Life Is… ASKING!

EH 122 | Asking


Two people who have inspired and transformed tens of millions of people with their messages, personalities, and passions are Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen. They have combined their talents and co-wrote the book ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. On today’s show, they join Michele Swinick to explain how to practice the art and science of ASKing to change everything in your life. Transform your dreams into your destiny. Tune in to this episode to learn all about how you can start to move toward it!

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Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen – The Secret To Life Is… ASKING!

This is a special episode of Everything Home. I am in the presence of greatness. Two people who have inspired and transformed the lives of tens of millions of people with their messages, personalities, and passions, Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen. They’ve combined their talents, co-wrote the book, Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny and are here to explain how to practice the art and science of asking to change everything in your life. Our topic…The Secret To Life Is ASKing. Mark Victor Hansen is best known as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and brands, setting world records in book sales with over 500 million books sold.

He’s also a sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken to over 6,000 audiences worldwide and an entrepreneurial marketing maven creating a stream of successful people who have created massive success for themselves through Mark’s unique techniques and wisdom.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and entrepreneur for expertise in the field of human potential. Through her years spent as a transformational life coach and wellness nutrition expert, she has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, careers, health, and wellness by tapping into their inner resources. Crystal’s coaching, speaking, CDs, video programs, books and articles have helped people all over the world.

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Their book, Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny is available for purchase on our Author’s page and 2% of the total purchase price is donated to nonprofits supporting Vets-Pets & Kids! Now there’s one trustworthy location with all the information, giving you the opportunity to have more personal, professional and financial freedom ReopenAmericaResourceCenter.com. Please check it out. Tell your friends so more people, small businesses, and nonprofits can be helped and we can get this amazing country back on track. Let’s get on with the topic, The Secret To Life Is ASKing with Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen. Before we talk about the book, because you’re both accomplished and you’ve traveled the world and you’ve met some incredible people, tell a story or a person or moment that you can say was number one, but it can’t be the day you met or when you got married or when you had kids.

I got to meet Dr. Buckminster Fuller when I was in graduate school. I was going to be a Doctor of Physiology and the head of physiology said, “The other guy that’s a senior advisor of NASA other than me is Dr. Buckminster Fuller and he is talking today to 5,000 kids. I got front row seats for you and I.” Bucky said, “I’m going to talk about cosmogony, cosmology, epistemology, synergetic, energetic math.” I almost failed out of school. By this time, I had a four-point, which was the best you could do. I thought I knew everything and all of a sudden, I’m listening to real wisdom, real genius, the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time and veteran of geodesic domes and the maxing cars, writer, author of 40 books. I begged Bucky to let me work for him. I did it for seven years and he expanded my whole thinking because I kept asking him endless questions and God bless Bucky, as he was affectionately called, he had Endless Answers.

Crystal, what about you?

It’s hard to pick the number one, especially if it can’t be the day we met, got married or the kids were born. I’ll tell you one of those number one moment for me was when I got out of real estate. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I went into the field of human potential, I became a transformational life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and I opened my practice. One of the first clients I got was a woman. She’d heard me on the radio and said, “You are my last hope. Can I please come to see you?”

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She came in and said, “I’ve been depressed my entire life. I’ve been to every psychologist and psychiatrist. No one has been able to help me, but I felt there’s some hope with you in what you’re doing with hypnotherapy and the coaching.” We spent five sessions together. She’d grown up in a difficult situation. Her mother was mentally ill and she was extremely abused. She had memories of one was her mother picking her up as a little four-year-old by the ankle and swinging her around and slamming her into the refrigerator and memories like that.

Her next powerful memory of her mother was driving away and leaving them forever with her father and her two other sisters. She had this incredible sense of unworthiness and then ultimately her father also took the kids and dumped them off at the relatives and said, “I can’t deal with these girls anymore. You need to take them.” This is during the depression and every day of her life, she lived with this tremendous sense of unworthiness. She said, “I wake up every day feeling like I want to die. I don’t have any right to be here.” We worked through some of the techniques that I had under my belt, coaching intake. I used a technique called emotional freedom technique and then some specific hypnotherapy of releasing and neutralizing some of these past experiences and recreating a new vision, perspective, and experience.

