120: The Misleading Media Says COVID Is Surging & To Stay Home – Here’s The Truth With Dr. Jane Orient

Recent headlines about the new daily cases of coronavirus in the U.S. are scary, with Arizona painted as one of the most dangerous states and worst hot spots in the country for COVID-19. However, first-hand information from a few people, the experts and The FACTS, doesn’t seem to match what we read in the headlines. Digging a little deeper into this matter, Michele Swinick is joined by internal medicine specialist Dr. Jane Orient. Dr. Jane is the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and the President of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. Today, she dissects the real truth about COVID-19 and takes a closer look at the misrepresentation of reporting and the corruption involved in all of this.

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The Misleading Media Says COVID Is Surging & To Stay Home – Here’s The Truth With Dr. Jane Orient

The U.S. is near 60,000 new daily cases of Coronavirus. New virus cases are rising in 40 states as the U.S. death toll surpasses 135,000. Experts call for shutdowns as Coronavirus infections and hospitalizations spike in some states. Arizona reports more than 100,000 known COVID cases. Arizona Coronavirus record highs for ICU bed deaths at 1,809. Arizona is among the worst hot spots in the nation for COVID-19. The disease is widespread here. Officials caution people to stay at home unless necessary to leave and to wear masks in public.

Those headlines about the Coronavirus are scary. Nationwide shutdowns, again, delays in reopening, mandatory mask, no singing in church, first wave, and second wave. What happened? Arizona sounds like this is one of the most dangerous states in the country. I made a couple of phone calls, talked to a few people and their stories weren’t matching what I was reading in the headlines and the articles. I started to do a little research here in Arizona, which is very simple. Just go to one website. I started comparing the numbers, the statistics to the media headlines. The headlines are designed to incite rather than inform. Each day is a new alarming story about the threat of COVID-19 and the dangers of societal reopening.

For example, in the headlines I mentioned, “New virus cases are rising in 40 states.” The day before they were lower, the U.S. death toll surpasses 135,000. The most important statistic, the daily deaths for a seven-day moving average is at the lowest it’s ever been and it’s continuing to go down at 581. “Arizona reports more than 100,000 COVID cases,” the day before it had gone down by 184 from the day before that. There was one death. “Arizona Coronavirus record highs for ICU beds,” the increase of 25 people, which is 49% of the beds are for Coronavirus patients.

The numbers, the headlines continued to get worse. I dug a little deeper and found out a whole bunch of information that everybody needs to know to put the numbers, the headline and the status in perspective. I interviewed Elaine Parker with the Job Creators Network and Job Creators Network Foundation to discuss their newly launched Flatten The Fear campaign to tell Americans who are frightened of COVID-19 that they can safely re-engage society. Our conversation in that show confirmed what my research had also shown. The media is lying to you. It made me so angry that there was such misrepresentation of what was going on that I have launched a website page called: Coronavirus Facts That Matter to give you the real numbers, put them in context so you can get on with your day, get on with your life, get back to work, not be scared of what’s going on and who to follow on Twitter – The Coronavirus Truth Crew. It’s time to ReOpen America, time to flatten the fear and get back to normal.

If you’re looking for the truth and the Facts That Matter, subscribe to our show and go to the COVID Facts page to get the information, the facts, the data and the relevant episodes delivered by our “Truth Crew.”  You’ll also be able to see the headline versus the facts, lots of articles, some interviews, and some interesting things that most people don’t even know…You can be diagnosed as having a Coronavirus without ever having a test. It makes sense now why the numbers are so high. We go into it. It’s all on the website. Please check it out. It will make you feel better.

When you see the numbers, you’re going to get so incredibly enraged that you’re going to demand, “It’s time to ReOpen America and get back to normal.”  Today, we have a doctor to give you some more Facts, not Fear. The media is creating fear. Experts have agendas. The pandemic is completely politicized. There’s no proof or studies that prove that masks are effective. Recommendations are based on what and it does nothing to protect the person who’s wearing it from getting it. The American people have given up their freedom, business, lives and so much more. Let’s discuss what’s going on, who to believe and give you the facts that matter.