I got an email from her after five appointments and she said, “Crystal, I thank God every time that you came into my life. After five appointments with you, I can honestly say that I’m completely free of the crushing depression that I’ve experienced my entire life. I can honestly have a bad day and it’s only a bad day. I feel so good. I feel like I don’t even need to come in anymore. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.” That is the number one for me because it was one of my earlier clients. I think that number one moment was you can help somebody so much by getting into their emotional space and using these techniques to help them completely release everything that’s holding them back. That’s what I love about my work. That’s my mantra. You can become the best version of yourself if you’re willing to let that stuff go, come to a place of neutrality and recreate your life the way you want it to be.

The reason why I asked you both those questions, which is not something normal when we’re going to be talking about the book is, I wanted to show a broader picture to the audience. To make them realize, look who came together to write some amazing content and a new perspective based on their personal experience and their professional experiences. Two perfect stories put in one book and the things that you mentioned, Crystal, I have a feeling a lot of that is directly in this book. There have been other books about asking, and the universe, but because of the experiences both of you had, the content is extremely powerful.

Let’s get into the book because I’m interested in hearing about how you came up with this and giving some specific points on how to ASK properly to get results because at this point in the game, I think everybody that’s out there is ready for a change and ready for results. The book is Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. You were born with a destiny. Your job is to discover it. You matter. The world needs you to find your destiny and live it and this book is your guide. It sounds like you even did that for the woman that you worked with early on, Crystal. I’ll turn it over to both of you and you can start wherever you think we need to start with to share this amazing book.

Thank you, Michele. We had this discussion and we have this meditation prayer hour every morning. We talk about different subjects but we started realizing that what is the difference? We need all these incredible people who are smart, educated, and talented. They have more talent than they need but what’s the difference between someone who’s achieving great success and those who feel like they’re falling short?

In every area of life, it can be relationships, business, health and fitness, all of those things. We said, “If you could boil it down to one thing, it’s the ability to ASK.” ASKing is such a simple tool. We’re born as children to be wonderful ASKers, but somehow over time that gets crushed out of us through life. Our parents will tell us, “Stop ASKing. I’ve heard enough.” You go to school and the teachers and the authority don’t ASK until you’re called on.

You go to a job. Your employer is not interested in hearing feedback and not ASKing you for anything or you have disappointments in life where you’re rejected. Things happen and soon, you lose your confidence to ASK. It’s crushed out of you. What Mark and I discovered is there are seven roadblocks to ASKing and each of us has at least one of those roadblocks inside of us, if not more. It’s important to identify what those are and to be able to overcome them.

You’re around a lot of people. You have a lot of clients. You’re mostly around successful people and to translate that into the average person so they can find what it is that they’re supposed to be doing, is powerful…Very Powerful.

EH 122 | Asking
Mark & Crystal’s book, “ASK! The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny” is available for purchase on the Everything Home Socially Conscious Marketplace and 2% of the total purchase price is donated to nonprofits helping “Vets – Pets & Kids!”

That’s what happened is that as we’ve traveled around through 80 countries around the world,  we’ve met wonderful people that are likable, have a personality, or well-educated, professionals. What happens is the difference between those who succeed a little and those who succeed a whole lot and discover their destiny is one thing only. They have mastered the great ability to ask.

We found out three channels through which you need to ask and that is to Ask yourself, Ask others and Ask God. You’ve probably seen a couple of books about asking for the sale or asking for this. We found that the asking journey is so more profound than that. It’s about being able to utilize these three channels, ask yourself, ask others, and ask God so that you can have this completely balanced experience in your asking journey to achieve every single thing you want in life.

When you say ask, is there a certain way that you’re supposed to do it? Are you supposed to have a certain environment? I know myself, I’m asking, praying and trying to manifest and it’s not there or it takes much longer. There’s got to be something that’s interrupting it or there’s something that me and other people are doing incorrectly because you would think that there should be more results based on what you hear how it’s supposed to work. It’s not working. How do we fix that? 

EH 126 | Coronavirus Con

We want people to think of asking as a journey and a tool that you’re going to use throughout your entire life. We say that when you’re stuck and you don’t have any answers, the best way to move forward is to start asking. You always want to start with asking yourself because you have to know where you are in order to move forward. There are three critical phases of asking, asking yourself, and that is critical. Phase one is where am I now, sort of asking all of those questions that will answer that question.

What am I doing? Is it working? Am I happy? How long have I tried to do this? What could I be doing differently? That’s the first phase. Where am I right now? The second critical phase is, where do I want to be? Some people are out of touch with both of those areas. They don’t ever stop to analyze like, “Where am I? I can’t go anywhere until I understand where I’m at right now? Where do I want to be?” Most people don’t take the time with themselves and this part of the asking journey is to ask yourself. It’s taking that personal time to get to know yourself and know what you want. Where do I want to be? What does that look like? How can I describe that? How can I start to scope that in a whole different way? The last part of that is, “Now that I’ve decided this is where I want to be, how am I going to get there? What are those steps that are going to take me to where I want to be?”

It’s almost like a business plan for yourself and for your personal life.

We’re saying prepare to be a good asker and to prepare to be a good asker takes three basic elements and a fourth bonus element. Number one is belief. You’ve got to trust that universe is going to answer. You can’t ask any questions without getting answered. There are two ways, which are asked positively and negatively. In 1974, after I’d worked with Bucky Fuller and I tried to be Dr. Fuller, I was building geodesic domes in New York at a big clip, but the oil embargo hit and I had no product left because I was building out a polyvinyl, chloride plastic. I crashed and burned because I said, “What if I go bankrupt?” I went and checked the book at the library, how to go bankrupt by yourself. That’s the worse experience, whereas if you ask yourself like, “How are you going to be rich?”

One of the principles we’re teaching about belief here is that when Jack and I were trying to do the Chicken Soup for The Soul series, we didn’t have the right title. In our respective homes, we did that psychiatric Carl Jung thing where you do a thought command 400 times and we said, “Make a best-selling title, make a best-selling title.” It could be, “I need a new job. I need a new job.” Your inner knower always knows. A lot of it will give you direction and compass if you do it 400 times when you’re in what Crystal would call a hypnagogic state of trance. Your mind will answer when you wake up, but you’ve got to write it down on a pad immediately. Jack called me at 2:30 AM and said, “Chicken soup.”

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I said, “For the soul.” We both got goosebumps. We knew that it was there. Number two is you got to take action. We took action. We got 144 rejections. Jack’s a Harvard, third in his class, inside guy and I’m more of the outside marketing guy. The rejections were a little bit more on my side than Jack, but I’m rejection-proof like Peter Guber. He said, “You are dyslexic, Mark.” I’m not dyslexic at all. He said, “You think the word no means uh-huh.” The third is you got to visualize it to realize it. When Jack and I saw the Chicken Soup and we were going to do it, I interviewed 101 bestselling fiction and nonfiction authors, everybody from Wayne Dyer to Barbara De Angelis, including James Michener and Nora Roberts.

I didn’t ask how to write. I know how to write. I said, “How did you market to greatness?” We wrote it all down. We had 1,094 different things that we’re going to do and we’ve done the same thing now with our Ask! book and we’re pulling off magic at levels while everybody else is retreating and publishers are going out of business. We are rocking to the top because we’re doing it from home, shows like this, Zoom meetings, Skype meetings, and everything else because you got to visualize it. You got to see it. You got to take massive action and you got to keep pumping your belief system.