Our topic is the misleading media says COVID is surging and to stay home. Here’s the truth with Dr. Jane Orient, also known as Doctor Aunt Jane. She has been practicing internal medicine since 1981 and now provides private consultations at her office in Tucson, Arizona. She has served as the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS since 1989. She’s also the President of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and an author of several books, including Your Doctor Is Not In: Healthy Skepticism About National Healthcare.

More than 200 of her papers and op-ed pieces have been published in the scientific and popular literature on a variety of subjects, including risk management, natural and technological hazards, and non-hazardous medical economics and ethics. She is the editor of AAPS News, the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Newsletter, the Civil Defense Perspectives and the managing director of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. She’s also the partner of the Job Creators Network Foundation, which launched their Flatten The Fear campaign to tell Americans who are frightened of COVID-19 is they can safely re-engage society. How are you, Dr. Jane?

Everyone is getting a little on edge these days and a little unable to plan for the future because things are so uncertain. We keep hearing one thing and the rules keep changing. The definitions, keep changing, and it looks as though some people want us to be in our homes with masks on until who knows when, maybe until this magical vaccine that we’ll have to take if we want to go outside, comes to pass.

I was thinking that the Coronavirus will magically disappear on November 4th. When you ask a politician, “What are we going to do about Corona?” They’re going to say, “What do you mean Corona?” We know we still have an issue. They look at the cases. They say, “You mean Corona like the beer. I don’t know what you mean. What is this Corona that you speak of?” I feel like things will change after that point. You’re in Arizona. I’m in Arizona. The headlines say the state is the most dangerous place on the planet. This wasn’t the case weeks ago. What’s your overall opinion of what’s especially going on here and even in the country? You’ve got colleagues that you’re interacting with and publications. You’re interacting with patients. You’ve got a great bird’s eye view of everything. What do you think?

The same thing is going on here. It has gone on in every country in the world. We have an epidemic. We have a spike in deaths. We have a decline back to a normal number of deaths. There’s a certain expected death rate in the population, none of us being immortal. We are back to that level nationwide. You wouldn’t guess to hear all of the consternation. There are still people dying of COVID purportedly. It’s difficult to know exactly what that means because it’s not an autopsy diagnosis. There may have been a positive blood test or there may not have been a positive test. There may have been a connection with somebody who had it. There may have been a constellation of symptoms that suggest it.

There’s been a lot of publicity in some at least about dying with COVID, as opposed to dying of COVID. If you’re dying of a heart attack and you happen to have a positive test, you may be counted as a COVID death. One reason for that is the hospital gets paid a lot more for a COVID death than for some other kinds of deaths. It’s 20% more if you have COVID on the death certificate. We do not have statistics that we can rely on because of this financial incentive. The most reliable thing we have to go by is all-cause mortality because you can’t tell whether a person’s dead or not. The all-cause mortality in the United States, like in many other countries where the world, is back to normal now.

Did this type of reporting or misrepresentation of reporting ever happen before that you can remember like when we had the SARS or the Swine Flu or one of those?

We did not have corruption similar to this. It’s also worth mentioning that this epidemic, while it may be worse than your regular flu, the percentage of the population that has died of it is much less than the percentage of the population that died of the Hongkong flu in 1968. Even that was less than the percentage that died of the Asian flu in 1958. We did not have a national nationwide lockdown. Woodstock went on during the Hongkong flu. We may have had some schools closed because of absenteeism. We did not have people going around in masks losing their businesses, unable to go to a funeral, church, and have friends over for dinner. We did not have this type of hysteria back at a time when we had a more deadly disease circulating.

Your conversations with your colleagues when all this first started, I’m sure you were questioning it. You’re having conversations with each other. What was that all like?