The thing that saved me when I was upside down was, I listened to positive self-help action tapes and I read only books like the kind that I write. I’ve written 309 books. Most people are not going to run out of good reading if they’ll read ours. You got to take massive action. Being prolific is part of the deal. I’m only 72 and I’m going to live up to 120 with options. I’ve got a long way to go and our life is of high quality. You then want to have a high quantity to go with it and we love our five kids and six grandkids and all of their spouses and have fun.

We are blessed. One thing I wanted to add to that on the visualization part is we tell people to, first of all, shut down your analytical mind when you’re doing your visualization because your left brain is going to give you all the reasons, A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 of why things aren’t going to work. When you’re doing a visualization, we want you to let your imagination go big and imagine something in its best form. Imagine the ultimate outcome that you want for yourself. Imagine in specific detail and feel the emotions of how it would be when you make that sale and what that is going to feel like. When you start to get into the energy and the feelings of how that feels to be successful, you can engineer that backward. You can say, “How did I get here? That was because I did this and this.”

You start asking yourself those questions going from the ultimate end result. Forget about what’s going on in the world. I always tell people that it feels like life is happening to us. It is an illusion because we look at that the world now, which has gone a bit mad. It seems like things are crazy and unpredictable. It’s easy to take your cues from the outside and feel like you’re falling apart. It feels like we’re trying to keep all the balls in the air and ducking and dodging. We need to stop taking our cues from the outside. We need to build our lives from the inside out and that means going inside with yourself and deciding what it is that you want by asking those questions and answering them honestly, and then engineering your life and creating the architecture for your life from your own vision of life and stick to that vision.

When we’re focused all day on this negative news and all these things that are happening, we are creating the architecture that we don’t want. That is the architecture of fear and loss and all of the things we do not want. If you don’t give your mind proper instructions, it cannot go to work for you. The research we did shows that when you ask your mind a question, a different part of your brain lights up. It’s a part of your brain that does critical thinking. Like Mark was saying before, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions. Don’t ask yourself negative questions that are focused on negative events. Design the architecture in a positive way. You’re asking yourself the positive questions that are going to get you the results that you want.

Do you find that that’s where most people fall short because they’re asking more from a negative approach and even if they were asking from positive, when the answers were there, they either decided not to listen to it or even worse, they didn’t take action?

When Jack and I created the Chicken Soup, he’s been at Harvard with the guy who wrote The Road Less Traveled, 58 weeks in number one. I interviewed Dr. Scott Peck and we whited out his name in the New York Times list, put our name on it, and put it in the mirror in my office, my home, Jack’s office, and Jack’s home and then we’ve done the same thing now for Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. We’ve already written, “Over one million copies sold.” We haven’t sold a million, but your mind can’t tell the difference when it’s visualizing, realizing and absorbing, then figuring out how to do that in the most omni effective ways. One of our clients here in Scottsdale, 72 sold. We did a video and he’s sending it out to 500,000 people.

EH 122 | Asking
Asking: The difference between those who succeed a little and those who succeed a whole lot and discover their destiny is one thing – they have mastered the great ability to ask.

There’s no way I could have predicted something like that would happen but remember my mind is programmed to selling no less than a million copies of the book. Most people go, “The publisher said you might sell 2,000 or 5,000.” Yes, because the publisher’s not visualizing as far as I’m concerned and I’m not trying to beat up. I’ve got a lot of great publishers. I’ve had 5, 7 now. The point is you’ve got to get excited, viscerally excited, emotionally like Crystal said in your right brain, you got to own the visualization because all of us are owning visualizations images. Our mind is 87% images, either positive or negative. We’re saying, “Go with gusto. Go with zeal. Go with big up to the positive image.”