Most doctors were very concerned at first because they did not exactly see what was going on. It could have been something far worse than what happened. We didn’t know that much about the disease. Many doctors are finding it almost unbelievable that we have an effective, safe treatment that works much better than a lot of other treatments do for other things. That is Hydroxychloroquine especially if you use it with zinc, especially if you use it early on. We’ve heard from doctors who were in the trenches treating patients that their patients are getting well. They may be very sick and soon after they get the medicine, they start to get better or you may give it to them very early and after the infection, they don’t get very sick.

They don’t go to the hospital. They don’t get put on the ventilator. They don’t die. Yet there are all kinds of effort on the part of state governments, state medical, licensure boards, pharmacy licensure boards, the FDA to try to keep doctors from prescribing this. I find it unbelievable. This drug has been around for 65 years. It’s been used by hundreds of millions of people to prevent malaria, to treat lupus, to treat rheumatoid arthritis. It’s safer than most of the drugs that are available over the counter. It’s possible to poison yourself with it as it is possible to overdose on aspirin or Benadryl. There are some people who shouldn’t take it. There are some side effects but they are very rare. It probably is even helpful to people who have heart disease. Even though it could save tens of thousands of lives, doctors are being prevented from prescribing it. Pharmacists are being prevented from dispensing it.

Based on common sense, if you have a solution that’s going to help somebody, there should not be a reason why you, not the doctor, but the politician who’s making the decision like these governors or even the CDC, the FDA, to not allow more people to get help. The other part of it is there has to be an agenda because it’s not in the best interests of the patient. They don’t have a relationship between them and the patient. The doctor knows the patient best. They should be able to make that decision on our own. That’s what your job as a doctor is to do. There’s a problem there. It should be obvious to people that many agendas are attached to this entire pandemic.

There’s a statement that there’s no proof that this works for COVID-19. How could there be? COVID-19 is novel. It’s only been around for a few months. It takes longer than that even to organize a trial in the ordinary course of events. You have doctors who have treated hundreds or thousands of patients who were telling you our patients get better. They don’t go on ventilators. They don’t die. They’re having fever, chills and coughs and they’re too sick to eat or get out of bed. We give them medicine and they feel better in half a day. Why should we try this on more people? Why should we wait for studies? One out of five drugs, as prescribed in the US, is prescribed for a condition that has not been subjected to randomized control trials. Once the drug is approved by the FDA as safe and effective for something, then doctors have the legal authority to prescribe it for something else.

We are crippling healthy people with arbitrary, unproven restrictions. It's time we Reopen the economy and restore people's Freedoms - Dr. @jorient Click To Tweet

They do this all the time. It’s too expensive to do studies to get approval for every new indication. It doesn’t pay. Doctors use it according to the medical literature, according to their experience, according to what they hear from their consultants. For some reason, with regard to this drug, that is one of the safest drugs that we have. It’s listed by WHO as one of the essential drugs that we have to have. We have a whole new set of standards. We do studies and the studies may be rushed into publications at warp speed, like in the lens of the New England Journal of Medicine. It turns out that the data that’s supposed to be for a huge number of patients worldwide is by Surgisphere, which will not produce the data, which can’t produce the data, which has working forward two people.

One of whom is an adult model and one of whom was science fiction, fantasy writer and they can’t produce their numbers. The journals have to retract the studies. Another prestigious study published in JAMA in Brazil showed that there was a higher death rate. The people have given chloroquine, which is not quite as safe as Hydroxychloroquine. It turns out that they were giving this late to terminally sick patients and overdosing them on it, giving them a lethal overdose. It’s surprising that all of them didn’t die. More than did die than who do didn’t get this overdose. They’re under investigation by the Brazilian authorities for ethical violations. JAMA has been adamant in not retracting that study, but these studies are still being relied on, still being quoted. Even though we have a lot of studies, including the one that came out from the Henry Ford Health System, showing that the people who are on Hydroxychloroquine had half the mortality. They saved 50% of the patients who were in danger of death.

Why aren’t we all starting to use this? Why are we spending millions and millions of dollars on Remdesivir, which has not been shown to save anybody’s life? We’re throwing out, wasting, or at least holding back millions of doses of Hydroxychloroquine that were donated to our strategic national stockpile. There are a few bureaucrats in the FDA and other places who have tremendous authority to affect medical practice and affect the policies of medical boards and pharmacy boards throughout the country.

It sure looks as though they are trying to suppress this cheap, effective, long-established, safe treatment in favor of this novel drug. It didn’t work for Ebola. It’s been on the shelf for 30 years. Its safety profile is dubious. It’s not been shown to save any lives maybe perhaps and people who survive, it reduces their hospital stay by four days. There may be some benefit to it, but people have a huge conflict of interest if they will profit if Remdesivir is used. The government has already bought three months’ worth of production of the stuff that doesn’t even exist yet. They’re trying to keep doctors from giving patients this other drug that’s been established for 65 years.

I feel like your guys’ hands are so tied and you see what’s going on, but there’s nothing that you can do.

The doctors are very afraid of losing their license, which they can lose. Anybody can complain about them. They don’t have any due process protections. If the medical board is saying, “You can’t use this because it’s not safer. It’s not been proven effective.” The doctor’s opinion doesn’t count or the opinion of a ton of medical literature and other physicians doesn’t count. The bureaucrats are deciding what is the standard of care.

They have no business doing that because they’re not dealing with the patients directly. They’re not there seeing the results. There’s an agenda there. Whether it’s politically-driven or it’s monetarily-driven, power-driven, whatever, it’s not in the best interest of the American people. People need to keep that in mind when they hear all of the news and the headlines. They cherry-pick the facts as the media does. They’re designed to incite fear rather than inform. You had a great article, the first or the second, it was Arizona Daily Independent that talked about this. You brought up great points. It’s almost like people are so brainwashed that they’re not even relying on common sense. The article does remind people that they need to use common sense. You also need to realize what’s going on.

All of a sudden, when we have things being reopened here in Arizona and other parts of the country, we’ve got now a second wave or a surge. Now we’re on lockdown. All of these numbers are completely out of control, like hotspots, surges and the language used. When you look at the actual numbers, like even in Arizona, the day that they said that Arizona is one of the worst hotspots in the nation, record highs and the deaths said that there were four. When you look at the numbers, you go, “You’ve got to be kidding me. We’re doing this again.” Talk about the testing, some of the statistics and how the CDC changed some of the guidelines. What do they count as being positive? From what I understand now, you don’t even have to get a test and they can deem you positive. The antibodies are combined with other tests. These numbers could be twice as much as they are. People need to know this.

Once you’re counted as a case that you have a positive test, you’re a case forever. Even though 1.5 million Americans have recovered from COVID-19. They may still be counted as a case, but they’re over it. The antibody testing proves that you got it and you got immune to it. The PCR tests that they do with that swab in your nose shows that they have recovered something that’s a portion of the genetic material fragment or the genetic material of that virus. We don’t know how much cross-reaction there is with other Coronaviruses to cause the common cold. We don’t know whether it is a virus that’s still able to function, or whether it’s a piece of a virus that your body has already killed. We don’t know whether it’s a false positive.

The president of Tanzania in Africa did a little experiment. He said in a test on pawpaw and the sheep gave him a patient name and the goat and the pawpaw were positive. I’ve heard that physicians in the United States have sent a swab that was never used and that unused swab was also positive. There may be as many as 80% false positives for this test. These people may be subjected to quarantine and all their contacts may be subjected to quarantine based on something you don’t even know what it’s testing.