Having social media as so much a part of people’s lives, it’s a distraction from doing the work that you guys are saying where you need to make your entire world whatever this belief is. You’re taking the book and you’re saying one million copies sold. You’re living that and you’re doing the actions. Anything else that requires you to be having that as if it already happened. You’re fully vested in it and because we have these distractions and like you said, 87% is visual. Social media is visual. That probably is disrupting a lot of people from getting to the point where they’re seeing the success from the theory and the tools that you are showing that are verified, this does work.

A lot of what is being discussed right now on social media is the uncertainty. It’s getting circulated around the news stories, which there always is drama and fear. At best, it’s a distraction. It’s keeping us from what we should be focusing on and at its worst, it is driving us in a downward spiral. Either case is not good. That’s why we say it’s so important to when you get this book, spend some time and start to identify what your roadblocks are to asking because you need to identify those and get through the process of releasing those roadblocks. I want to go through those quickly. There’s unworthiness, which is conditioning from our childhood that tells us we don’t deserve better. Naivete is we’re unaware of what’s possible. We didn’t know. We grew up with some limited possibilities, so we don’t even know what’s out there for us.

I give this example in the book. It’s called Melda and the mangoes. I had this lovely Filipina lady who worked for me when my children were young and she would make these beautiful Filipino dishes from her home country. One morning she shows up with this fruit and she cuts it up, puts it on plate. She says, “Crystal, try this. It’s good. It’s a juicy orange fruit.” I tasted it. I was like, “That is the best fruit I’ve ever tasted. What is that, Melda?” She goes, “It’s a mango.” I said, “How come I’ve never had a mango before?” I consider myself to be worldly at the time. I traveled all through Europe and other places and I don’t know how I missed that.

I said, “Where did you get these?” Thinking that she had to import them from the Philippines or something. She goes, “At the grocery store.” I said, “How did I miss that? What other things am I missing out in life that are good? What other people am I missing? What other opportunities am I missing?” It’s just that I don’t know that they are there. I’m naive. It’s one of the big roadblocks. The third one is doubt which is not sure how to ask. Maybe it wasn’t encouraged in our childhood or we’re uncertain about what the results going to be. Another one is excuses. We have every excuse for not asking, “No, I don’t need help.” A lot of that can come from stubborn pride or stubbornness to try anything new or do something different.

There’s fear. The sheer terror of rejection and that comes from our human need to be loved because at some weird primitive level, we feel like if someone doesn’t reach out to us, they don’t love us and that’s not true. It has nothing to do with us. It’s whatever we’re asking for may not fit with them at the time, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a fit for later or that someone else is not going to grant our request for help or assistance or advice or information. The next one is pattern paralysis, where our brain conditioning and our habits keep us repeating the same disappointing patterns over and over again and we don’t question it because we’re in this pattern and we’re stuck.

The last one, I think, is the saddest of all and that’s disconnection where we’ve become numb to our own inner truth. We’re out of touch with the dreams that are buried in our hearts. We’ve pushed them down and become numb to them. That’s really sad because we all have a beautiful destiny inside. We all have these sparks of light that are in our hearts. If we’re able to start asking and start this process going through that, first of all, asking ourselves and then asking others to be a resource for us as well and then always asking God, “What is my place in this big universe? How do I fit in this web of humanity and things? How can I contribute?” That makes our life experience richer when we put it in that context of what’s my purpose in this kingdom? That can bring you to life and it’s not all about you.

It’s not supposed to be all about you. You’re supposed to be contributing. You’re supposed to be serving. We all have to go to work and make money and things like that. At the end of the day, you want to have some fulfillment in our life like, “I go to work every day. I make good money. I got a family but what is it that I’m supposed to be doing, like a higher calling?” It sounds like the book helps people discover that. The timing for it is perfect, whether it’s from a personal side where you’re trying to dig a little bit deeper than you need more out of life or you’re wanting to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing.

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Even from a professional side, whereas you said, a lot of people are distracted. What a better time to then knock out your competition, you step it up to the plate. All of a sudden, you are creating and writing a book or coming up with a new idea or even taking your existing business or even the work that you’re doing to the next level. Everybody else has a little bit of  “asleep at the wheel” and then your guys’ timing is perfect from both sides.