The inventor or the discoverer of PCR testing, the late Kary Mullis did it as a manufacturing technique. It’s a very important and powerful manufacturing tool, but he said, “This is not meant to be a diagnostic test.” It’s not a quantitative diagnostic test. You multiply the results by 37 times or 50 times or whatever. Your criteria for positives depend on how many times you amplify the result. One technician may get a positive. Another one who’s using a different threshold may get a negative. What does it mean anyway? Does it mean you’re going to get sick? Even if it is a fragment of a viable virus that’s in your nose, you may never get sick. Your chance of transmitting it to other people is tiny. To put a mask on people to prevent a zero probability of transmission doesn’t make any sense at all.

They can say you’re positive even though you don’t even have the Coronavirus. You might have the antibodies that are being picked up because you have a cold at some point. They’re blanketing everything as Corona so they can have the numbers inflated. Even when they were seeing deaths back in the high point of all this, it was the doctor who was the state congressman too in Minnesota. He had mentioned that he got a notification to call everything Corona even if it isn’t. That’s because there’s more money in a Corona patient as opposed to a traditional patient. I had heard that over and over. It came down to, as long as there’s not a visible gunshot to the head, call it as Corona.

I’ve heard this from many sources. People went to get a test. It took too long. They left. They got a notification in the mail that they tested positive and they never even took the test. How do we make people feel better about those numbers not being real? Make them feel comfortable of going back into society, going back to work, getting back into the swing of things and with life when you constantly have this noise and this fear coming at you in every possible direction?

Especially if it’s all the doctors are going along with it. I couldn’t go into my dentist office without wearing a mask, while I walked through this empty waiting room to sit in the dental chair, I had to get my temperature taken at the door. Every message that’s coming at them. You go to a restaurant and all of the staff are masked. The gym is closed even after it went to all this trouble and expense to meet the requirements. Having the equipment 6 feet apart and all handwashing facilities and constant disinfection and no-touch faucets and on and on. I don’t know how much money they had to spend to do that. After they’d been open for a week, they closed them again anyway.

We have four deaths. How is this business supposed to survive when it can’t bring in any revenue but its expenses continue? Where’s it going to stop? They keep changing the rules based on a few deaths here and there that may or may not even be due to COVID. It all goes down to this Emergency Powers Act that APS was warning about many years ago. It gave the state governments tremendous arbitrary powers. Once they declare a public health emergency to do about anything they please, as long as they claim that it’s preventing people from getting infected. There’s no threshold. There are no criteria. There’s no stopping point. There’s no evidence required. You have to have all this evidence to say this drug that’s healed half the people in your hospital, you have to have more evidence to prescribe it. You would need to have no evidence whatsoever that all this distancing, masking and so on and locking down the economy is saving any lives.

The power of that act and the actions that they’re taking now, don’t make sense with the precautionary measures that were taken by a lot of these businesses, in addition to what’s going on. There’s nothing that can be done. We’re at the mercy of the governors and the mayors who like in Scottsdale, it’s mandatory to wear a mask. I’m not wearing a mask because of all of the information that I’ve read, it’s more harmful to wear them. As far as a healthy person who does not have it, it does nothing to protect you. From what I understand and to clarify this, the mask does not do anything to protect you. It’s designed so that you don’t spread it.

If I remember correctly earlier in June 2020, the WHO came out and said, not like I’m a big fan of theirs, but they did say that if you’re asymptomatic, it’s extremely rare that you can pass it along to somebody. You have to have symptoms in order to pass it along. If you use those two pieces of information, healthy people don’t have symptoms that should not be wearing a mask. People that are sick should not be out anyway. If you had a cold or the flu or a sore throat, you’re supposed to stay home. You don’t need to wear a mask unless you’re sick, you have an emergency where you have to go to the grocery store, or you have to go to the doctor’s office. Other than that, there’s no reason to wear a mask.

That’s what I think. WHO and the CDC keep changing their opinion about things and say, “Maybe you could get it from an asymptomatic person, let’s take a precaution.” What you say is true that wearing a cloth mask does not protect you or even a surgical mask does not protect you from other people. It’s protecting other people from you. A lot of these virtuous signaling people out there will criticize you and call you the equivalent of a serial killer if you’re not wearing a mask to protect them from you. It’s as though every human being is a great danger to every other unless they wear a mask although a mask is certainly by no means perfect. The guy who was servicing my truck had a sweat-drenched mask on outside in 103-degree heat.

That couldn’t have been doing anything except making him miserable and incubating whatever bacteria he had in his breath, but still, he has to do it or else the business might be closed. The governors do not have to have any proof of efficacy or safety for what they do. They will not be sued. The doctor will be sued, de-licensed, loses livelihood, the same for a business if someone complains about them. The authorities who were passing these baseless rules are completely immune from repercussions. It doesn’t matter how many people’s livelihoods they ruined. It doesn’t even matter how many people they kill by preventing their doctors from prescribing medicine that might save their lives.

For people who have over the past few months, not gone to the doctor because they were either scared or they weren’t able to see them because they were afraid or they were restricted, or even the elective surgeries where they didn’t get their cancer treatment. They maybe had a chance to have whatever their issue was resolved and now they’re much worse off and they’re not going to make it or they pick up some other issue because of deferred health attention and treatments that they should have had. Nobody cares about that. Those numbers are much more or they’re at least heading in that direction. They’re going to be much more than the people that die from the Coronavirus. That’s what that Flatten The Fear campaign is about that you’re involved with to let people know that it’s a bigger problem than maybe getting this disease where you don’t even know what it is because none of the numbers are accurate.

We should reinforce good hygiene practice that we do every day because there are all kinds of other diseases out there that are contagious - Dr. @jorient Click To Tweet

It’s going to be kind of hard to figure out what those numbers are, but how many people didn’t go to the hospital because they were afraid of getting the Coronavirus and their heart attack wasn’t treated. They have much more damage to their heart than they otherwise would have had. I’ve told a one man who’s supposedly elective sinus surgery was canceled twice for a sinus infection, even though he had excruciating pain and he was blowing black fungus balls out his nose. By the time he did get his surgery, it eroded through the bones and he has a brain abscess. He may die of it because this supposedly elective surgery was postponed or a firefighter who broke up a dog fight and got compound fractures in two of his fingers.

They didn’t want to fix his compound fractures. He had a bone sticking through the skin and a dog bite. They were going to say that’s elective. You have to wait. If you fix it later, you’re maybe too late, and the surgery doesn’t do any good. How many patients are going to suffer because of this? The hospital is sitting empty. The hospital may go bankrupt. You’re saying, “The hospitals are more than 85% full.” The hospitals want to be more than 85% full because if they’re not, they can’t pay their staff. They can’t pay their bills. They may go bankrupt.

Those people are maybe now out of work or at least during this epidemic or pandemic, whichever one they’re calling it now, they could have been out of work too. For example, in Arizona, they’re saying that the ICU units are nearly full. They’re taking regular patients and the COVID patients and sticking them together. Forty-nine percent of the patients were COVID patients.

In all my years of being on hospital staff, I can never remember ICUs having empty beds. They were almost always full. You had a patient needed an ICU. The question was, “Who can safely be transferred out?” It is quite routine to have your ICU beds full or almost full.

They’re the most lucrative beds. They generate the most revenue. You want them always full. That makes sense. You’re there to help but from a financial standpoint.

It doesn’t need to be in the ICU, but maybe could benefit a little bit and you have the bed. Why not leave him there? If you have to transfer him, you can. You can monitor him somewhere else and take good care of him somewhere else.

The statistic that people should pay attention to because they have to drown out the surge in cases. They have to drown out the ICU, the ventilators because those are not something that’s going to have at least some sort of gauge where the common person could feel better about if this is getting better or is it’s getting worse. I’ve been told that it is the seven-day moving average for the daily death rate, which continues to go down. Do you want to comment on that so people have something that they can feel a little bit more positive about? Hopefully, they start to drown the rest of this out and go back to living their lives.