We think it’s the best time ever to invest in yourself. I’m going to do a bold ask and that is, I want everyone out there to get a copy of the book and because most bookstores are still closed. Get it from Amazon in any form you want, whether you want it Auditory or Kindle or the beautiful hardbound copy, which is gorgeous. I then want you to go to AskTheBookClub.com. We are creating the biggest book club for free in the world where we’re going to get this asking movement going and get everybody to learn how to become Master Askers.

If we get a million people asking, we can shift the world because we believe in our hands and family of companies, it takes three things. We only do stuff that is inevitable. We do stuff that’s transformational like you can’t look at a caterpillar and predict butterfly. And it’s got to be unique. We want everyone to discover their own uniqueness, their own divinity, their own destiny, and then fulfill the opportunity by taking any adversity and everyone’s got it and turn it into an advantage. Turn it into opportunity, into their greatness like your show says.

I love the idea of the book club. I got chills when you said that you were putting something together to make people become more master askers. You both had put together this incredible summit and having you and the other experts on the panel, but it was for two full days. I wanted more of both of you. I know doing something like that once a week is incredibly difficult and even if it was for an hour, it’s time-consuming. You don’t just show up and start talking. There’s planning and you’ve got a lot of things going on but I got into it where I was like, “Where are my friends, they’re not going to give me some inspiration today.”

With that being said about the book club, it’s a phenomenal idea. Even if it’s something where you pop in once a month to do some video, I think that the audience would appreciate it because it did make a huge difference. I watched quite a few of them over this Corona pandemic lockdown and there’s only a few that spoke to me and you guys did. It is something that hopefully you can implement into the book club because I know that the audiences and the readers will appreciate it. It’s inspirational to hear from you both and being a part of the group. I think it makes a big difference. I personally experienced it. Thank you for doing that.

Thank you for mentioning that and we wanted to create something. We felt like everyone was being pulled down by the events that had happened. We wanted to do something that was powerfully uplifting and make it free to everybody, which we did. We got tremendous feedback and response. We’re glad we did it. That’s what we want to do with this book club. We want people who will buy the book, but we want to be more of a resource to people than that. We want to have this monthly discussion so that people will keep going, keep contemplating, and keep moving forward on their asking journey to become Master Askers because it is truly this simple tool that is inside of each and every one of us. Once we activate that tool and use it every day, life can change dramatically. And that’s exciting, it’s really magical.

For you, speaking from personal experience, the story that you gave as an example in the beginning with, that woman in your early part of your career, for the most part, was number one. Guess what? It was because you transformed this woman’s life. If you can have that same impact, some of the book club members, when they are participating and they go Buy the book ASK! and then they’re participating AskTheBookClub.com. You would have satisfaction out of that because of you’re helping people, but it’s the impact that you can have. I’m telling you that the concept of having that interaction with the audience because people need that encouragement. There might be a lot of people that will read the book, but then they don’t necessarily take the next steps.

EH 122 | Asking
Asking: If we’re able to start asking, that makes our life experience so much richer.

If you guys are encouraging that because you’ve made it clear where you have to have the action. You’re living examples of it, in this book alone, the actions that you’re doing where you mentioned that you’re going on the Zooms, you’re going on the podcast and you’re already seeing the movement. You’re seeing the results. You’re closer to that one million books sold. That’s what I love about you guys. You practice what you preach and you actually care. You’re down to earth and I mentioned that in the beginning and I sincerely mean it. You’re showing it throughout this entire conversation and not just because you’re trying to sell a book.

We want to uplift everyone, give everybody hope, and take them to the next level. We’ve done one other thing and that is we’ve created a virtual course called You Have A Book in You course. You go to my website, MarkVictorHansen.com, and see it. What we’ve done is everybody sooner or later comes up to us and says, “I’ve got a book in me.” I’ll say, “Great.” They’ll say, “All I want is two minutes,” then two hours later, I’m still talking to them. What we did is we consolidated 44 years of everything you could possibly want to know about writing a book into this course.