The most objective measure we have, the only one that’s not tainted with financial considerations and so on is the all caused death rate. To see all caused death rate is returning to normal, then the epidemic is over. There may still be some people who have this even though the diagnosis is very uncertain. What we need to do to make people feel comfortable about it is to give them advice about how to beef up their immune system by making sure they have enough Vitamin D and making available to them, a safe, effective treatment, if it’s taken early, like Hydroxychloroquine and zinc. If they started coming down with symptoms, they could go to the doctor. The doctor can give them a prescription and they can get it right away. They would feel a whole lot better than thinking, “If there might be a treatment, I can’t get it until my test is positive, which may take seven days. My doctor won’t be willing to prescribe it or the pharmacist won’t give it to me. It’s an incurable speaking up because there isn’t a treatment, but because I’m not allowed to get it.”

The most objective measure we have that’s not tainted with financial considerations and so on, is the all caused death rate. When this rate is returning to normal, then the epidemic is over. - Dr. @jorient Click To Tweet

Personal responsibility, we need to make ourselves healthier, which we should be doing anyway. This is a great reminder. Thank you for mentioning in that article. Of all the people I’ve seen on television and the articles and interviews, there’s been, besides you, maybe one other person that mentioned health and mentioned Vitamin D, zinc and exercise, which makes you healthier to build your immune system.

If you talk about those on social media, they may shut you down and they’ll say, “This is harmful misinformation. Go to the WHO or the CDC website, which gives you no helpful advice except wash your hands. How many times have you ever heard that? Yes, you should do that. Yes, you should stay home if you’re sick. You should not cough on people. All of these things, we should reinforce this good common sense, good hygiene practice that you should do every day because there are all kinds of other diseases out there that are contagious.

EH 120 | Truth About COVID
Truth About COVID: The doctors will be sued for their license and lose their livelihood if someone complains about them, but the authorities passing these baseless rules are completely immune from repercussions.

The lists of their suggestions are what we learned in kindergarten and first grade. Thanks for the reminder. The best reminders to keep yourself healthy, to keep your immune system up higher. That will help tremendously. Don’t look at the data. The only thing you need to focus on is the seven-day moving average, the rest of it, drown it out because it’s not necessarily accurate. It’s designed for fear. Thank you for coming out, telling the truth and giving the facts that matter. Is there anything that you want to provide before you are on to solve more of the problems with the world of Corona?

People need to use good common sense and act responsibly. They need to take care of themselves. They need to see that their immune systems and they need to realize that panic and despair are fatal in and of themselves. Social isolation, not doing anything that gives you joy in life, not connecting with people is ultimately fatal. We must not allow these unwarranted fears about a virus that will come and go like every other virus to keep us from living. Thanks for doing everything you can to get the truth out there.

Social isolation and not doing anything that gives you joy in life is ultimately fatal. We must not allow these unwarranted fears about a virus that will come and go, like every other virus, to keep us from living. - Dr. @jorient Click To Tweet

That’s the advice that we should be hearing from all the doctors across the country, including the CDC, the FDA, politicians, our governors, our mayors, anybody else in the mix. Thank you again, Dr. Jane, for telling the truth, helping to flatten the fear and giving us the facts that matter.

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About Dr. Jane Orient

Dr. Jane Orient has been practicing internal medicine since 1981 and currently provides private consultations at her office in Tucson, AZ

She has served as the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) since 1989. She is president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and an author of several books including “YOUR Doctor Is Not In: Healthy Skepticism about National Healthcare”.

More than 200 of her papers and op-ed pieces have been published in the scientific and popular literature on a variety of subjects including risk assessment, natural and technological hazards and non-hazards, and medical economics and ethics.

She is the editor of AAPS News, the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Newsletter, the Civil Defense Perspectives and the managing editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

She is also a partner of the Job Creators Network Foundation, which launched their “Flatten the Fear” campaign in June, to tell Americans who are frightened of Covid-19 that they can safely reengage in society.

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