It’s virtual. It’s online and it starts with 101 reasons why you ought to write a book and finishes with build a book that’s a brand that commands. We teach that it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s fast and it’s going to make you an expert. It’ll give you renown. It’ll give you fame and it’ll give you a fortune. The book is the only thing that I know of that’s immortal. In other words, when somebody dies, their name and then after their name, their age, and then after the age is whatever book they wrote. It is a total transformation that can help and for those who have that dream in their heart of writing a book or telling a story, or having a message and bringing it to the world, I want to help them get it done in a book and that’s why we put this course together, You Have A Book In You.

Who would you rather learn how to do that from than someone who’s sold 500 million books and has written 309? I can’t imagine asking anybody else for advice.

If that got you interested, go to my website, MarkVictorHansen.com. Click on the course, watch the little video that’s a prepper, and then read all this stuff. This is your dream come true. It’s your destiny to have a book and you want to be an expert. You want to be an author. You want to have renown. You want to have more fun than you’ve ever had, more friends, and you want to do it the easy way and the inexpensive way, rather than the hard way and a difficult, near-impossible way. I can teach you every tool, technique and it’s a joy to do it.

Mark and Crystal, you guys are the one-stop-shop for getting people to the next level in their life whether it’s personal or professional. Everything is there. You’ve both done it. You’ve been there and you’re at the top of your games. You can’t dispute it. You’re still giving and you’re still supporting. You are 2 amazing human beings.  The book is Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny. Do you guys have any else that you want to share with the audience about your book? Anything else that’s going on or a take away that maybe at the last minute it hits them in the head and they go, “That’s it. I’m buying it.”

One thing I want to say to people is to take this time with yourself because nothing changes. Remember, your life is created from the inside out, and if you’re willing to take this time, take fifteen minutes a day, take a half-hour with yourself a day. This is the most important time you will ever spend in this asking journey to ask these questions and answer them and deliberately create the architecture you want for your life. Shut off the news and let’s start being creative together.

I want everyone to ask to be more innovative, more entrepreneurial, more excited, more business-building because 50 million Americans do not have a job to go back to. We’re writing about how to find that new, next occupation and we’re at the most exciting time in history. If you’re awake and if you go to my website, we’ll give you a free book on how you can be awake.

I think that’s a great point. It puts it in perspective that there are opportunities now and if you guys are giving them the tools and the encouragement, why not take advantage of it? Everybody, here are your thought leaders. Here are your guides. It’s right there. Step up to the plate and move forward. They’re also giving you the support, AskTheBookClub.com. Thank you for both coming to the show. Also, what we do is we even give a contribution to nonprofit organizations supporting Vets-Pets & Kids, and that’s 2% of the purchase price.

People are going to be given back without even spending a penny on that. I would love for you guys to come back on whenever there’s in time in your schedule, down the road, give an update. Maybe we can do something to focus on the book club, but my platform is always open to you. The microphone is always yours and we’re here at the Everything Home Platform to support you in any way we can because I admire the work that you continue to do in both of your lives.

Thank you for all you do.

Bountiful blessings on you and everyone reading.

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About Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen

EH 122 | AskingMark Victor Hansen is best known as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, setting world records in book sales, with over 500 million sold.  He’s an entrepreneurial marketing maven, creating a stream of successful people who have created massive success for themselves through his unique teachings and wisdom.  Mark is also a sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken to over 6,000 audiences world-wide.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and entrepreneur.  Her expertise is in the field of human potential. Through her years spent as a Transformational Life Coach, and Wellness/Nutrition Expert, she has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness, by tapping into their own inner resources.  Crystal’s personal coaching, speaking, CD and video programs, books, and articles have helped people all over the world.

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